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Your Genes Are Not Your Destiny.

You Inherit Your Predisposition To Health: Each of us is made up of around 24000 genes that we inherited from our parents. You cannot change your genes, but you can change your gene expression. You can turn genes on and off. (up-regulate and down-regulate). An example of this in nature is bees. All bees have identical genetic material, but their environment & nutrition determine which genes are expressed. The queen bee in a hive becomes the queen because she is fed royal jelly. But all bees have roles workers, drones, nurses etc. It is the environment that determines which of their genes are expressed and who they become.

Human Genes Are Affected By Environment

Similarly, with humans changing the environment you and your genes live in. Nutrition, exercise, lifestyle changes and nutrigenomic treatments can change genetic potential, gene expression or provide cofactors to help your cell health.

However it turned out we only have around 24,000 genes. This is a few more than a chimpanzee or a mouse, but nothing spectacular. Even more surprisingly, scientists discovered that large parts of our genome is made up of DNA that doesn’t code for genes.

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