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Milia removal with lancet.

Milia Removal the Right Way with Our Milia Extraction Facial

Milia removal or milia extraction is a favourite treatment for our aestheticians. Not only do clients leave happy, but there is also something satisfying about clearing these pesky little lumps. Milia or whiteheads are common blemishes that are sometimes mistaken for clogged acne pores. They are tiny, hard, white bumps on the face, especially around the eyes. They are entirely harmless; however, many people seek treatment because of their aesthetic appearance. There is a right and wrong way to get rid of milia. The three main options include a milia extraction facial, exfoliating skin products such as salicylic acid and prescription vitamin A. We perform milia removal as part of our extraction facial treatments. So, how do you know if you should get a facial for milia removal or use skin products? The answer depends on what has caused the milia, how many milia you have and how long they have been present. The general rule is to avoid performing milia removal yourself to prevent skin damage. So, what causes Milia and what are your treatment options?

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What Causes Milia?

Milia are also called whiteheads or closed comedones. They form when a keratin plug gets trapped under the skin’s surface. They often occur spontaneously – so-called primary milia (common in babies) but can also occur in response to skin damage – then called secondary milia.

  • Primary milia appear naturally and are most commonly found on eyelids, forehead or cheeks. Just as they arise spontaneously, some will go away on their own. This resolution occurs over weeks or months, but some do not budge.
  • Secondary milia can be lifelong as they occur after damage to the skin, such as after injury, burn or excess sun exposure. They also occur after the use of heavy skincare products or creams. However, they can occur anywhere that skin is damaged and generally do not resolve spontaneously.

Three Ways to Get Rid of Milia?

First, never try to pop or squeeze milia. They are not open to the surface but are keratinised plugs of skin trapped beneath the surface, and squeezing the tiny whiteheads can cause damage to the skin. If you have a very steady hand and have only one or two, you could attempt milia extraction at home. However, if you have many and do not feel confident with a sharp lancet, come and see us for milia removal. As I mentioned at the start, our aestheticians enjoy this treatment.

    1. Sometimes an over-the-counter exfoliant such as BHA (salicylic acid), glycolic or azelaic acid will work. Because cosmetic exfoliants increase skin cell turnover, they can help milia removal by exfoliating the skin and dissolving the keratin lump. If, after six weeks, this does not resolve, then a milia extraction facial might be the way to go.
    2. Prescription retinoids are also another option before trying professional whitehead removal. You will need to see a doctor first, and you need to introduce retinoids slowly. The retinoids act in two ways, firstly increasing surface sloughing, but they also have an action to stabilise skin cell function. A vitamin A peel can also be helpful to start the exfoliation process. Be careful using these products around your eyelids. Our Doctors prescribe these, and there is a consultation fee to see them.
    3. Facial for milia extraction. If you have not had skincare success, we offer professional milia removal. We provide a free assessment with our therapists at the outset. You can book online or call us on 07 3350 5447.
    4. Facial for Milia Extraction.

      The best treatment for milia is a professional extraction facial. We pride ourselves on extracting whiteheads, blackhead removal and pore extraction facials and follow several steps to make this comfortable for you. The results of a facial for milia removal are immediate – a bonus. Our therapists use a tiny sterile needle lancet to make a small opening in the skin; then, a comedone extractor gently pushes the contents out. The milia removal is not as bad as it sounds and does not require anaesthesia. All you should feel is a tiny prick from the lancet. The milia removal can be performed along with complete facial extractions.

      Before and After Milia extraction facial.

      *Before and after (2) milia extraction facials.

      Steps in our Milia Extraction Facial

          1. Double Cleanse
          2. Apply desincrustation solution to soften skin, keratin and sebum.
          3. Use a hot towel to steam the skin to help open skin pores gently.
          4. A small needle lancet is used to create an opening in the skin.
          5. Next comes the milia extraction plus the extraction of any other blemishes with an extraction tool.
          6. After pores cleansing, and blackhead and whitehead removal, we apply a soothing balm.

      Recovery and Results from Facial for Milia Extraction

      • The results of milia extraction are immediate!
      • Your skin will be reddened in areas of milia removal, which can last up to 24 hours. After treatment, this redness is mainly settled with the soothing balm or LED light.
      • The breaks in the skin seal and heal quickly, but avoid touching or applying products for 24 hours so you do not introduce infection.
      • Results are generally long-lasting. Using BHA +/- retinoids after treatment help prevents their return.

      Cost for Milia Removal

      The Cost of our Facial for milia extraction depends on how many blemishes you have, i.e. how long whitehead extractions take.

          1. Up to half-hour – $110
          2. Up to 45 minutes $165

      Other factors can cause white bumps. Unless you’re sure it’s milia, you should see your doctor.

      To Sum Up: Milia or whiteheads are a very common blemish. They occur when keratin from skin cells gets trapped under the surface. Milia are primarily cosmetic, so you can choose whether or not to treat them. If they aren’t bothering you,  you can leave them alone. However, leaving them can take months or longer to clear spontaneously. Instead of trying to pop a milium, use an over-the-counter salicylic acid or prescription retinoid product. If neither works, see a trained therapist or dermatologist to perform a facial for milia extraction. The cost of milia removal at Pearl varies between $110 and $165.

      For a free assessment with our therapist, call 07 3350 5447 or book online.