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Biostimulator Injections Brisbane: Skin Tightening & Cellulite Treatments 

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Collagen-stimulating injections activate your skin to rebuild new Collagen; replenishing volume lost naturally over time and with sun damage. Initially, biostimulator injections were used on the face, neck and decolletage. However, a whole niche area for treating sagging, lax skin on the body, upper and inner arms, thighs, and abdomen, as well as cellulite and stretch marks, are now treated with collagen stimulation.

Collagen Stimulating Injections For Body Treatments

Dr AJ provides collagen-stimulating injections for face and cellulite treatment,  stretch marks and skin tightening for arm skin laxity, tummy, thighs, and knees,  decolletage treatment, hand filler and other body areas.

Dr AJ specialises in non-surgical body sculpting treatments, including biostimulator injections for skin tightening, cellulite treatment, fat dissolving injections with lipodissolve for body and chin, subcision, body threads and body slimming injections for calf slimming, trapezius and masseters. The cost for body sculpting consultations is $100 – redeemable on any treatment with him. Call 0733505447 or book online for a body sculpting consultation with Dr AJ.

Performing biostimulator injection for arm skin tightening.

Dr AJ performing biostimulator injection for arm skin tightening.

What are Biostimulator Injections

Biostimulator injections have emerged as a game-changer for skin tightening, mainly when applied to body areas. As specialists in this area, our Dr AJ at Pearl has developed innovative techniques that take advantage of your body’s collagen stimulation mechanism for lasting results.

Although they can be applied to the face, the emergence of biostimulator injections on the body provides options for previously difficult-to-treat body skin laxity. So how do collagen-stimulating injections work for achieving outcomes?

We will run through what to expect during treatment with biostimulator injections, what side effects you might expect, the timeline for results, and how many treatments you require with collagen-stimulating injections. So you can be equipped with knowledge about Biostimulator injections to make well-informed decisions regarding whether this is the right treatment for you.

Biostimulator Injection Treatment

If you want to improve your skin’s appearance and achieve a more youthful look, biostimulator injection treatments might be the perfect solution for you.

There are two types of biostimulator injections.

  1. The first, also referred to as a powder filler, only acts via collagen stimulation.
  2. The second is a combined filler and biostimulator, which we will call a biostimulator filler.

Both of these collagen-stimulating injectors can be used on the face. However, the biostimulator filler comes into its own as it can be used for volumising and sculpting cheeks, jawline and chin.

When used on the body, the biostimulator filler has the advantage of providing filling and collagen stimulation. The primary mechanism behind stimulating injections is their ability to stimulate collagen production in the skin.

  • Collagen stimulation helps reduce skin sagging, lines, and wrinkles or adds volume to targeted areas.
  • Biostimulator injections are versatile and can address multiple aesthetic concerns at once.

Biostimulator injection treatments effectively reduce the appearance of cellulite and stretch marks by stimulating collagen production.

Collagen Biostimulators for Cellulite Treatment

Cellulite results from changes to all skin layers on the thighs, buttocks, abdomen and sometimes upper arms. It is a combination of the formation of tight fibrous bands that contract and pull the skin down into dimples, thinning of the skin, oedema and herniation of nodules of fat.

Subcision is Combined with Biostimulator Injections.

For effective cellulite treatment, the constricting fibrous bands are subsidised, allowing the release of the dimple, combined with injection of the collagen biostimulators, which help repair and thicken the skin, tightening the skin and fill in areas to create a smooth surface on the skin.

Bisostimulator Skin Tightening

Loose, lax and saggy skin develops with time and environmental damage; the open, flexible skin of upper arms and the saggy skin of upper thighs and abdomen can all be addressed with biostimulator skin tightening.

Biostimulator Skin Tightening can be Combined with Hifu.

Often it is best to combine biostimulator filler with HIFU. This is because HIFU contracts and stimulates deeper collagen fibres, complementing the collagen stimulation of the biostimulator filler.

Results Timeline & Follow-up Treatments

If you’re considering biostimulator injection treatments, it’s essential to understand the timeline for results and any necessary follow-up appointments. When using combined biostimulator/filler products, you can expect to see immediate effects. However, the outcome takes about eight weeks to achieve, at which point our cosmetic doctors will see you back for a review.

  • Immediate effects are seen with biostimulator filler: You can enjoy some visible improvements right after treatment.
  • The process of increased collagen growth occurs over 6 -12 weeks. After that, you will slowly notice a fresher look as your collagen levels increase.
  • Review results after eight weeks: Schedule a follow-up appointment to assess progress and determine if additional treatments are needed.

In most cases, people require a second treatment to attain their desired appearance and ensure long-lasting benefits from the procedure. Biostimulator fillers are an excellent option for collagen-stimulating injections with some immediate results.

Risks & Side Effects of Biostimulator Injections

Biostimulator injections, like any medical treatment, come with side effects. Some common side effects include bruising and swelling at the injection sites.

In rare cases, the formation of nodules under the skin surface or infection (extremely rare). Although extremely unlikely, necrosis is also possible but is an infrequent occurrence.

