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Cosmetic Eyeliner Tattoo

Eyeliner tattoo involves the application of pigments to create a more open and appealing look to the eyes. It has been a makeup trick of women for centuries to create more appealing looking eyes. The variation is cosmetic eyeliner tattooing is enormous, from a subtle natural look; implanting pigmentation in the lash line to create more definition and the appearance of thicker eyelashes, shadowing of colours to enhance the natural eye colour, to bold thicker application of eyeliner for a more exotic look.

Wake up with your eyes looking bright and defined and continue that look all day no matter how active you are without applying eyeline pencil.

Who gets Eyeliner Tattoo?

*results are individual

  • have fair eyelashes and want definition to eye without applying makeup
  • want their eyes to look bigger
  • want a simpler makeup routine
  • want a more dramatic look to their eyes
  • have allergies to conventional makeup
  • What Is the Cost Of Eyeliner Tattoo

    Upper Eyeliner – $355
    Lower Eyeliner – $295
    Upper & Lower Eyeliner – $595

    There is a perfection treatment performed at 4- 8 weeks which costs $100.

    What Tools Are Used For Eyeliner Tattoo?

    eyeliner and brow tattooing

    Vicky uses a special cosmetic tattoo gun for application of eyeliner tattoo.


    • The lids are numbed, before the treatment commences + there is a second application numbing after the first pass of the gun
    • The treatment takes approximately 60 minutes from start to finish
    • There is generally significant swelling, and in some ladies this means the treatments will need to be divided into two
    • The makeup lasts 2-5 years, although it is individual, tattooing of the eyelids does tend to last longer than say brows tattoo


    Our cosmetic tattooist Victoria Berrigan will lend her professional opinion on the style, shape and colour to enhance your natural eye features the choice is ultimately yours.

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    28 Comments Published

    written on 24 September 2008 -

    Is there any problem with having eye liner tatooing done while breastfeeding??

    written on 24 September 2008 -

    Hi Cyntia, I will get Victoria to respond to this as she is the expert on Eyeliner tattooing. She will email you back directly and I will put a follow up comment on this eye liner tattoo page. Jo

    written on 4 October 2008 -

    I am sorry to have taken so long to get back to you Cyntia, I talked with Victoria and there is no problem with breast feeding and eyeliner tattooing.

    The only consideration may be the numbing cream she uses, which to be extra sure, you may want to express so you can miss the breast feeding for four hours afterward.

    This is really just to be extra certain, as the amount used would not register in the blood stream or milk.

    Call us on 33505447 to book a free consultation with Victoria. regards Jo

    written on 13 October 2008 -

    how much to have eye liner tattoo please i had it done about 4 years ago and want it redone a bit thicker

    written on 13 October 2008 -

    Hi Chaie, The cost for upper or lower eyeliner tattooing is $380, if you get both it is $680. If it is a touch up sometimes is does not cost as much, but you would have to see Victoria for her to determine this, it depends on how long ago you had the treatment etc. Victoria does free consultations, so the best thing is to ring up and get an appointment with her. Call us on 33505447 to book a free consultation.

    regards Jo

    written on 25 October 2008 -

    Do you use anesthetic on the eye area. I have a friend who had it done and they used nothing, but I would prefer to have some sort of pain relief if available.

    written on 26 October 2008 -

    Hi Emma, Victoria definitely uses numbing gel to do the eyeliner tattooing. She tattooed my upper eye line, the first pass did bite quite a bit, but when she put the second layer of numbing gel on I did not feel pain at all after that. It is not that pleasant an experience, but I am going back to get my lower lid done and I do not really like pain.

    The best thing is to come in for a free assessment with Victoria, there is no obligation with this and she will go through everything with you at the time.
    Call us on 33505447 to book a free consultation.

    written on 30 January 2009 -

    do your eyes swell up when you have had top and bottom eye liner done

    written on 6 February 2009 -

    Hi Shelley,

    Yes there is swelling after getting eyeliner tattooing done, however it is very short lived. Usually by the next day it is fairly settled, however it is usually best to get the procedure done Friday or Saturday morning so that you have the weekend to let it settle. Vicky our tattooist works alternate Fridays and Saturdays for this reason. If you are interested in finding out more it is best to book in for a free consultation and discuss everything with her. Jo

    written on 12 February 2009 -

    do you use emla for the numbing?

