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Rosacea Diet

Eliminate Rosacea Triggers + Anti-Inflammatory Diet

The cause of rosacea is not elucidated; however, there is a strong association with gut dysbiosis, especially small intestine overgrowth (SIBO).  A rosacea diet should include eliminating trigger foods, addressing dysbiosis and adopting an anti-inflammatory Mediterranean diet that helps resolve and prevent flare-ups.  Recent research has found associations between rosacea and increased risk of a growing number of chronic diseases associated with systemic inflammation. Therefore, making dietary intervention with an anti-inflammatory Mediterranean diet even more important.

Eliminate Rosacea Triggers

Certain foods and beverages, stress and lifestyle issues act as “triggers” for rosacea flare-ups. The food triggers are divided into heat-related, alcohol-related, capsaicin-related, and cinnamaldehyde-related. Find your triggers and avoid them.

  1. Heat-related, hot coffee (33% described it as a trigger) and hot tea (30%).
  2. Alcohol-related, including wine (52%) and hard liquor (42%).
  3. Capsaicin-related, Capsaicin is found in certain spices and peppers. Respondents frequently reported spices as a trigger (75%), as well as hot sauces (54%), cayenne pepper (47%), and red pepper (37%)
  4. Cinnamaldehyde-related. is found in several seemingly unrelated foods, including tomatoes, citrus, cinnamon, and chocolate [13]. In this survey, cinnamaldehyde-containing foods were also described as frequent triggers, including tomatoes (30%), chocolate (23%), and citrus (22%).
  5. Emotional stress, UV light, exercise, saunas, hot showers.

Other Treatment Approaches for Rosacea

We offer a few treatments for rosacea. Our naturopath specialises in gut healing, nutrition and treatment of inflammatory skin conditions such as rosacea. Book an appointment with Courtney if you are interested in finding a natural approach to settling rosacea flare and redness.

Eventually, facial capillaries become fixed and dilated, giving the characteristic red, inflamed appearance of rosacea. At this stage, the best treatment approach is IPL for rosacea. This is a light-based treatment that helps return a more even colour to your skin. You can book a free assessment with our therapists to find out about IPL treatment.


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