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Treatment Spotlight – Hifu Facial with High Intensity Focussed Ultrasound

What is a  HIFU Facial?

A High-Intensity Focused Ultrasound or HIFU facial is a non-invasive treatment used to firm and tighten facial and neck muscles, reduce fat and induce collagen synthesis resulting in a more youthful appearance and improved facial and neck contours.

Who is suitable for a HIFU Facial?

All skin types are suitable for a HIFU facial. However, results are best seen in those who notice lines and wrinkles on the neck, midface (cheeks), and forehead, with good volume still evident in the skin as this treatment, is likely to result in fat reduction. On that note, HIFU is suitable for those who may not have many lines and wrinkles but want to improve facial contours (e.g. Fat reduction or subtle tightening) under the chin or lower face.

HIFU is not the treatment of choice for lines around the mouth & chin, loose or sagging skin due to fat reduction, thinned or stretched skin, and minimal fat or volume in the area if you are unsure if you are suitable for HIFU, book online now for a FREE skin analysis.

Note: You cannot have a HIFU facial if you have metal implants, piercings or implanted electrical devices in the area, are pregnant or had recent injectable or other skin treatment (within 2-4weeks).

HIFU Facial Procedure

Treatment Specifications include number and frequency, downtime, sensations & care after a HIFU facial.

  • Treatments take from 1 – 2 hours, depending on the treatment areas.
  • Hifu facial is performed three times per year (or every 3-4 months).
  • You will notice nil to very mild redness after the treatment, which subsides within an hour or two.
  • During treatment, you can expect to feel a pinchy ache within the muscles accompanied by a small amount of heat. However, it is a tolerable treatment.
  • It is normal to feel a dull pain or bruised sensation in the days following treatment, although there will be no signs of treatment on the skin’s surface (i.e. bruising, redness, crusting, etc.).

A HIFU facial has no – or very little – effect on the skin’s surface (e.g. discolouration or superficial pigmentation and sun damage, pores, acne & blackheads, redness or superficial capillaries). This is because it works specifically in the dermis down to the top of the muscle.

Avoid the sun, hot showers, baths and saunas, high-intensity exercise and any other heat-inducing activities for up to 48hrs after treatment. In addition, it is wise to avoid exfoliating products for up to 5 days and injectable or other skin treatments for up to 7 days after a HIFU facial treatment.

HIFU Facial Results

After 1 HIFU treatment (at least one subtle improvement in): modest improvement in the depth and length of lines and wrinkles on the forehead, cheeks and neck, slight reduction in fat under chin & jowls, subtle improvement in jawline definition, subtle brow lift

After 2 HIFU treatments four months apart: further improvement to the depth and length of lines and wrinkles, further reduction in fat under chin and jowls, further definition of the jawline and slightly raised brows, subtle tightening of facial and neck contours.

After 3 HIFU treatments four months apart: noticeable softening and reduction in depth and length of lines and wrinkles on forehead, cheeks and neck, noticeable reduction in fat under chin and jowls, noticeable improvement in jawline definition and tightening of facial and neck contours, slightly raised brows and overall more youthful appearance.

Treatments that Compliment a HIFU Facial

For faster results in a reduction of lines and wrinkles and age management with the help of our complimentary services and skincare products, or for concerns that the HIFU facial does not address, see our dermal therapists or cosmetic doctors for a FREE skin analysis.

Complimentary treatments include secret RF, Fractional C02 laser, BBL, Picocare Laser and chemical peels, to name a few. In addition, we have specialised nutrigenomic and natural supplements that will help boost collagen production, enhance skin and body healing while reducing inflammation and improve skin hydration and condition.

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Dr Jo Turner rebranded her clinic to Pearl Medispa in 2021 as she added wellness and gut healing to the menu, becoming an integrative cosmetic medicine clinic. Still offering the same Boutique Cosmetic Medicine services with a team of Doctors, Nurses, Therapists and reception, but adding skin & gut microbiome healing and a wellness approach.