    written on 16 February 2009 -

    Hi Donna, Vicky does use a numbing cream very similar to emla for the eyeliner tattoo.

    written on 16 May 2009 -

    try dr. numb numbing cream.It really works!

    written on 11 July 2009 -

    Hi, how long does it take to line the bottom of an eye? Also, I am not good at all with pain nor with having something close to my eye – hence I am not able to wear contacts. Will this be a problem?
    Thank you,

    written on 12 July 2009 -

    Hi Caroline, the best thing would be to come in for a free consutation with Vicky and she will assess, once talking through the eyeliner tattoo procedure, whether you would be suitable.. I guess we all have fears of some sort and she would really need to work out the degree, as she is very good and very reassuring and very professional but if you have this particular fear she would need to assess how well you can work together before undertaking eyeliner tattooing. It will take about half an hour for the procedure and Vicky does use numbing cream.

    There is no obligation with the assessment so call on 33505447 to book a free consultation at the outset.

    Regards Jo

    written on 28 August 2009 -

    what is the name of the numbing cream that you use and can it be purchased at a chemist

    written on 29 August 2009 -

    Hi Wendy, Vicky has just started using an extra strong numbing gel, which has meant that the cosmetic tattooing procedures have become virtually pain free. All of her clients have been rapt (those who have experienced tattooing previously have been astounded by how much more comfortable the procedure is), however it is not available over the counter it is only suitable for treatment application in controlled environment. Jo

    written on 30 August 2009 -

    Hi, is it possible to have eyeliner tatoo’s removed at a later date? Just wondering about the permanency of it. Thanks alot,

    written on 1 September 2009 -

    Hi Christy, all cosmetic tattooing fades with time. You are generally looking at 2-5 years longevity so if you eyeliner tattoo you would expect that it will fade naturally with time and there is no need to remove it. Jo

    written on 7 September 2009 -

    Can I resume work immediately after the treatment of lower eye?



    written on 12 December 2009 -

    Hi could you please tell me how much it is for bottom eyeliner?, Thankyou kind regards, Lorna Barton.

    written on 12 January 2010 -

    Hi Lorna, The cost for bottom eyeliner tattooing is $460. Jo

    written on 17 January 2010 -

    Hello Dr Jo,
    I have been reading all the posts here and realised a price increase.
    Could you please tell me what the current charges are for upper and lower eyeliner,brows and lip blend? Is there a discount available if more then one procedure is required?
    Have a great day!


    written on 30 May 2010 -

    Hello, how long does the numbing cream need to be on before you start tattooing?

    written on 31 May 2010 -


    I will be in Brisbane from 12th July until the 6th August. I realise that you suggest four weeks between the initial tattooing and then the touch up appointment. However, is this still enough time for the procedure?

    Also, can you please confirm that for upper and lower eye liner the price is $680. If you were to get either upper or lower, which has more of an effect?


    written on 9 June 2010 -

    Hi Carmen, we would generally need the numbing cream on 30-60 minutes before the cosmetic tattooing. However this can vary depending on whether it is eyeliner tattooing, eyebrow tattooing or lip tattooing. The best thing is to see our specialist for a free consultation and she will go through everything that is involved. regards Dr Jo Turner

    written on 9 July 2010 -

    Hello Jo,

    I am 66 years old but would like to have eyebrow and upper eyelid tattooing. Is it reccommended for someone my age? What would be the price for both of these treatments and would further payments be required?
    Kind Regards

    Jeanette Jones

    written on 12 August 2010 -

    Hi Jeanette, Eyebrow and eye lid tattooing is certainly suitable for someone of your age. The total treatment cost is $520 (for eyebrows which includes the touchups) and $460 for upper eyeliner (which includes touchup) There is no further payment after this. The best thing is to come in for a free assessment. There is no obligation with this so call 33505447 to book a free consultation at the outset.

    regards Dr Jo

    written on 25 February 2013 -

    I would like to enquire weather you would do a eye liner correction. I am extremely unhappy with my eye liner on the eye lid that was done in November 2012. I am not confident In my therapist to fix it, even though she advised me she has been doing cosmetic tattooing for 10 years. Please let me know if this is possible at your clinic. If so please forward me a quote for eye liner upper lid correction. I’m happy to send a photo through if you need to asses my liner before making a decision.

    Thank you

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