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Eyebrow Tattoo – Perfectly Shaped & Defined Tattoo Eyebrows.

A cosmetic eyebrow tattoo is the application of pigments to create a more defined frame for your eyes. Eyebrow shape and colour draws attention to the eyes rather than detracting from them.

What Types Of Eyebrow Tattoo Is Available?

Hairstroke or Featherstroke Tattoo Eyebrows

Hairstroke refers to a precise technique of creating a new eyebrow shape by tattooing individual hairs into your brow. The strands are applied using a microblade tool, as this allows the creation of beautiful hairs. Also called eyebrow feathering, Victoria has developed skill in this technique for over ten years.

Hairstroke brows give a very natural effect, blending into your natural eyebrow. These brows can require a more frequent re-application but are suitable for women of all age.

Powder Eyebrow Tattoo

Powder brows is an eyebrow tattoo technique used for clients who like extra colour depth and definition. The most sort after for women 18 – 30-year-olds. Powder brows are performed in two stages. First, a shadow is created behind the eyebrow, using the tattoo machine. Secondly, a layer of hair strokes is formed with the microblade tool.

Why Choose Eyebrow Tattooing?

  • You want a more defined brow.
  • You have fair brow hair that requires constant tinting and shaping to look as if you have any eyebrows.
  • You want more fullness of the brows
  • You want a new brow shape
  • You want to restore brow shape damaged from plucking or incorrect waxing.
  • You suffer from alopecia
  • Your brows have thinned

Cosmetic Eyebrow Tattooing: Achieve The Look You Want.

Our cosmetic tattooist Vicky will lend her opinion on the style, shape and colour to enhance your natural brow features, but the choice is ultimately yours. Vicky offers a free consultation for you to meet with her and go through the whole process before making any decisions.

Eyebrow Tattoo Cost 595
Perfection Treatment 100


Laser Eyebrow Tattoo Removal

We also provide laser eyebrow tattoo removal for ladies who have had eyebrow tattoo that is poorly shaped, incorrect colour, or you have changed your mind.  Most often, Vicky can work with your existing eyebrow tattoo to create a cosmetically acceptable outcome. However, the best outcome is if a poorly designed eyebrow tattoo is removed with a laser first. We have a laser technician, Cath O’Brien, who specialises in cosmetic eyebrow tattoo removal.

Do You Want A Free Consultation For Cosmetic Tattooing or Tattoo Removal?

You have three choices to contact us for more information or a consultation.

Call 3350 5447 For A Free Consultation or Email any Queries.

22 Comments Published

written on 9 September 2008 -

Hi I am very interested in eyebrow tattooing, I have to pencil my eyebrows on every day, and be careful not to touch them throughout the day incase they come off, it would be great to have them back permenantly. I was wondering where abouts in brisbane are you located, and also curious as to the cost. I actually live it townsville, but I am coming to brisbane for a holiday in february,

Thanks Maureen.

written on 10 September 2008 -

It sounds like the eyebrow tattooing would be excellent for you Maureen because Victoria our eyebrow tattooist does a very natural hairstrokes technique. The cost for Eyebrow hairstrokes is $400. The best thing if you want to get it done in Brisbane is to call and book in for a free consult with Victoria ahead of time. We are located in Chermside, North Brisbane. Call us on 33505447 when you know you will be down our way. regards Jo

written on 25 September 2008 -

Do you have any photos of your work?

written on 26 September 2008 -

Hi Kylie, yes Victoria has photos of the eyebrow tattooing she has done. I will email you with a link to our Facebook album and you can get an idea of Victoria’s work. There is a really good natural eyebrow tattoo pic in the album.

Call us on 33505447 if you want to book a free consult with Victoria. regards Jo

written on 4 October 2008 -

Hi Holly, It is difficult because I do not want to be seen to putting down other clinics etc. The one thing I can tell you is that cosmetic tattooing does not feel like scratching on the surface, because the pigment does have to be introduced under the skin surface it must penetrate the surface. I have had Victoria do my upper eyeliner and lip tattooing and I needed all of the numbing cream she could put on to keep the pain under control. Similarly I have seen the eyebrow tattooing process and it is not a gentle scratch. The best thing would be to see the lady who did the eyeliner tattooing again. If you want to book in for a consultation with Victoria to chat about what the process should involve call us on 33505447.

written on 29 November 2008 -

hi could you please email me some photos of eyebrows after cosmetic tattooing

written on 1 December 2008 -

Could I please get the link to your Facebook album, I am looking at possibly getting my eyebrows done and would like to see some of the results.

