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PRP Injections @ Pearl (formerly Skin Revision)

vampire facial, skin rejuvenation & hair loss treatment

PRP For Skin Rejuvenation

PRP Treatment is used for a broad range of skin rejuvenation:

  • Acne scarring
  • Fine lines and wrinkles
  • Sun damage and pigmentation
  • Ageing skin concerns
  • Stretch marks

Though called PRP facial or Vampire facial, Platelet-rich plasma addresses all body areas, including neck, décolletage, hands, arms, scalp, etc.

The treatment course varies according to the concern we are treating; for general rejuvenation, 4 treatments recommended over 12 month period. 

There are several delivery systems available in Australia Regenlab PRP, Selphyl and Emcyte. 

PRP for Hair Loss

PRP is an exciting development in the treatment of male and female pattern hair loss. It is recommended to start early as  PRP treatment for hair loss has been shown to stop hair loss progression, increase the thickness of hair, and reactivate dormant hair follicles. 

Studies demonstrate the longevity of hair regrowth from PRP injections lasting 5 or more years.  The recommended course is four treatments over 4-8 weeks.

We are combining PRP with Hyaluronic acid for superior results. Inquire within the clinic on 3350 5447.


PRP For Dark Circles

Our Doctors are developing a niche practice in the treatment of dark circles under the eyes.  It is an extremely difficult bother to treat and treat correctly. Our Doctors use combinations of fillers and PRP for dark circles under the eyes reading after reading a study that showed its effectiveness for treating all 3 underlying causes of dark circles.

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PRP Treatment

Platelet Rich Plasma treatment (PRP facial or Vampire Facial) stimulates collagen to improve your skin’s texture and tone. PRP is an ideal natural skin rejuvenation treatment. It is safe to use on all areas of the face, including the eyes and lips. PRP therapy treats acne scars, fine lines and wrinkles, sun damage, ageing skin concerns, hair loss and stretch marks. Though called a facial, PRP addresses all body areas, including neck, décolletage, hands, arms, etc.  PRP treatment is often used in combination with other therapies. Examples include laser resurfacing for acne scars, dermal fillers for dark circles under the eyes or decolletage.

Why the Vampire Facial?

PRP injections acquire the moniker  Vampire Facial after Kim Kardashian first got the treatment and posted it on social media. It was called a vampire facial because it involves using your own blood injected back into your skin. Post-treatment, you look, as you expect, covered in injection sites. This heals and seals quickly, though. So expect only 24 hours of downtime after your Vampire Facial.  The treatment has increased in popularity amongst women and men who want to prevent ageing and improve skin concerns such as scarring.

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Who Has PRP Therapy?

Platelet Rich Plasma Rejuvenation appeals to clients who seek a more natural approach to skin rejuvenation. Even younger women and men can receive treatment. Used to treat acne scarring, it also is a preventative measure against facial ageing.

PRP treatment is safe, using your blood, which is centrifuged to produce a platelet-rich plasma. The platelets are naturally rich in growth factors, essential ingredients to switch your fibroblasts to produce new collagen. This plasma is then re-injected back into your skin.

What Does PRP Facial Treat?

By the time we are 20, we lose 1% of our skin’s collagen per year. This slow loss of collagen contributes to facial ageing. PRP therapy is a natural method to replenish your skin collagen stores. Platelet Rich Plasma helps prevent or reverse wrinkles and lines as well as other skin texture concerns.

PRP injections are used to rejuvenate your skin texture and tone using your own body’s cells. PRP treatment is employed in areas where the skin’s appearance has deteriorated, notably sagging, sun-damaged or thinning skin. Platelet Rich Plasma rejuvenation is often used in combination with prescription vitamin A to kick start your skin’s vital repairability.

Platelet Rich Plasma In Non-Cosmetic Medicine.

Treatment of burns wound healing and treatment of osteoarthritis. It requires a series of treatments spaced monthly to achieve maximum results.

Where Can PRP Injections Be Used?

PRP treats all facial, including around the eye. Chest and décolletage, which are traditionally difficult to treat, neck, hands and arms.

PRP Treatment Hair Loss Treatment

Studies have confirmed the effectiveness of PRP treatment for hair loss. A course of 4 treatments over 4-8 weeks has been shown to stop hair loss progression and increase the thickness of hair and reactive dormant hair follicles.

PRP Hair loss treatment is a fascinating addition to our treatment menu. If applied early enough, it can result in hair regrowth that persists for up to 5 years. PRP hair loss treatment works by arresting hair loss and increasing healthy hair growth. With all treatment, PRP hair loss treatment is individual.

Regenlab PRP or Simply Regen

Regenlab PRP was the first system introduced into Australia in 2009. Since that time, there have been competitors coming onto the market, including Selphyl and Emcyte. We believe the most significant change in Platelet-rich plasma has not been from improvement on Regen extraction but the end-user delivery.

Regenlab has been delivered by skin rolling, injection under the dermis. With injections, the platelet-rich plasma is delivered into the dermis directly to the skin cells.


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