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Downturned Mouth Anti-Wrinkle Injections | DAO Muscle Injections | DAO Filler

The mouth can become downturned as we age due to loss of soft tissue support, muscle action and volume loss in all layers of the chin. The muscle responsible for the downturn of the corners of the mouth is the DAO muscle. Relaxing this muscle can help flip the mouth corners back up, giving a happier, rested and younger appearance. In addition, the ‘mouth frown’ often appears alongside marionette lines.

Cosmetic injectables can be used to treat a downturned mouth and marionette lines. These include chin anti-wrinkle injections, DAO filler or PDO threads. Combining two or three of these gives superior results.

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Treating a Downturned Mouth or Mouth Frown

The target muscle is the DAO ( depressor anguli oris) to treat a downturned mouth with anti-wrinkle or muscle-relaxing injections. The DAO is a small triangular muscle with a broad base originating along the jawline, then inserted into the corners of the mouth. The injections relax the DAO muscle and prevent it from pulling down the corners of the mouth. In addition, the area can be improved even more by injecting filler. The DAO filler is injected into the marionette line or chin filler.

Outcome and Recovery from DAO Muscle Injections

The DAO muscle injection is a simple, safe clinical procedure that takes about 15 minutes.

  • Treatment takes about 2-3 days to take effect.
  • Expect the peak effect in two weeks.
  • Most people will get a repeat treatment at 3-4 months.

Potential Complications are temporary as the effects of the muscle relaxant wear off.

  • You can have redness or swelling immediately after, and though bruising can occur, it is not shared.
  • Diffusion of the muscle relaxant can affect adjacent muscles, causing an asymmetric smile, drooling or flattening of the lower lip with an inability to pucker lip, etc.

This treatment is contraindicated in singers and musicians because of the implications if an adjacent muscle is affected.

The Cost of anti-wrinkle DAO Injections – is $150

Procedures that work well with DAO muscle injections include frown, eye or forehead wrinkle treatment. When combined with two or anti-wrinkle 3-area therapies, the cost is only $100 as an add-on.

Anti-Wrinkle 2 Area – $349. Anti-Wrinkle 3 Area – $499.

Our cosmetic doctors provide natural-looking wrinkle injections. In addition to frown line, eye wrinkle and forehead treatments, we have small-area and niche-area muscle relaxing treatments. Small-area anti-wrinkle treatments are all $100 when you have a two or 3-area treatment.

Although all of our doctors treat with anti-wrinkle and dermal fillers through advanced techniques, each has an area of specialty.

Dr Andreina specialises in non-surgical facelifting using thread lifts, collagen stimulators and biostimulators. She is passionate about the potential of natural skin capacity in cosmetic medicine and creating extraordinary results using filler to sculpt, define and lift. Her choice is long-acting biostimulator fillers, which continue to boost and improve skin quality and rejuvenation for two to five years.

Dr AJ specialises in non-surgical body sculpting and tightening, including injectable treatment of cellulite, fat dissolving injections with lipodissolve for body fat deposits, stretch marks and use of muscle relaxants for calf slimming, trapezius slimming and masseter muscle injections for jaw slimming.

Dr Aishah, as well as our lip Queen, specialises in microtox and microHA application. Her focus is skin quality, using fillers and advanced skin boosters with amino acids and vitamins to inject skin quality.

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