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Pearl Cosmetic Medicine & Wellness Clinic

Welcome to Pearl Beauty and Wellness Medispa – integrating traditional cosmetic medicine with wellness and gut health. Pearl offers a new way to skin health, focussing on the emerging science of gut health and skin microbiome with protocols designed to repair and heal from inside out as well as outside in.


Cosmetic Injectables such as anti-wrinkle and dermal fillers remain our main field.  However,  each of our Doctors specialises in niche areas such as non-surgical rhinoplasty. So let us know what you are interested in when you book so we know who would be best to look after you.


Thread lifts are a speciality area of treatment for our doctors. They perform face and body thread lifts using PDO threads and MINT Threads. In addition, we specialise in a non-surgical approach to the jowl lift.


We are leaders in non-surgical body sculpting, performing literally hundreds of treatments each month. On offer CoolTech, Tesla former and Lipodissolve and healthy weight solutions with our clinical naturopath and nutritionist support.


We have a suite of medical-grade lasers, BBL, and radiofrequency to treat a range of skin colours. So whether it is sun damage,  concerns with pigmentation, superficial capillaries, redness, rosacea, wrinkles, enlarged pores, acne or acne scarring,  fine lines, skin tightening, or tattoo removal, we can help you.


Healthy skin starts with a healthy gut. Diet and gut health are beneficial in treating inflammatory skin diseases such as acne, eczema,  psoriasis, rosacea, and preventing aging skin concerns, controlling weight, hair loss, and skin sensitivity. Our Naturopath Courtney White specialises in skin, gut healing, mental health and naturopathy for weight loss. We offer a range of services and products for gut and skin healing.


At Pearl, we are passionate about taking care of your skin. Using principles of barrier repair, optimising your skin microbiome and settling inflammation from outside and inside, we are ready to help you kick some skin goals. We focus on active treatments to get your skin woes settled. So whether you are interested in settling acne, returning even colour, tone or texture or achieving a radiant glow, we have solutions for you.


In addition to cosmetic injectables, we have Doctors who specialise in gut healing, prescriptions for skin concerns, PRP for hair loss, skin tag & mole removal and acne scar treatment with subcision & TCA cross. There is a charge for Medical skin consultations, which is redeemable on treatments performed on the day.

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