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BBL Laser, BBL Forever Young & BBL Facial

BBL Laser treatment sets a new bar for IPL laser therapy. Providing options for treating many skin conditions, the BBL facial fades unwanted pigmentation, redness from capillaries and rosacea, as well as aging skin concerns and acne. Developed by Sciton, BBL treatment provides the most potent IPL treatment in the world. It is truly in a class of its own with several sophisticated treatment programs such as BBL Forever Young, BBL Forever Flawless and BBL Forever Clear. Each program is targeting different skin concerns.

What Does BBL Mean?

BBL is short for broadband light. This is a type of IPL, so it is strictly not a laser but powerful light therapy. However, BBL has creative versatility and power, making it the Hero for treating various skin concerns.

    • fade pigmentation and brown spot
    • shrink broken capillaries
    • reduce facial redness
    • aging skin concerns from sun damage
    • acne blemishes

*Results are Individual
After 1 BBL Treatment

How Does the BBL Laser Work?

The BBL facial is customised to your skin concern. Different filtered light energy is pulsed onto your skin. This light energy attracts various targets, such as brown in melanin, red or blue in blood vessels, and even collagen in your skin. When the light energy is absorbed into the target, healing occurs to remove unwanted areas of colour and stimulate new collagen production. Several programs are targeting different skin concerns.

BBL Forever Flawless – with Hero

Forever Flawless is a BBL treatment to correct several skin concerns arising from sun exposure. It treats broken capillaries and unwanted pigmentation, facial redness and even bruising. Forever Flawless also stimulates collagen to repair aging skin concerns from sun damage. Usually, 3- 4 treatments are required to achieve skin goals. And once this is complete, you can switch to BLL Forever Young treatment. BBL laser is safe for skin types 1 through to light skin type 4.

BBL Forever Young – with Hero

Now, this is a fascinating treatment from BBL Hero. The clever people at Sciton developed a program to boost your skins ability to restore itself to a younger setting. In a ten year clinical study, clients who received at least 2 Forever Young treatments per year were judged to look over ten years younger than they started the treatments. The BBL Forever Young is suitable for people displaying skin aging or simply as a preventative therapy. We would recommend two treatments per year should keep you ahead of the aging clock.

Forever Clear by BBL Hero

Forever Clear is a new approach to acne treatment, using a BBL laser to settle acne without medication. It is delivered in a 3 step process using Blue, Yellow, Red and Infrared light therapy. First, the blue light targets the bacteria overgrowth to reduce the infection. This is followed by yellow light to boost healing, followed by LED light therapy to further calm inflammation and stimulate healing.

*Results are Individual
1 BBL Laser + LED

Preparation for BBL Laser Treatment

It would be best if you avoided unprotected sun exposure up to 6 weeks before your BBL treatment to allow us to treat at adequate levels and minimise unwanted reactions. We also ask you to stop active therapies such as Vitamin A or exfoliants. However, B Vitamins creams are ok and even beneficial.

Care after your BBL Treatment

There is no specific aftercare; however, you need SPF protection, preferably with sunscreen containing Iron Oxide.

How Long Does BBL Treatment Take?

This depends on the area being treated. As a guide, a BBL facial will take 20-30 minutes, and full face, neck and decolletage BBL treatment will take 1 hour.

What Happens During BBL Laser Treatment?

Your face will be cleansed to remove any makeup or creams, and our therapists will give you protective eyewear.

Our therapists will perform test patching to achieve optimal and safe settling for your BBL treatment.

They may need to perform several tests and wait up to three minutes between tests to observe your skin’s response to each level.

Once they are happy with the settings, the treatment happens quite quickly. Depending on your treatment program, 1, 2 or 3 passes with the BBL laser may be required.

What to expect after your BBL Treatment?

Immediately after treatment, there will be redness and a feeling like a mild sunburn. This will settle over coming hours to days. You can apply specialised after laser makeup such as Oxygenetix but not occlusive makeup or creams as this can trap heat.

If we treat pigmentation, this will darken over the coming hours and remain darker until your body naturally eliminates this. This can take up to 4 weeks to see the total fading result, which is when we would recommend the subsequent treatment if needed. Sometimes there can also be bruising when treating capillaries or even small areas that look like a welt – as your skin responds.

How Long Does it take to recover after BBL Facial Treatment?

There is no downtime as such – you can resume normal activities, and if you use the Oxygenetix your face will allow you to continue with your day. However you need to factor in the darkening of pigmentation spots which can take up to 4 weeks to progress to fading, or rarely if bruising occurs allow 7 days to fade.



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