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Hand Treatments

For Wrinkly & Dry Hands, Veiny Hands & Age Spots

Hand treatment involves several different treatments or combinations of these. As we get less young, our concerns are with dry hands, wrinkly hands, veiny hands or age spots on hands. Anti-aging hand cream can help with all these conditions. However, there is a limit to what can be achieved with even the best anti-aging hand cream.

The earliest signs of ageing can occur in our hands. Hand ageing is marked by the loss of fat, increased visibility of veins, so-called veiny hands. In addition, sun damage is responsible for the appearance of age spots on the hand’s,  wrinkly, and dry hands. The last is the most difficult to treat. So, what are your treatment options to improve the look of your hands?

Hand Treatment for  Veiny Hands

The term veiny hands refer to the appearance of veins and tendons on the backs of hands. Veiny hands are a natural ageing process because fat atrophies faster on the hands than other parts of the body.

Hand treatments to disguise prominent veins involves replacing lost volume. Fat transfer or dermal fillers are typically used to restore volume. In addition, dermal fillers are handy to improve the appearance of veiny hands.

Hand Treatments for Dry Hands & Wrinkly Hands

Dry hands and wrinkly hands are caused by severe damage and elastosis. The resulting damage causes changes to the skin’s surface layers, resulting in an impaired ability to retain moisture. So, no matter how much anti-aging hand cream has been applied, the hands still appear dry and wrinkly.  Good anti-aging hand cream can help.  However, additional resurfacing treatments are needed to improve dry hands from sun damage.

Dry & wrinkly hands can be treated with:

  • Chemical peels – TCA peels are beneficial because they provide remodelling.
  • radiofrequency resurfacing
  • laser resurfacing

Best Anti-aging Hand Cream

The best anti-aging hand cream for wrinkly and dry hands should include retinol, exfoliants, and moisturiser rich in natural moisturising factors & niacinamide.  These are the same components used for anti-aging skincare on your face. You can use your facial skincare on your hands. Therefore, choosing an affordable brand such as The Ordinary becomes essential.

Hand treatment for Age Spots on Hands

Hand treatments for age spots involve:

  • A chemical peel, once again TCA peel, is an excellent choice, as it removes damaged surface layers where the hyperpigmentation resides, removing age spots. A series of 4-6 sessions,  spaced monthly, may be required. We have specialised hand peel with 20% TCA but can progress to 25% and even spot treatment with 40% TCA.
  • IPL and pigment lasers target age spots on hands; they have little effect on remodelling skin, so starting with TCA peels may be the most appropriate. IPL and pigment laser may require 2-4 treatments.
  • The CO2 laser is also an excellent choice for skin resurfacing and will target pigment and improve the texture for dry and wrinkly hands. Usually, one or two treatments are required. However, if there is fat depletion, then additional therapy for veiny hand appearance will be necessary.


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