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Picosure Laser vs Picocare Laser

pigmentation, melasma & tattoo removal & asian skin rejuvenation

Let’s talk about pico-lasers for darker skin types such as indigenous, ethnic and Asian skin rejuvenation. Picosure was the first pico-laser that revolutionised Asian skin treatments. Because of their unique action, picosecond lasers provide safer and effective treatment:
  • skin whitening by reducing uneven pigmentation,  melasma, age spots & freckles
  • skin tightening treating facial lines and wrinkles, crow’s feet, lipstick lines etc
  • reducing enlarged pores
  • treating acne scarring

These improvements in skin texture and tone occur over a series of one to three treatments (or more). There is no downtime at all. Predominantly introduced as facial rejuvenation, the Picosure laser is also used on the arms, hand, neck and decolletage. The picosecond lasers work in a similar to Fraxel lasers; however, it does not breach the skin at all.  Although Picosure was the first laser, newer picosecond lasers have come onto the market and provide better rejuvenation for Asian and darker skin types. They are the Wontech Picocare and Lutronic Picoplus.

Picosure vs Picocare 450 & Picoplus

  • Picocare and Picoplus where both developed in Korea, so they were designed for and tested on Asian skin. Unlike the picosure laser which was designed and tested with caucasian skin.
  • The gold standard pulse duration for the safe treatment of pigmentation in Asian skins is 450 picoseconds. Both the Picocare 450 and Picoplus deliver this ultrashort pulse.
  • The number of wavelengths becomes important as treating more pigmentation tones, especially with problematic pigmentation like melasma. Picosure has two wavelengths, Picocare 450 and Picoplus both have four treatment wavelengths.
  • Peak power is essential for the treatment of tattoo removal, and both Picocare and Picoplus have higher peak power than the Picosure laser.
  • We chose Wontech Picocare 450

Picosecond Laser Treatment Cost.

Full face $380

Full face Pack of 3 treatments $1020

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