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Gut Health Diet & Protocol

Every Aspect of Health & Wellness Stems from Gut Health

The clinician-prescribed G.E.M.M. protocol (gut ecology and metabolic modulation) is central to the Pearl gut healing program. At Pearl, we deal primarily with gut health related to skin. However, our  Clinical Nutritionists & Naturopaths can work with you on many health issues caused by disturbed gut health. An essential part of the protocol is implementing dietary changes that will maintain optimum gut health, and the most widely recommended diet for a healthy gut is the Mediterranean diet.

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G.E.M.M. repairs gut health by focusing on four key areas.

  • Gut epithelial cells.
  • Gut barrier – heals a ‘leaky gut.
  • The guts underlying immune network (impacts upstream all immune function in the body)
  • The gut microbiota restores a healthier balance of good bacteria so they can look after you.

When implemented, the health benefits extend to all body cells and systems, improving your healing ability. It has specific benefits for the cells lining your gut and skin, lining blood vessels, and the blood-brain barrier.

Who can benefit from a gut healing program?

The gut and resident bacteria communicate with every cell and system in the body via immune, metabolic and hormone pathways. For example, 80% of the body’s immune system is in the gut. In addition, research over the last decade has revealed many common diseases begin in the gut at the gut-immune interface.

Gut healing protocols can impact skin conditions such as acne, eczema, psoriasis, rosacea, many allergies and rashes, skin aging and hair thinning. In addition, gut-healing helps with weight control, the general experience of wellness and potentially prevents many diseases.

Gut healing may help with a diverse range of symptoms:

Gut healing can help with a diverse range of symptoms; these include immune, inflammatory and metabolic-related conditions. To see if you could benefit from a gut health approach,  complete our skin-gut questionnaire in the clinic (a complimentary assessment) we provide for all our clients. Then if you want, we can organise appointments with our naturopath Courtney White. The cost of this consultation is $180 for a one-hour face to face consultation or a $130 telehealth consultation. In addition, clinical nutritionists can provide a gut health diet plan and implement nutrigenomic supplements.

What is the Gut Barrier? 

The importance of the gut barrier cannot be understated. A single layer of cells lining the digestive tract forms a sophisticated barrier that separates the gut lumen’s contents from the gut immune network. A properly functioning gut barrier allows the passage of nutrients and water into the body but prevents unwanted food molecules, toxins and harmful microbes. This barrier function is the task of the tight junctions. Tight junctions are like a latch and spring system on a gate. It opens to allow things to enter your blood or closes to keep out harmful ones. The function of this barrier is easily disrupted by inflammation. When not working correctly, it allows harmful things to enter your body – the so-called “leaky gut.” There is an intricate relationship between the gut lining cells and the microbes in your gut. Having the right balance of good bacteria is fundamental to correctly functioning tight junctions and your general health and wellness.

G.E.M.M. Protocol 

G.E.M.M. is Dr Christine Houghton’s brainchild and was developed to mimic nature’s principles closely. Realising that human cells carry all the inbuilt repair processes they need,  Christine understood restoring gut function was best achieved by unlocking your cell’s normal repair processes. First, based on nutrition science, healing the gut–immune interface improves many conditions. The protocol is meant to transition to a gut health diet mainly based on plant-based proteins, fibre and phytochemicals.

Functional Food Molecules.

Most functional foods are plant-based, though some are found in animal and fermented foods. Remarkably these food-derived molecules activate ‘switches’ on your cells, activating healing and protective processes, i.e. they are nutrigenomic.

G.E.M.M. contains several nutrigenomic active substances derived from foods. As you start your gut healing program, you should transition to a diet and lifestyle to maintain this gut health. The food recommendations are based on the Mediterranean Diet, rich in plant-based foods. This is widely recognised as an anti-inflammatory gut health diet.

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