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Microbiome Testing

Understand Your Gut Bacteria and Microbiome Health

Microba is a Brisbane company that offers the most comprehensive microbiome testing available. We can order the test in the clinic for you, and then we will receive a copy. Alternatively, you can order it directly from the Microba website. The cost is the same either way, as we provide this as a complimentary service. Microba Insight is a simple at-home method of microbiome testing. Consisting of a simple toilet paper swab, the test comes with full instructions in your kit. The sample is analysed when you post it back, and you receive a complete analysis in your inbox.

What Is Microbiome Testing?

The Microba Insight is more than just microbiome testing. It provided personal insights into your gut potential and dietary recommendations to assist in this. The report contains the following:

  • Complete species list of different bacteria and archaea present in your gut.
  • Diversity of your resident microbes.
  • A report on the potential of your gut microbes to break down food such as fibre, protein, sugars and fats.
  • It reports the potential of your gut microbes to produce substances related to health, e.g. folate!
  • Finally, it provides a list of food suggestions to help increase good bacteria and decrease harmful bacteria.

Our therapists can discuss microbiome testing when you come in for a complementary gut-skin axis assessment.

How does microbiome testing help with skin health?

Your gut microbiome diversity and the metabolites they produce are central to the health of all cells in your body. In addition, your skin microbiome plays a significant part in your health. These two virtual organs communicate via the gut-skin axis and the gut-brain-skin axis. So improving your gut microbe health not only assists in achieving beautiful, radiant, and healthy skin, it is central to feeling happy and experiencing wellness.