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Skin Treatments

laser skincare & treatments


At Pearl, we are dedicated to working with your skin goals. We assess your skin bothers and create a treatment plan that will best work for you and your goals. Our team of lady doctors, nurses, laser and body therapists will work with you to understand your concerns and recommend the right treatment for you in a free, no-obligation consultation.
Our custom skincare plans range from medical treatments to in-clinic facials.

Skin Clinic Protocols

You will need to fill out a medical history for us, so if you can arrive a couple of minutes early, it would be good.

We start with a free skin analysis where you can discuss what is concerning you, and our therapist will take a history and look at your skin to determine what is going on.

You can arrive with or without makeup; our therapists will take this off if required.

There is someone booked in after you, so if you are going to be running late, please call to make sure there will still be adequate time for your appointment.

Please be assured we are a friendly professional team and will make you feel welcome to our skin clinic, so no need to feel nervous.

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* DISCLAIMER: Results may vary from person to person.