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Smile Lines Filler

Laugh Lines Treatment with PDO Threads, Filler

Smile lines are also called cheek, accordion or laugh lines. Non-surgical treatments include fillers and skin tightening. However, there are limitations with smile lines filler. If there is excessive skin laxity skin tightening,  a thread or facelift is required for optimal results.

Laugh Lines Treatment Options

Laugh lines treatment approach largely depends on how advanced the face lines are.  With new wrinkles that develop across the cheek, superficial smile lines filler is an effective natural treatment. However, once the lines become deeper or fixed, a skin tightening or resurfacing procedure is required.

Treatment of Face Lines with Smile Lines Filler

Dermal fillers can be used to restore new volume to deeper layers of skin, lessening the appearance of lines on your cheek when you smile. The choice of product depends on several factors. Smile lines filler is generally a thicker product placed deeply. However, specifically for accordion lines across the cheek, very superficial injections may achieve better results.

Laugh Lines Treatment with Resurfacing

If the face lines are more advanced other treatments may be more appropriate for your concern. These include anti-wrinkle injections or laser resurfacing with CO2 laser or skin tightening.

Skin tightening can be performed with laser resurfacing. For example, either fractionated Erbium or CO2 laser can be used for softening the appearance of smile lines. Other forms of skin tightening or resurfacing include radiofrequency such as eMatrix, the Profound or Infini.

With advanced skin laxity and sagging, treatment with a  Thread Lift or Facelift is required for optimal results.

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For example, how do Smile Lines Form?

Lines on your cheek develop naturally over time from a combination of muscle movement, skin laxity and facial volume loss. Skin laxity occurs from sun exposure and natural ageing. Sun damage leads to depletion of elastin, collagen and hyaluronic acid. Couple this with loss of fat volume and descent of fat pads; there is a bunching excess skin in the mid and lower face.

Lines on Cheek When You Smile?

Accordion lines form because of the movement of smiling, causing the skin to wrinkle out from the mouth.  They occur naturally over time from changes that happen to the face with repeated expression.

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