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Coolsculpting vs Cooltech Fat Freezing

Fat freezing special from $200 per applicator.

  • Cooltech is more affordable than Coolsculpting.
  • At Pearl, we have been performing fat freezing with Cooltech for over five years
  • We have treated 3455 clients and a total of 5811 areas.
  • After one treatment, you can expect to see a 20% – 30% reduction.*
  • Results begin within six weeks, with final results visible at 12 weeks.
  • Great prices – book in a free assessment with our team.

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2 Applicators (Double)

$274 per Applicator


6 Applicator Pack

$220 per Applicator


10 Applicator Pack

$200 per Applicator


Belly fat freezing before and after photo

*Before and After Cooltech Tummy – results are individual.

Tummy fat freezing before and after photo.

*Cooltech fat freezing tummy – results are individual.

Bra roll fat freezing before and after photo.

*Cooltech fat freezing for back/ bra roll – results are individual.

Cooltech fat freezing before and after love handles treatment photo.

*Cooltech for love handles – results are individual.

Fat freezing before and after one treatment to upper arm.

*Fat freezing before and after one treatment to upper arm – results are individual

Fat freezing is the most popular non-surgical choice for spot reduction of stubborn fat. It is widely used, with millions of treatments occurring worldwide each year. There are several fat freezing technologies available in Australia, with Coolsculpting and Cooltech being the leading competitors. Cool sculpting was first introduced to Brisbane in 2015, and Cooltech, developed as an evolution of Cool sculpting principles, was introduced in 2016. So how does Coolsculpting vs Cooltech Cryolipolysis stack up?

At Pearl, we decided to introduce Cooltech because we could provide it at a more affordable price for our clients, but how does Cooltech compare to Coolsculpting? What exactly is Coolsculpting? How does fat freezing work? What is involved in fat freezing treatments? And what are the results and recovery from Coolsculpting vs Cooltech fat freezing?

What is Coolsculpting vs Cooltech Fat Freezing?

Cool sculpting was developed in America by Zeltig. Zeltig even patented a new word for fat freezing – cryolipolysis. (Strictly, the term cryolipolysis can only be applied to Cool sculpting). In contrast, Cooltech was developed in Europe by Cocoon Medical.

Coolsculpting Cryolipolysis

It is incredible to think that someone dreamt up cryolipolysis as an innovation in aesthetic body treatments. However, the inventors were from Harvard Medical School and stumbled on the idea from observing that children who sucked on ice popsicles would develop dimples! Lightbulb moment – maybe applying freezing to adult fat would bring about spot fat reduction as well?

Clinical trials to test the hypothesis began in 2008, and the original Cool sculpting prototype device was born. However, it took two years for FDA approval in America to reduce fat on flanks in 2010 and further permission for stomach in 2012 and thighs in 2015.

Cooltech Fat Freezing

All new technologies have enjoyed a monopoly on the market for some time. So it did not take long before competitors jumped in to offer alternatives. Cue Cooltech and Clatuu. Cooltech is the main competitor to Coolsculpting in Australia. Cooltech was developed in Europe by Cocoon Medical. Starting in 2010, they now have distributors in over 60 countries and millions of fat freezing treatments behind the technology. Cooltech is a non-invasive technology, the same as Cool sculpting. However, Cocoon has been able to keep operating costs lower, and we pass the savings on to you.

Most Common Areas Treated
1. Women common areas: stomach (upper and lower belly), inner & outer thighs, and upper arms (tuckshop arms). Close after this is bra roll, love handles and waist.
2. Men common areas: belly, love handles and back.

How does Fat Freezing Work? – Coolsculpting vs Cooltech

Both cool sculpting and Cooltech work by freezing fat cells under the skin. The frozen fat is then removed from the body naturally. Though the inner workings of the machines are different, both aim to cool fat under the skin until it crystallises while allowing other tissue such as skin and blood vessels to stay intact. This safety is achieved because fat cells are more susceptible to cold than other tissue and freeze at higher temperatures. (think of when you put food into the fridge – the fat solidifies on the surface the fastest).

Around 20- 25% of the crystalised/frozen fat cells are broken down and permanently destroyed through a process known as apoptosis. Once broken down, the fat is eliminated through natural processes from your body, resulting in fat loss in the treated area over 6 -12 weeks. So why not just put cold packs on your skin? Well, the technologies designed to perform cryolipolysis are pretty complex. The machine handles fat cells gently at ultra-low temperatures while protecting the surrounding skin and muscles.

How Effective is Fat Freezing?

