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Collagen Stimulating Filler | Biostimulator Filler Injections

Immediate Filling Results and Long-Lasting Collagen Stimulation 

Treat the signs of ageing with fast and long-lasting results. A different class of fillers acts by filling lines, wrinkles, and grooves and stimulating your skin to produce more collagen. These fillers not only provide immediate filling results but continue to improve over the life of the filler.  Unlike traditional fillers, whose action wears off, the results continue to improve over two years.  We provide two different collagen-stimulating fillers at Pearl. You will need an assessment to see if biostimulators are right for you. So book a FREE consultation with the doctor first. Two doctors, Dr. Andreina and Dr. Shadi, specialise in biostimulator fillers for non-surgical facelifts.

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*Before and after jawline filler & collagen induction across lower face. Results are individual.

*Before, after 12 months and after 24 months of single treatment – results are individual.

*Before, after 12 months and after 24 months of single treatment – results are individual.

*Before, after 12 months and after 24 months of single treatment – results are individual.

Where can Collagen Stimulating Injections be used?

Biostimulator fillers can be used to treat individual areas of for a full non-surgical facelift!

Upper Face

Mid Face

Lower Face

  • Chin filler
  • Marionette Line Filler
  • Corners of the Mouth
  • Jawline Filler


Biostimulator Filler Injection Costs

As a rough guide (because until your assessment with our Doctors, we do not know)

  • You will need at minimum of 1 syringe of biostimulator filler per decade of life from 30 (50 years = 5+ syringes)
  • These will typically be injected over two sessions 12 weeks apart. 
  • Dr Andreina has developed techniques for non-surgical face lifting, and he combines techniques, collagen biostimulators, thread lifts, radiofrequency skin tightening and or laser. She bundles treatments into a package of non-surgical facelifts.
  • We also have a package for biostimulator fillers that can be purchased outright.
  • 1 Syringe $850
  • 2 Syringes $1600 ($800 per syringe)
  • 3 Syringes $2400 ($800 per syringe)
  • 4 Syringes $3000 ($750 per syringe)
  • 5 Syringes $3750 ($750 per syringe)
  • 6 Syringes $4200 ($700 per syringe)
  • 7 Syringes $4200 ($700 per syringe)
  • 8 Syringes $5200 ($650 per syringe)
  • 9 Syringes $5850 ($650 per syringe)

What is Collagen, and Why is it Important?

Collagen is a structural protein that occurs naturally in the skin and other structures. In our skin, it provides support and gives our skin a glow. However, over time, we typically lose collagen at a rate of 1% per year from 20. Sun exposure exacerbates this, further damaging it and speeding up the breakdown. Sun exposure causes our skin to lose its fullness, and fine lines and wrinkles develop along with sagging skin. In addition, collagen supports elastin and hyaluronic acid, the levels of which also decline with time.

How do Collagen Injections Work?

Collagen-stimulating injections work by injecting a material that stimulates your skin to rebuild collagen. It helps to reduce fine wrinkles; collagen injections kick-start natural skin repair. It is like topping up your collagen skin stores to replace lost volume, reverse fine lines and wrinkles, and provide skin tightening.

How Long Do Collagen Stimulating Injections Last?

With collagen-stimulating fillers, you will see immediate results. But unlike traditional fillers, the biostimulator action kicks in, and you receive immediate results and long-lasting improvement in skin quality, texture, elasticity, and tone! Depending on the collagen-stimulating filler chosen, results can last up to 2 years, so re-treatment at this point will keep your results optimal.

Are there side effects from Collagen Stimulating Injections?

After treatment, there can be swelling, bruising, redness, or tenderness. These are temporary and will be resolved within 2–3 days. There is no downtime as such. You can get on with regular activity, but you should not perform strenuous exercise until the next day. Our doctors will go through the full details of the possible and rarer effects of collagen injections, as these need to be considered before making any decision about cosmetic injections.

Collagen Stimulating Injections vs Dermal Fillers?

Collagen-stimulating injections replenish the collagen in your skin. In contrast, a dermal filler is a gel injected under the skin to create a smoother appearance by replacing volume under the skin.

Collagen-stimulating fillers have a dual action, providing immediate filling to smooth wrinkles, folds, and grooves and long-term collagen stimulation to turn back the clock and improve skin quality (tone, elasticity, texture, and strength).

Pain Management & Procedure Duration

Experiencing minimal pain during collagen-stimulating injections is a priority for us. Although various options, such as numbing cream and ice packs, are provided to ensure comfort throughout the procedure, one of the injectable products contains a local anaesthetic that helps reduce discomfort and can be added to the second.

  • The appointment typically lasts 30–60 minutes, depending on the treated area.
  • This duration includes essential steps like taking photos, signing consent forms, and preparing the treatment area by cleaning it thoroughly.

Other Treatments for Collagen Stimulation at Pearl

There are many treatments we perform that target collagen production. Other therapies include PDO threads, skin needling, radiofrequency microneedling, Tixel, CO2 laser, and pico laser. In addition, we offer complimentary skin nurse and laser therapist consultations so they can help you decide the best treatment approach for your skin.

Topical retinoids are the mainstay of turning on collagen production in the skin, so combining topical prescription cream with any collagen-stimulating treatment has multiplying effects.

Collagen Powder For Skin

The science is in; collagen powder helps with collagen for skin and gut healing. Including collagen powder in your diet has many health benefits. The most important is gut healing by assisting in the repair of tight junctions. In addition, using collagen powder before, during, and after cosmetic injections to stimulate new collagen in your skin has additional benefits. However, do not expect the dramatic results you may obtain from clinic procedures.

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Book online or call 07 3350 5447 for a free consultation with Dr Andriena or Dr Shadi.

Collagen Stimulator Injections FAQ

The short answer is yes, but collagen biostimulation takes time. With biostimulator filler injections, you will see an immediate response. However, as new collagen is created, your face will progressively change over the next 6 to 12 weeks.

Three injections on the Australian market promote collagen. These are known as biostimulator injections and are two are comprised of products that have been employed as dissolvable sutures. Due to TGA regulations in Australia, we cannot name the products, but they are made of poly-L lactic acid, PCL and calcium hydroxyapatite. When injected, they induce collagen production in your skin to improve texture and quality. 

Collagen stimulating injections, also known as collagen biostimulators, primarily induce new collagen production in the skin to improve skin texture and quality, whereas fillers are for volumising or contouring. Two biostimulator injections are also fillers, so having the immediate effect of fillers with the bonus of longer-term results as skin texture and quality improve. As we age, our ability to produce collagen decreases, which causes sagging skin, so biostimulator filler injections address dual concerns. 

The longevity of collagen stimulating injections varies. Three primary collagen boosting injections are on the market, and each act and lasts differently. Although the collagen produced by the injections is sometimes considered permanent, collagen continues to be broken down and lost with aging. Therefore, how long the collagen stimulation lasts varies from months to two years. Once again dependent on the product. 

Book Online or Call 07 3350 5447 for a free consultation with Dr Andriena or Dr Shadi.