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5 Foods To Avoid For Younger Skin

The five foods that age your skin and you need to eat in moderation: Red meat, Unfermented dairy product, deep-fried food that contains saturated fate & Processed foods, foods made with white flour and sugar

Stay Away From White Foods

Avoid white bread, pasta, rice, and other refined grain products? They’re quickly broken down into the ultimate white food: SUGAR. This not only causes weight gain but also ages your face.

How Does Sugar Cause Wrinkles?

Once in the bloodstream, sugar binds with proteins and creates advanced glycation end products (aptly abbreviated AGEs), which cause collagen to become inflamed and stiff, leading to wrinkles.

Focus Your Diet On Whole Foods

Focus your diet instead on protein & vegetables. Simple, unprocessed whole foods will not only help keep unwanted fat away, but you will also have fewer wrinkles.

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Dr Jo Turner rebranded her clinic to Pearl Medispa in 2021 as she added wellness and gut healing to the menu, becoming an integrative cosmetic medicine clinic. Still offering the same Boutique Cosmetic Medicine services with a team of Doctors, Nurses, Therapists and reception, but adding skin & gut microbiome healing and a wellness approach.

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