written on 4 February 2009 -

Dear Holly, the same thing happened to my eyebrows. i just had them done. when the scabs came off so did the tatoo !!!!!
ther is nothing there but two pink lines !!!!

written on 8 February 2009 -

Hi, I have an app / consultation with Victoria this month to have my eyebrows tattooed, would you please send me the link to your facebook so I can have a look at some pics. thankyou.

written on 17 March 2009 -

HI, I had my eyebrows tattooed by Victoria in feb, and I just want you all to know she has done a great job, I am really happy with my new eyebrows, and a thankyou to all the staff also who were so very nice.

written on 28 June 2009 -

Hi there, Could you please send me some photos of some eyebrow tattoo’s i really want to get my brows done. I have thin over plucked eyebrows and they have an ugly uneven shape. Will eyebrow tattoo give me natural looking eyebrows and a nice shape that suits my face.

written on 5 July 2009 -

Hi, I have had my eyebrows done previous with another company and are well over due to get them retouched or completley redone. I wasnt over all happy with the job i got done even though the colour has lasted a fair while. One of my eyebrows has a higher arch to which the tattooist said it was the shape of my face. I would like to have even eyebows and would like to know if i should get a retouch and hope i can get them more even or just get them completely redone and also what costs i would be looking at. Thanks, Sharon

written on 12 July 2009 -

Hi Sharon, I am not able to answer your question as Vicky is our resident expert. The best thing is to book in for a free assessment with Vicky, there is no obligation with this and once she has assessed the previous work she will be able to let you know what is possible as far as correcting the previous treatment. Sorry I could not be more help on this.

Regards Jo

written on 13 July 2009 -

Hi i am just wundering wether if you had permanent eyebrow makeup and your eyebrows hairs were already there and you just wanted a block colour over your eyebrow hair would the procedure make your eyebrow hair fall out ?

written on 22 July 2009 -

Hi Danielle, no the eyebrow tattooing does not make the hairs fall out. regards Jo

written on 29 November 2009 -

hi could you please email me the link to your facbook album, as i would like to see some of the results after cosmetic tatooing:)

written on 3 December 2009 -

Hi Jo, I have recently moved from the UK to Brisbane and i’ll be here for the next couple of years. I’m looking for an eyebrow Tatooist that can acheive a natrual look. I have no eyebrows at all. I usually get mine done in London by Deborah Lawrence-Robson. She draws each hair individually and has a stroke technique that gives the hairs a 3D look. I’ve seen a couple of places offering eyebrow tatoos but so far they only offer the heavy block look. I know that’s what some people want, but it’s not for me. I want a much more natural look. It sounds like Vicky can achieve the look I want. Please would you email me the link to your facebook album.

written on 9 December 2009 -

Hi Irish and Tracey, I have put the link to facebook page below, hopefully if you cut and paste it will take you to the site. There are not alot of Vickys works on the page and these are immediate after photos, so the end result improves on these. http://www.facebook.com/pages/edit/?id=7307972275#/album.php?aid=31088&id=7307972275 Just cut and paste this link. If you are interested call us on 33505447 to book a free assessment consultation with Vicky. regards Jo

written on 16 September 2013 -

Hi, can you email me some pictures of eyebrow tatooing both solid and feathering and if you have them people with fair hair to see how the tatooing looks under light coloured hair.

written on 18 September 2013 -

Hi Kristine, we have many before and after pictures of eyebrow tattooing both shading and feathering or hairstrokes, and yes quite a few of our team have the eyebrow tattooing. The best thing is to call us and come in for a free assessment with Rebecca as she has a whole portfolio on her ipad for you to get a really good idea of what you can achieve.

written on 7 November 2013 -

Hi There
i was thinking a present for my mum for her birthday.
She has always wanted eyebrow tattooing, i was just wondering how much the cost would be ?

Thanks heaps x

written on 8 November 2013 -

Hi LaToya
Thanks for your enquiry. We are very privileged to have the award winning Tattooist of the Year for 2013 Rebecca Schippani as our Cosmetic Tattooist. She is a perfectionist and does an amazing job. The price for Eyebrows (Hair Stroke Technique) is $695. This includes a follow up appointment 4 – 6 weeks later where Rebecca checks everything and does a complimentary touch up. We offer a FREE consultation. Should you wish to book a consultation Rebecca works every Monday and every fourth Saturday. (Block Eyebrows are $595 and again this includes the Perfection Treatment)
Hope this helps. You can call us on (07) 3350 5447 to discuss further or to book in.

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