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Nasolabial Fold Treatment

nasolabial fold filler, PDO threads & cheek filler for nasolabial folds

Nasolabial fold treatment is achieved with nasolabial fold filler or PDO threads. These techniques have a similar effect on lifting, with varying degrees of collagen stimulation achieved. However, cheek filler for nasolabial folds is often performed before or in combination to achieve a greater lift.  The best treatment approach for nasolabial fold depends on how deep and advanced the presentation.

Nasolabial Fold Filler

The nasolabial fold develops as you get less young, from the descent of facial fat pads and the pull of gravity. This causes a folding around a ligament that runs from the nose to mouth. Traditionally, our doctors treated this with nasolabial fold filler by simply filling underneath the line. More modern approaches to nasolabial line treatment have focussed on replacing volume higher up in the face and using cheek filler for nasolabial fold treatment. By replacing lost volume higher in the face, it affects lifting the line.

Cheek Filler for Nasolabial Lines

The cheek filler’s success to lift the nasolabial fold relies on how advanced (or heavy) the fold has become. Cheek filler is very successful in the early lifting of the nasolabial line, but dermal filler or PDO threads will also be required when the fold is deeper.

PDO Threads for Nasolabial Fold Treatment

PDO threads are rapidly gaining a central place in non-surgical facial rejuvenation. As a novel treatment approach, and rely on placing small threads under the skin (multiple threads required and usually there will be bruising – so be warned), which stimulate new collagen growth in the skin. They have a tightening effect and a plumping effect, depending on where they are placed in the skin.  We can use PDO threads in combination with cheek fillers for nasolabial fold treatment.

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