We are a sustainable salon.

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We focus on a few skincare lines, and wherever possible, we use affordable, Australian made & vegan skincare.  We are proud of the many talented formulators in Australia.



Australian made, vegan skincare. An affordable, innovative skin brand for problem skin. Proparia’s hero ingredient is niacinamide for barrier repair and settling inflammation. Formulated in Melbourne by Baz to attain skin goals with active ingredients.


Australian made organic & vegan skincare – derived from plants and formulated in Byron Bay by Felicity Evans. Imbibe produces miracle collagen (not vegan), probiotic and adaptogen supplements, as well as a luxury skincare line of pure botanicals and our favourite  – PEARL powder in their sponges.


Australian made, affordable active & vegan skincare based on ATP. We have selected their amazing sunscreens, cleansers and exfoliants formulated in Sydney by the talented Sean.


Our Doctors prescribe compounded ingredients to target problematic skins –  supported by our Compounding pharmacists- the wonderful Lane at ‘My Skin Pharmacy’ in Taringa and ‘Your Solutions’ in Aspley.

“the Pearl team is comprised of cosmetic doctors, nurses, laser, dermal & body therapists as well as our clinical nutritionists|naturopaths”

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