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Non-Surgical Liposuction @ Pearl (formerly Skin Revision)

affordable non-invasive fat freezing

Cooltech from $295.

*results are individual
One Treatment to tummy and flank.

1/2 price fat freezing

1/2 Price For Two Areas *

Single Area: $590

2 Area Package:  $295 / area

6 Area Package:   $330 / area

10 Area Package:  $250 / area


*Excludes Chin Treatments

Dual Abdominal Handpiece treats two areas.

Single Area =  1 side of the body, 1 arm, 1 thigh, 1 chin treatment etc
Double Area =  2 sides of body, 2 arms etc, or dual abdominal handpiece

Vanquish From $395

VANQUISH Non-Surgical Circumferential Reduction from $395 per treatment. 

Treats tummy and inner and outer thighs. Suitable for higher BMI. 



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*results are individual
One Treatment of Upper Arm

*results are individual

2 treatment to tummy, 1 to flank

*results are individual

Fat Freezing Tummy
*results are individual

*results are individual

Most of us have areas of stubborn areas we can’t get rid of even though we eat well and go to the gym. Non-surgical liposuction is used for the treatment of fat without surgical liposuction.

What Is Non-Surgical Liposuction?

Non-surgical liposuction or non-invasive liposuction as it is also known refers to a group of treatments that treat unwanted fat without surgery. Liposuction is however always surgical with the term non-surgical liposuction adopted as a standard term used describing a group of therapies which address unwanted fat. It might be more accurate to say non-surgical body sculpting. However, the terminology seems to be sticking.


Non-Invasive Liposuction Treatments

The technologies that are included as non-invasive liposuction umbrella are:

Cryolipolysis or non-surgical Fat freezing.

Radiofrequency which heats unwanted fat

Ultrasound therapies such as fat cavitation,

Non-Surgical Body Sculpting with Fat Freezing.

The best known non-surgical liposuction technique is fat freezing. First developed as Coolsculpting in America, it has been shown to give consistent treatment results. There have been several newer machines developed. Currently in Australia Cooltech (European), Clatuu and Micool.

SkinRevision offers CoolTech as our non-surgical fat freezing treatment. Cooltech is more affordable than Coolsculpting. Cooltech from $395 per area.

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What Is CoolTech?

Cooltech is a non-surgical treatment that uses a vacuum suction and freezing handpiece to treat unwanted fat pockets. It is the newest technology in Australia. Many are more familiar with Coolsculpting. Both work by freezing fat with the goal of spot reduction.
Most of us have areas of stubborn fat. The areas you can’t get rid of even though you eat well and go to the gym. Non-surgical liposuction or fat freezing with Cooltech is an ideal treatment for stubborn pockets of fat.

We chose to go with Cooltech over Coolsculpting as we can deliver an efficient treatment at a more affordable price. We can offer treatments from 395 per area (in our six treatment packages).

Surgical Liposuction vs Fat Freezing

The term non-surgical liposuction came into everyday use describing a group of treatments which treat unwanted fat. Strictly speaking, liposuction is always surgical. It might be more accurate to say non-surgical body sculpting. However, the term seems to be sticking.

Liposuction has been around for decades and recognised as an efficient process for removing fat, especially for more substantial fat deposits. Non-surgical liposuction treatments developed in the last ten years.

Types Of Non-surgical Fat Freezing

Fat freezing or Cryo-lipolysis – Cooltech, Coolsculpting & Clatuu
Fat heating or radio frequency – Exilis and Vanquish.

Liposuction Surgery vs Non-Invasive Liposuction.

Non-surgical liposuction results cannot be compared to liposuction as they are two entirely different approaches. Non-surgical liposuction is ideal for small to medium fat deposits, or what we would call stubborn pockets. The fat freezing with Coolsculpting and Cooltech will treat can only what the tissue sucked into the treatment cup. The Vanquish with fat heating via radiofrequency will handle medium size fat deposits.

Non-Surgical Liposuction

Fat Freezing with Cryolipolysis is non-invasive used to treat smaller areas of unwanted fat. Many advantages going down the non-invasive route:
No downtime (most often you go straight back to daily life)
1-2 treatments required
Lower cost than liposuction
No anaesthesia
Price from $395 per area.

Surgical Liposuction Advantages.

Liposuction is aimed mainly at large fat deposits. Liposuction is an invasive procedure that requires anaesthetic, but it provides beneficial results for these fat treatments, i.e. you can achieve a more considerable reduction in the amount of fat with surgical liposuction.

The downside of surgical liposuction:

Significant downtime with recovery taking 1-2 weeks.
Risks associated with surgical procedure and anaesthetic.
Need to wear compression garments for an extended period afterwards.
Cost of Liposuction can vary upwards of $4000 per area.

Risk of uneven, lumpy skin afterwards

Obligation Free Assessment With Our Team

We offer a free assessment with our body therapists to draw up a treatment plan, go over all that is involved in treatment and give an accurate quote. Call us at 3350 5447

*results are individual
Fat freezing to love handles & upper and lower tummy.

*Results are individual.

One Cooltech Upper Tummy

*Results are Individual

One CoolTech To Hips

*Results are Individual
CoolTech To Outer Thighs, Inner legs and Flank

*Results are Individual
CoolTech To Outer Thighs, Inner legs and Flank

*Results are Individual
CoolTech To Outer Thighs, Inner legs and Flank

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* DISCLAIMER: Results may vary from person to person.