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Eye Wrinkle Treatment Brisbane

cosmetic injections & laser for under eye wrinkles & crows feet

Eye wrinkle treatment depends on where around the eye they occur. Often a combination of treatments with an eye cream, anti-wrinkle injections and sometimes laser resurfacing is used.   Eye wrinkles include crows feet and under-eye wrinkles. Usually, a laser is required to smooth under-eye wrinkles. The laser for undereye wrinkles depends largely on skin type. CO2 laser resurfacing is suitable for fair skin types, whereas Picolasers are best used for darker skin types. The best treatment for eye wrinkles depends on a couple of factors. The primary consideration in eye wrinkle treatment is where around the eye they occur. 

Anti-wrinkle Injections, Eye Cream & Laser for Crow’s Feet

Crows feet occur at the side of the eye and develop from repeated expression over many years. 

  • Because these wrinkles occur primarily from movement, anti-wrinkle injections are beneficial to smooth these. If anti-wrinkle injections are started early, also prevent the progression of crow’s feet.
  • The addition of eye cream is essential, whether it is specialised eye cream or merely using the wrinkle cream you use on your face and extending it to the eye area. Hence anti-wrinkle injections. Whereas under eye wrinkles occur under the eye.
  • Crow’s feet laser treatment is required if the wrinkles are fixed or associated with sun damage. The effectiveness of cosmetic injections is lessened for severe crow’s feet. In this case, laser treatment is necessary to bring about substantial smoothing of the wrinkles.

Cosmetic Injections, Eye Cream & Laser for Undereye Wrinkles

Repeated expression plays a lesser role in the development of undereye wrinkles. Volume loss plays a more significant role with these eye wrinkles, and the treatment approach is different. 

  • Dermal fillers are more often required to smooth undereye wrinkles
  • A more common approach is skin tightening and laser resurfacing for under eye wrinkles
  • PRP and other collagen stimulating treatments can be used.
  • Eye cream is an essential addition, though once again, you can generally extend the wrinkle cream you use for your face to the eye area.

Cost for Eye Wrinkle Treatment.

Anti-wrinkle injections vary enormously depending on the muscle strength and pattern of eye wrinkles. Ballpark starting around $180 can go over $500  as it is dependent on the amount required.

Similarly, dermal filler costs vary enormously and are dependent on where the volume loss is occurring. Generally, specialised fillers are required for the under-eye area and hence cost more. 

The cost of CO2 laser resurfacing for crows feet is $660/ treatment. Under-eye wrinkle, laser treatment is usually performed simultaneously. 

What are Crows Feet?

Crows feet are wrinkles at the sides of the eyes. They are caused by laughing, smiling or squinting at the sun or computer. They tend to develop in your late 20’s. They are not fixed but left untreated; they can progress, so they are present at rest. The pattern of crows feet varies enormously. 

Crows Feet Treatment Detail

Anti-wrinkle injections,  dermal fillers, radiofrequency or laser resurfacing, plasma pen and collagen-stimulating treatments such as PRP, skin needling are used to treat crow’s feet. All medical procedures should be combined with home care. And good eye cream.

1.Crows Feet Treatment with Anti-Wrinkle Injections.

Fortunately, most crows feet respond to anti-wrinkle injections, rejuvenating the eye area with a simple lunchtime procedure. Starting early will not only soften existing eye wrinkles but can also prevent new ones from forming. People tend to begin anti-wrinkle treatments in the late 20” to ’30s.

You can return to normal activities immediately afterwards. However, you notice the action after 2-7 days (depending on the type of anti-wrinkle injections you get. There can be bruising associated with the treatment, and rarely you can develop a temporary eyelid or eyebrow droop. The injections soften eye wrinkles for 3- 4 months. At which time, many people elect to retreat.

2. Crows Feet Treatment with Fillers

Once crows feet are advanced and very fixed, anti-wrinkle injections alone may not help, and dermal fillers placed under the lines are required to rejuvenate.

3. Laser Resurfacing for Crow’s Feet

Laser resurfacing is the preferred method with very sun-damaged skin. However, some people who do not like the idea of injection treatments elect for this treatment. Co2 laser remains the gold standard for the treatment of eye wrinkles. However, radiofrequency resurfacing with the eMatrix provides another option. Only one procedure is required generally, and the results are long-lasting. So unlike anti-wrinkle injections for crows feet, you do not need to get repeated treatment. There is up to two-week downtime.

4. Crows Feet Treatment via Collagen Repair.

A range of treatments acts via collagen stimulation that can aid in the reversal of crows feet. These include PRP injections, skin needling or collagen stimulation. The results of these are more subtle than both the anti-wrinkle injections and laser resurfacing. However, there is minimal downtime and has the added appeal of addressing underlying collagen depletion.

Under Eye Wrinkle Treatment.

Undereye wrinkles develop from a combination of loss of fat volume under the face, repeated eye movement and sun damage. The volume loss tends to be the dominant factor, so treatment of under-eye wrinkles is different from the treatment of crows feet.  Skin tightening and resurfacing with under eye wrinkles laser treatment becomes more prominent. 

  • Though anti-wrinkle injections can help with under eye wrinkles, only small amounts are required. 
  • Commonly under eye wrinkles, use filler to plump and fill under the skin. 
  • Smoothing under eye wrinkles more commonly requires laser resurfacing.
  • Often crow’s feet and under-eye wrinkles laser treatment are performed simultaneously.
  • Collagen stimulating treatments such as PRP, skin needling, radiofrequency resurfacing can also be used.

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*results are individual

*results are individual


*results are individual

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