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GliSODin®- A Powerful Nutraceutical that Fights Inflammation and Ageing.

A growing body of evidence indicates skin ageing is driven by pro-inflammatory substances produced by the body’s innate immune system. This phenomenon is known as Inflammageing, and it refers to a chronic, low-grade inflammation associated with ageing.

Inflammation is a normal pathological process mainly involving defensive reactions of living tissues in response to the stimulation of various damage factors. Inflammation can stem from unprotected UV exposure, acne, wounds, pathogens, diet, stress, gut dysbiosis, and pollution – to name a few. Studies have found that these varieties of inflammatory factors directly induce reactive oxygen species (ROS – commonly known as free radicals) formation. These  ROS  have the capacity not only to promote skin ageing in the form of pigmentation, wrinkling, sagging, laxity and skin thinning, but they can also damage the DNA in any cell in the body. As a result, it has been found that the skin strongly mirrors ageing in more internal human tissues.

Therapies from the perspective of inflammation regulation, namely the neutralising of inflammatory reactive oxygen species, can provide new targets for preventing and treating skin ageing and its conditions. However, treatments should be targeted at a systemic level, as all types of cells activate and release inflammatory mediators.

Antioxidants are well-known neutralisers of free radicals. Although, it is not as commonly known that one antioxidant molecule, such as vitamin C, can only neutralise one free radical. However, a biological enzyme known as superoxide dismutase (SOD) activates the body’s primary antioxidants enzymes at a cellular level. The antioxidant enzymes can neutralise millions of free radicles, making it an incredibly productive and essential fighter of oxidative stress which can present on the skin as wrinkling, laxity, pigmentation, sagging, and sallow appearance. Unfortunately, we produce less of this enzyme as we age.

GliSODin® is a potent nutraceutical, (derived from French Melon) that activates the production of superoxide dismutase. Studies have shown that supplementation with GliSODin® had marked photodamage, skin elasticity, moisture, and wrinkling after only 90 days. This is due to the unique combination of ingredients in GliSODin®.

In addition to helping protect the skin from environmental damage and free radicals, superoxide dismutase significantly helps rehydrate and rejuvenate skin. Furthermore, the study concluded that supplementation alongside a topical prescription vitamin A increased the results than either product alone. GliSODin® is a powerful tool in preventing and treating inflammaging associated with skin ageing, promoting a youthful complexion, fighting pigmentation and inflammatory skin conditions.



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