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Naturopath Courtney White

Skin Naturopath, Gut Health, Mental Health & Weight Loss Naturopathy

Our naturopath Courtney White specialises in several areas of naturopathic practice. These include gut health, skin conditions and naturopathy for weight loss. Focusing on the gut-skin axis and the brain-gut-skin axis enables you to create a foundation for wellness. Courtney is passionate about nutrition and a naturopathic approach to weight management. She also has several areas of naturopathic specialities. Gut healing  – irritable bowel syndrome IBS, malabsorption, food intolerances, autoimmune conditions. Skin conditions – acne, psoriasis, rosacea. Mental health – eating disorders, anxiety, depression, OCD, panic attacks, sleep disorders, high stress, irritability. Endocrine disturbances – fatigue, fibromyalgia and thyroid imbalances

For a consultation with Courtney, call us on 07 3350 5447 or book online.


Courtney White Naturopath

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Skin Naturopath

Our Naturopath Courtney specialises in naturopathic and nutritional solutions for a holistic approach to skin conditions. Courtney specialises in acne, rosacea, psoriasis, eczema, aging skin concerns, hair loss and skin sensitivity.

Naturopath for Gut Healing

Gut health is central to health across your entire body, and microbiome balance and diversity underlies all of our treatment approaches. Our gut healing protocols start with nutrition plans to ensure optimum gut health.

Naturopath and Brain Health

Courtney specialises in a naturopathic approach to various conditions, including anxiety, depression, OCD, eating disorders.  Healing the gut is often fundamental to establishing a calm and healthy mind. However, the stress experienced in modern living provided a unique challenge and became an area of passion for Courtney.

Naturopathy for Weight Loss

Coming from a background as a Personal Trainer, Courtney has long years of experience assisting people in achieving healthy weight goals.  Addressing this from a naturopathy background requires adopting lifestyle change to allow long term satisfaction and healthy living goals.  Rather than a restriction – binge cycle of existence, we focus on food goals for healthy living. Courtney is available to help. In addition to our weight management with Courtney, we have treatments such as CoolTech body sculpting, FMS sculpting and Lipodissolve for treating unwanted fat.


For a consultation with Courtney, call us on 07 3350 5447 or book online.