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G.E.M.M Protocol – Gut Healing Diet

Restore Gut Health & Settle Skin Inflammation

The G.E.M.M Protocol is a gut ecology and metabolic modulation program developed by Dr Christine Houghton from Cell Logic. We have introduced this gut healing protocol into the clinic to deal with inflammatory skin conditions under our  Clinical Nutritionist & Naturopaths.

G.E.M.M uses what is known about cell function to repair and restore a more healthy gut. It works by restoring the gut microbiome’s diversity, repairing the gut epithelial cells and improving the underlying gut immune network.

As an interconnected program, GEMM was designed to improve all physiological systems. The gut, as we now understand, is the centre of all wellness. The improvement in gut health not only heals leaky gut to prevent unwanted microbes and toxins from entering. This results in improved upstream health of all body systems and parts, including your skin.

The protocol can be used for wider targets to improve immune function and metabolic modulation. Emily specialising in inflammatory skin conditions, utilises G.E.M.M as the first step towards settling skin woes. Combined with the excellent aesthetic solutions, we offer we address your skin beauty inside and out.

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