  • Bruising and swelling at injection sites (common)
  • Formation of nodules under the skin surface (rare)
  • Infection (sporadic)
  • Necrosis or blindness (infrequent occurrences)

Before receiving biostimulator injections, knowing the potential risks and side effects is essential to make an educated decision.

Addressing Various Aesthetic Issues With Biostimulators

Biostimulator injections can effectively address a wide range of aesthetic concerns. Some popular applications include:

  • Skin tightening on abdomen, arms, and thighs
  • Cellulite treatment on thighs, buttocks

Biostimulator injections are a popular treatment for addressing aesthetic issues such as volume loss, contouring, and skin tightening. These injectables stimulate collagen production and can be used on the face and body. While there may be some common side effects like bruising and swelling, rare complications are possible.

Immediate results can often be seen with combined products, but reviewing your final results after eight weeks is essential. Pain management during the procedure is also available. If you’re interested in learning more about Biostimulator filler or scheduling an appointment in Brisbane for cellulite treatment or body skin tightening injectables today, contact Pearl Medispa.

Call 0733505447 or book online for a body sculpting consultation with Dr AJ.

Collagen is a structural protein that occurs naturally in the skin and other structures. In our skin, it provides support and gives our skin a glow. Over time we typically lose Collagen; in fact, 1% per year from 20. This is exacerbated by sun exposure which further damages and speeds break down. Sun exposure causes our skin to lose its fullness, and fine lines and wrinkles develop along with sagging skin.

Collagen-stimulating injections work by injecting a material that stimulates your skin to start to rebuild Collagen. It helps to reduce fine wrinkles; collagen injections kick-start natural skin repair. It is like topping up your collagen skin stores to replace lost volume and reverse fine lines and wrinkles and provide skin tightening.

Results can last up to 2 years, so re-treatment at this point will keep your results optimal.

After treatment, there can be swelling, bruising, redness or tenderness. These are temporary and will be resolved within 2- 3 days. There is no downtime as such. You can get on with regular activity but should not perform strenuous exercise until the next day. Our Doctors will go through the full details of possible and rarer effects of collagen injections.

Collagen-stimulating injections replenish the Collagen in your skin. In contrast, a Dermal filler is a gel injected under the skin to create a smoother appearance by replacing volume under the skin.

The science is in; collagen powder helps with Collagen for skin and gut healing. We source our collagen powder from Cellogic and carry a variety, including collagen powder for your skin, joints and bone. Including collagen powder in your diet has many health benefits. The most important is gut-healing by assisting in the repair of tight junctions. In addition, using collagen powder before, during and after cosmetic injections to stimulate new Collagen in your skin has additional benefits.

There are many treatments we perform that target collagen production. Other therapies include PDO threads, skin needling, radiofrequency microneedling, Tixel, CO2 laser, and pico laser. In addition, we offer a complimentary skin nurse and laser therapists, so they can help you decide which is the best treatment approach for your skin.

Experiencing minimal pain during biostimulator injections is a priority for us. Although various options, such as numbing cream and ice packs, are provided to ensure comfort throughout the procedure, the injectable product contains a local anesthetic that helps reduce discomfort.

The appointment typically lasts 30 – 60 minutes, depending on the treated area. This duration includes essential steps like taking photos, signing consent forms, and preparing the treatment area by cleaning it thoroughly. By following these procedures diligently, both the safety and efficacy of biostimulator treatments can be ensured without compromising patient satisfaction.

Collagen Stimulating Injections Cost

All Body Areas: 1 syringe = 1.5 ml

1. Syringe  $950

2 Syringes for $1800

4 Syringes – $3499

8 Syringe – $5999

12 Syringe pack – $7999

How Much Biostimulator will you Need?

Generally recommended doses of the biostimulator filler are:

Thighs 2 syringes per side

Arms 1 syringe per side

Tummy 2 syringes

Of course, this depends on the actual area, and our cosmetic doctors will assess this at the initial consultation.

FAQs about Biostimulator Injections

Yes, biostimulator injections effectively treat aesthetic issues such as volume loss, skin laxity, and cellulite. They stimulate collagen production within the skin to improve its structure and appearance. Results may vary depending on individual factors and treatment areas.

Biostimulators promote collagen growth for long-lasting results, while traditional fillers provide immediate volume by filling in wrinkles or hollow areas. In addition, biostimulators offer a more gradual improvement in skin quality, whereas fillers deliver instant plumping effects. Some products combine both mechanisms for enhanced outcomes.

A bio-stimulatory filler is an injectable substance that combines the properties of both traditional dermal fillers and biostimulators. It provides immediate volumising effects while stimulating collagen production for lasting improvements in skin texture, firmness, and overall appearance.

Biostimulator injections encourage natural collagen synthesis for progressive results over time, while hyaluronic acid (HA) fillers instantly add volume by attracting water molecules to treated areas. HA fillers typically have shorter longevity than biostimulators due to their different modes of action. 

Dr AJ specialises in non-surgical body sculpting treatments, including biostimulator injections for skin tightening, cellulite treatment with fat dissolving, subcision, threads and body slimming injections for calf slimming, and trapezius and masseters. The cost for body sculpting consultations is $100 – redeemable on any treatment with him. Call 0733505447 or book online for a body sculpting consultation with Dr AJ.