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Rejuvenation for Skin of Colour

laser skin rejuvenation & non-surgical skin treatments for darker skin types

The specialised needs for indigenous, ethnic and Asian skin rejuvenation result from a predisposition to pigment changes. Though all darker skin types experience the usual skin concerns, they have increased certain types of hyperpigmentation.

Indigenous, Ethnic & Asian Skin Rejuvenation

This group have a Fitzpatrick skin type of 3 or higher and need specialised treatment. The group is susceptible to common skin concerns across the ages, including acne, acne scarring,  enlarged pores, unwanted facial pigmentation, wrinkles and facial volume loss and sagging.

Specifically, skin pigmentation concerns are significant within this group, with a higher incidence of post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation, melasma and other pigmentation types from sun exposure or hereditary.  Darker skin types are universally susceptible to PIH, which can occur with inappropriate skin treatments (the wrong laser or IPL, or too strong chemical peel). It also happens with skin inflammation like pimples or exposure to trauma. This predisposition to PIH or rebound inflammation means laser skin rejuvenation is entirely different for Asian. Lower power, specialised lasers and more treatments are required. Asian skin types are more susceptible to enlarged pores. Though unwanted broken capillaries are not as common, there is a significant portion of skin type 3 & 4 sensitive to rosacea.

Best Lasers for skin rejuvenation in darker skin types.

The best lasers for darker skin types are q switched nanosecond or picosecond lasers. Picosecond laser not only safely treat pigmentation in darker skin types, but they also provide treatment for reduced pore size, reduction of fine lines and wrinkles and general rejuvenation through a unique (no downtime ) laser facial.

Radiofrequency skin needling such as Infini and Secret RF or subablative radiofreqency such as eMatrix is safe to use. These can be used for acne treatment, acne scar treatment as well as general skin rejuvenation.

Though IPL can be used safely on skin type 3 and low skin type 4 for rosacea, extreme care must be exercised as the heating that accompanies IPL can cause PIH. Skin type 3 can also receive fractionated CO2, once again depending on the ethnic background.

Fraxel laser is also suitable for Asian skin rejuvenation. Though radiofrequency with skin needling has lower downtime and more collagen rejuvenation. Pico-lasers target pigment without thermal heating, making them the best lasers for pigmentation, melasma, reducing enlarged pores and fine lines and wrinkles.

Skin Care for darker skin types.

Skin Care for darker skin types includes vitamin A, B & C for fair-skinned people. However, there is an increased use of skin lightening or bleaching creams. These are often used in combination for laser treatment because it allows the safer application of lasers.

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reduce pore size & skin rejuvenation
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Asian skin pigmentation treatment with picocare
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skin pigmentation treatment
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Fitzpatrick 3 to 6 Skin Type Skin Rejuvenation.

This group includes indigenous Australian and south sea islander, New Zealand  Maori.

Asian skin rejuvenation for people from China, Taiwanese, Philippine  Vietnamese Korean,  Malaysian, Japanese, being the most common groups in Brisbane, however, there are many more representatives)

The Mediterranean, with Greek & Italian being the most common in Brisbane.

Indian, South American & middle eastern as well as other European countries or African descent.

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