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Non-Surgical Liposuction

Affordable Non-Invasive Fat Freezing from $250 per area

Even if we eat well and exercise regularly, most of us have stubborn areas that we can’t seem to get rid of. Non-surgical liposuction, also known as non-invasive liposuction, refers to a class of treatments that remove excess fat without requiring surgery. At Pearl, we offer a few treatments to help reduce unwanted fat, including Cooltech fat freezing, FMS sculpting with Teslaformer and Lipodissolve – fat dissolving injections. Our nutritionists and naturopath also provide weight management programs.  Starting at $250 per area, our Cooltech fat freezing is our most popular treatment. We offer a free assessment at the outset with our therapists. Call us on 07 33505447 for a free consultation with our therapist or book online.






$250 | Area

Tesla FMS


$165 | area


Double Chin


Fat freezing before and after one treatment to upper arm.

*Fat freezing before and after one treatment to upper arm – results are individual

Belly fat freezing before and after treatment to upper and lower tummy.

*Before and after treatment to upper and lower tummy – results are individual.

Belly fat freezing before and after photo

*Before and After Cooltech Tummy – results are individual.

Non-Invasive Liposuction Technologies

The term non-surgical liposuction is not accurate as liposuction is always surgical. Non-surgical body sculpting may be a more precise term. However, the terminology appears to have stuck,  describing a group of therapies that address non-surgical fat removal.  Treatments under the non-invasive liposuction  umbrella include:

  • Fat freezing technologies– Cryolipolysis with Coolsculpting, Cooltech, Clatuu.
  • Fat melting technologies -Radiofrequency with Vanquish or Laser with Sculpsure.
  • Muscle toning – treatments such as Emsculpt and Teslaformer use super high muscle contractions to build muscle.
  • Lipodissolve injections – fat dissolving injections used primarily for non-surgical double chin reduction but can be applied to many body areas.

Non-Surgical Body Sculpting with Fat Freezing.

A popular non-surgical liposuction method is fat freezing. It was developed in America as Coolsculpting and has shown to be effective. Newer fat freezing machines are included by Cooltech (European) and Clatuu (Korean). Pearl offers non-surgical body sculpting with CoolTech because it is more affordable than Coolsculpting. All of the fat freezing technologies use vacuum suction and freezing handpieces to treat unwanted fat pockets. Non-surgical liposuction or Cooltech fat freezing is ideal for stubborn fat pockets—Cooltech costs $250 per area (in our ten pack).

Fat Melting with Sculpsure

As the name implies, fat-melting involves using various types of energy to raise the temperature of the fat to the point where it undergoes apoptosis. The fat cells are then eliminated through the natural body processes. Radiofrequency was the first effective fat melting treatment, and it was used in the BTL Exilis and Vanquish. In 2015, the Sculpsure, which uses a 1064 laser, was introduced as another option. Later models of the Sculpsure have provided consistent fat reduction results in treated areas. The Vanquish uses a no-contact radiofrequency field, whereas the Sculpsure is used to treat specific areas of fat. Radiofrequency techniques can last up to a year, whereas Sculpsure claims permanent fat reduction through fat melting.

Muscle Toning with Emsculpt or Teslaformer

With the Tesla Former, you can burn fat while also building muscle. Magnetic stimulation is used to generate thousands of muscle contractions in a 30-minute session. Throughout 6-12 sessions, you can develop an abdominal six-pack or butt lift. Multiple muscle groups, including the glutes, abdomen, hamstrings, and arms, can be targeted for treatment (in fact, any site you want to build). We chose FMS sculpting with Telsa Former over Emsculpt because it was more cost-effective. Both procedures require no downtime and are non-surgical.

Lipodissolve – non-invasive fat removal

Lipodissolve consists of a solution injected into fat. It is mainly used to treat a double chin but can be applied to other body areas. The solution disrupts the membranes of fat cells, allowing the fat content to break down to free fatty acids and release them into the surrounding tissue. Natural body systems then transport the fatty acids to the liver, where they are metabolised and eliminated. It is an effective treatment, but it frequently requires a series of treatments. Most people need two, but you may require more depending on the amount of fat being treated. Lipodissolve also has skin tightening properties. Our Doctors all offer Lipodissolve chin injections as a non-invasive fat removal option.

We offer a free assessment with our body therapists and Doctors to discuss if any of the non-surgical approaches would suit you. Call us on 07 33505447 for a free consultation with our therapist or book online.

Tesla Former - FMS Sculpting

image of a man before and after teslaformer and Cooltech

*Before and after Tesla Former and Cooltech – results are individual

Lipodissolve Chin Treatment

before and after image of a person that have received double chin injections

*Before and after Lipodissolve Chin – results are individual

Lipodissolve Chin Treatment

Before and after fat dissolving injections with lipodissolve for the chin.

*Fat-dissolving injections with Lipodissolve – results are individual

Fat freezing before and after treatment photo for tummy and flank.

*Fat freezing – Two treatments to tummy, one to flank – results are individual

Before and after fat freezing tummy

*One Cooltech treatment lower tummy – results are individual.

Liposuction Surgery vs Non-Invasive Liposuction.

Liposuction has been around for decades and recognised as an efficient process for removing fat, especially for more substantial fat deposits—non-surgical liposuction treatments developed in the last ten years. Non-surgical liposuction results cannot be compared to liposuction as they are two entirely different approaches. Non-surgical liposuction is ideal for small to medium fat deposits or what we would call stubborn pockets.

Pros Non-Surgical Liposuction

  • No anaesthesia, no surgery and minimal downtime.
  • Affordable treatments – varying between the technology, but you need to factor in multiple treatments required.
  • Across the range of technologies, there is a low side effect profile. However, the non-invasive fat removal technologies do have side effects. Our therapists and doctors will go over these in your initial free consultation.

Con’s Non-Surgical Liposuction 

  • Can only treat small areas in a treatment session.
  • All non-surgical fat removal treatments generally require more than one session.

Pro’s Surgical Liposuction

  • Liposuction is aimed mainly at large fat deposits. It provides beneficial results for these fat treatments, i.e. you can achieve a more considerable reduction in the amount of fat with surgical liposuction in one surgical procedure

Cons of Surgical Liposuction:

  • Significant downtime with recovery taking 1-2 weeks.
  • Risks associated with surgical process and anaesthetic.
  • Need to wear compression garments for an extended period afterwards.
  • The cost of liposuction varies upwards of $4000 per area.
  • Risk of uneven, lumpy skin afterwards


Call us on 07 33505447 for a free consultation with our therapist or book online.

For a Free Consultation call us on 07 3350 5447  
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