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Chin Fillers for a Weak Chin or Receding Chin

Chin fillers provide an alternative to surgery for reshaping a weak chin or receding chin. When treating a weak chin, the aim is to restore your nose, lip and chin profile proportions. In addition, chin fillers recreate balance to your face by making the recessive chin appear more extended and broader. At Pearl, our Doctors perform chin filler for several concerns, including marionette lines, chin creases, chin dimples, and strengthening the appearance of a receding chin. So what causes a weak chin? And what are all the applications for chin fillers?

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*Before and after filler for weak chin – results are individual.

before and after weak chin filler and jawline filler

*Chin filler and jawline filler – results are individual

Male weak chin filler before and after photo

*Chin filler for weak chin – results are individual

Profile of before and after fillers for weak chin, lip and cheeks

*Weak chin, lip and cheek filler – results are individual

*Chin and Jawline fillers – results are individual

*Chin and Jawline Filler for Jowls – results are individual

What is the Cause of a Weak Chin?

  • A weak chin is generally present from birth and results from the underdevelopment of the jawline in the womb.
  • Aging changes also cause a receding chin profile.
  • Rarer causes of a weak chin are trauma or infection in childhood which prevent jawline bone formation.

A receding chin has no functional implications; however, it impacts the aesthetic appearance, and many people choose to restore a strong jawline.

Weak Chin Treatment

Until about a decade ago, the only solution for treating a weak chin was surgical correction with a chin implant. Then, it became possible to correct the jawline and chin fillers with more structural dermal fillers. So what was once a trip into the operating theatre is now an in-clinic, lunchtime procedure. Our Doctors at Pearl perform weak chin filler treatment. (Please look at our chin filler before and after photos for some of our results).

Who is Suitable for Chin Filler?

Chin filler can be used on men or women over 18 who want to improve the appearance of a weak or receding chin without surgery. Whether your chin has recessed due to ageing,  you were born with a receding chin, or you have asymmetry you would like to correct. Creating a strong jawline, chiselled appearance or restoring youthful balance is achievable with the chin fillers. There are few contraindications for this treatment, and our Doctors will go over this entirely at the initial consultation.

  • Chin filler can be used for other indications such as marionette lines, chin cleft or dimples.
  • Chin filler also reduces the appearance of the chin crease that commonly occurs as aging skin changes.
  • In men, this is about making the chin more chiselled.
  • In women, chin fillers create a balanced facial look but retain the face’s ideal oval shape.

Chin Filler Procedure, Results and Recovery

Weak chin filler treatment is very satisfying for our clients and our Doctors; please look at our chin filler before and after photo results.

  • Chin fillers is an in-clinic treatment.
  • The procedure takes about 45 minutes.
  • Anaesthetic is used in the filler treatment to assist in comfort.
  • There may be bruising and swelling afterwards as well as the feeling of soreness.
  • Our Doctors will go through expected recovery during the consultation.

What are the Best Chin Fillers?

Dermal filler increases the volume in the area, recreating length to a weak chin profile and width to the front on appearance.  Most common choices are non-permanent, thick structural fillers. These fillers not only last longer, but they are also required to return a structured appearance to the jaw. Chin fillers can be used alone or in combination with other filler treatments.

  • For glamourising, chin filler is commonly combined with lip filler and sometimes cheek filler to enhance the profile further, but this is not necessary.
  • For jowl lift, chin fillers are combined with jawline enhancement.
  • Combining face slimming injections with chin fillers achieves a more heart-shaped face.
  • When restoring the facial profile, non-surgical rhinoplasty can also be performed.
  • In addition, as an anti-aging treatment, chin filler can be combined with cheek, jawline, upper lip wrinkles, under-eye fillers and anti-wrinkle injections.

The time fillers last in the lower face varies.  Factors include which therapy is chosen, movement in the area and how fast your body resorbs the product in saying that we expect 12 – 18 months for most fillers.

Chin Filler Cost

The amount and type of filler required to determine the chin filler cost.  A minimum of 2ml is usually needed for receding chin replacement and sometimes more. So the first thing is to book an assessment with our Doctors; they will assess how much filler is required to return a strong jawline appearance.

Threads – An Alternative To  Chin Fillers

New thread lifting is providing exciting alternatives to fillers for many areas of facial treatments. For example, a specialised thread can lift the chin crease and marionette lines without surgery. Thus, providing a non-surgical approach for face contouring across many parts of the face.

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Chin filler, jawline, cheek, nasolabial fold and upper lip wrinkles fillers.

*Chin filler, jawline, cheek, nasolabial fold and upper lip wrinkles fillers – results are individual.

Weak chin filler, lip and cheek filler before and after

*Weak chin, lip and cheek filler – results are individual

Anti-wrinkle injections plus chin filler before and after photo

*Chin anti-wrinkle injections and filler for chin dimples – results are individual

Chin filler before and after alongside upper wrinkle line treatment

Chin fillers for marionette lines and lip wrinkles – results are individual

Before and after chin filler for marionette lines and lip filler

*Chin filler for marionette lines and lip filler – results are individual

Chin filler, jawline fillers and double chin injections

*Chin filler, jawline fillers and double chin injections – results are individual

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