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Ear Lobe Surgery or Lobuloplasty

Repair or Reduction for Stretched, Gauge & Torn Earlobes.

Earlobe repair surgery is the procedure to repair an earlobe that has been stretched or torn or has elongated due to age. It can include repair of elf ears – a deformity resulting from a surgical facelift. The contraction of scarring after surgery causes the earlobe to take on an elongated stretched appearance.

The five main indications for ear lobes surgery:

  • Disfigurement from the stretching of a hole in the ear from heavy earrings.
  • Earlobe reduction from earlobes naturally larger or more commonly in women’s reduction in earlobe size from earlobe has enlarged over time.
  • Split earlobe surgery or torn earlobe surgery, where the lobe has been split from the accidental pulling of an earring, causing the ear to rip entirely through.
  • Gauge earlobe stretching. The trend through the 1990’s to use earlobe stretchers of spacers to stretch the earlobe progressively. Called gauged ears, they originated as traditional and some tribal groups. The Buddha famously had stretched earlobes but also occurred in some hill tribes. The difficulty is that this fashion changed, and some people regretted the decision or later elected to have this repair because it interfered with job prospects.
  • Elf ear surgery or repair. Elf ear results after plastic facial surgery where instead of the lobe being free, it is attached and stretched downward from scar formation after facelift surgery.

Earlobe repair surgery for the aging process and stretching.

Years of wearing heavy earrings can result in stretched earring holes. This, combined with the fact that earlobes can result in unflattering elongated and stretched earlobes in less young women. This can particularly age the facial appearance, which is a significant reason some women seek to repair it.

Earlobe repair with dermal fillers.

For mild to moderate stretching of the earlobe, placement of dermal filler to plump up the earlobe and help reduce the size of the hole in the ear from dragging.

Earlobe reduction

Earlobe reduction is performed for people who have big earlobes naturally, or more commonly, earlobes become enlarged as part of the natural ageing process. (The earlobes and nose continue to grow) With time progression, the nose tip can droop down, and the earlobes elongated can be particularly aging in some people. Our doctors can correct a nose tip droop with dermal fillers, and elongated earlobes can be reduced with surgery.

Earlobe repair surgery for split earlobes.

Otoplasty is used to repair earlobes when the lobe is torn from earrings being rippled out.  The process of tearing the earlobes heals with a split, which not only disfigures the ear, but you can no longer wear earrings.  The cost of repair depends on the extent and number of tears.

Stretched earlobe from gauge earring or stretchers.

Otoplasty or lobuloplasty for gauged earlobes or stretched earlobes is more complex and will cost more. The surgery aims to repair the earlobe by closing the holes and returning a more natural pre-stretched appearance.

 Elf Earlobe surgery.

Recreating a free lobe can be combined with a reduction in the stretched earlobe and earlobe reduction. The principal cause of this is scarring post-facial surgery, resulting in disfiguration of the earlobe, elongation or exaggeration of the lobe. 

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