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Treatment Spotlight – Body Sculpting with Cooltech Fat Freezing

Using CoolTech fat freezing, you can improve your body’s contours while flattening or reducing stubborn pockets of fat. Cocoon Medical was responsible for its development in Europe. Fat freezing works by crystallising fat cells in the treated area, permanently reducing fat cells. So, what exactly is this fat-freezing machine, and how does a fat-freezing treatment look?

Who is a good candidate for Cooltech?

Cooltech is suitable for anyone who has visible fat on their body and wishes to have it reduced.

  • Pregnancy is a contraindication.
  • Cooltech is not recommended for anyone sensitive to or who suffers from a disorder associated with intolerance to freezing temperatures.
  • Cellulite reduction is not possible with this treatment.

Our dermal therapists will determine your suitability for the procedure during a complimentary consultation.

The Cooltech Procedure

The number and frequency of treatments and downtime, sensations, and aftercare are all specified in the treatment specifications.

  • Each treatment lasts approximately 70 minutes.
  • Several sessions can be completed in a single day.
  • The number of treatments required is determined by the size of the affected area and the desired outcome.

Cooltech is a moderately comfortable treatment that requires no downtime and no special aftercare instructions. Following treatment, however, it is recommended that you engage in regular physical activity and consume a nutritious diet.

Cooltech’s Results

Cooltech can deliver up to a 20% reduction in fat loss in the treated area. Consequently, you may notice a smoother and flatter appearance in the area where you are most concerned. Results, on the other hand, are dependent on the individual and cannot be guaranteed.

A series of Functional Magnetic Stimulation (FMS) treatments with a Tesla Former on the muscles in or around the area will aid in reducing fat and developing muscle strength and definition in the treated area. In addition, combining treatments can help achieve a more pleasing body shape for the patient.

Please book online or call 07 33 505447 for a free consultation with one of our therapists.

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Dr Jo Turner rebranded her clinic to Pearl Medispa in 2021 as she added wellness and gut healing to the menu, becoming an integrative cosmetic medicine clinic. Still offering the same Boutique Cosmetic Medicine services with a team of Doctors, Nurses, Therapists and reception, but adding skin & gut microbiome healing and a wellness approach.