The most crucial factor in the effectiveness of fat freezing is correct treatment and the time the applicators are applied to your skin. In addition, spot reduction can require more than one treatment session and treatment stacking to ensure a smooth result. In a small percentage of the population, treatment is ineffective (estimated 3-5% non-responders). It is not clearly understood why some people are resistant to fat freezing. However, it is effective for spot reduction in the vast majority of people. So Cooltech, as well as Coolsculpting Brisbane, revolutionised the non-surgical treatment of unwanted fat.
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Before and after fat freezing tummy

*One Cooltech treatment lower tummy – results are individual.

Before and after Cooltech tummy

*Cooltech fat freezing tummy, one treatment – results are individual.

Belly fat freezing before and after treatment to upper and lower tummy.

*Before and after treatment to upper and lower tummy – results are individual.

Before and after Cooltech fat freezing

*Before and After 1 Cooltech lower tummy – results are individual.

Before and after cooltech fat freezing

*After Cooltech – 1 treatment lower tummy – results are individual.

Before and after fat freezing tummy.

* Lower tummy fat freezing before and after – results are individual.

Before and after Cooltech fat freezing tummy.

*Cooltech before and after one tummy treatment – results are individual

Fat freezing before and after treatment photo for tummy and flank.

*Fat freezing – Two treatments to tummy, one to flank – results are individual

Cooltech fat freezing before and after treatment of upper arm.

*Fat freezing upper arm before and after one treatment – results are individual.

What Is Involved in Cooltech Fat FreezingTreatment


  1. Each treatment takes 70 minutes.
  • Bring a laptop or book so that you can work or read.
  • We do provide a tablet so that you can watch Netflix during treatment.
  • We also provide snacks when you are having multiple areas treated on one day.
  1. We take your weight, measurements and before and after photos to monitor your progress.
  2. You do not need to take any supplements or follow special diets.
  • Drinking plenty of water before and after the treatment helps the outcome.
  • Mild exercise (just taking a walk) in the afternoon and day afterwards may also assist.
  1. You will need to get into a treatment gown but can leave your bra and pants on.
  • A gel sheet is applied to protect the skin. (this is cold)
  • The desired suction cup is applied to the skin after the therapist has selected the settings.
  • You will feel intense suction or pulling onto the skin. This sensation settles over a couple of minutes.
  • The Cooltech will freeze fat slowly. You may notice coldness at first, but this quickly settles as cold is also excellent for numbing.
  • After the cap is released, you will notice an area of redness and see a distinct frozen fat section under the skin. We call this the butter stick, and it occurs in all treatments except our flat handpiece.
  • Immediately after the handpiece is removed, we massage the area. The massage can be uncomfortable as the blood returns and warms the tissue.

Because Cooltech treats two areas simultaneously, it takes the same amount of time as the new Cool sculpting treatments.


Cooltech is non-invasive, and there is no recovery period as such. You can drive yourself home after the procedure, go back to work or go out that night. Our therapist will go over what to expect afterwards at your initial consultation as many people have bruising and mild to moderate discomfort in the treated area. There is a less common incidence of more severe pain (nerve pain), which can last several days if it occurs. It requires pain medication. Our therapists will talk through this and other possible rare side effects, including Paroxysmal Adipose Hyperplasia (where the treated area shows increased fat volume and requires liposuction treatment to reduce it.)

Women or men who have small areas of fat that are hard to reduce are suitable for fat freezing. However, it is not a substitute for weight loss, liposuction or gastric banding. If you have large areas you want to reduce, you may wish to consider other options.

How does Fat freezing stack up against liposuction? Fat freezing does not give the profound results seen with liposuction. It is not a substitute for this; in fact, they are not comparable. Cryolipolysis with Cool sculpting or Cooltech is non-surgical, so there is no downtime and none of the risks of anaesthesia. However, Coolsculpting and Cooltech are only indicated for spot reduction of small areas of unwanted fat.

At Pearl, we give you choices to treat your unwanted fat.  Options include Tesla former, Lipodissolve and our Naturopath for weight control. Depending on your assessment, we can tailor your treatments for optimum results.

  • Cool Tech uses fat freezing for sculpting the body. Can treat most body areas. Cooltech works better for people with close to healthy BMI with pockets of stubborn adipose.
  • FMS Sculpting with Tesla Former is primarily for increasing muscle size but has the added benefit of reducing fat in the treated areas. It is commonly used to treat the abdomen and butt but can be used in any location you want more muscle definition.
  • Lipodissolve is principally used for double chin treatment, but once again, it can be used in other body areas and for cellulite.
  • Our  Clinical Nutritionist| Naturopaths with a specific interest in weight management as an option for overall weight control.
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