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Under-eye fillers can address four main cosmetic concerns; tear troughs, dark circles, under-eye wrinkles and eye bags. However, it is a tricky area to treat – most of 1 ml is required and sometimes 2 ml. Although under-eye fillers provide a quick, non-surgical approach to refreshing the eye area, they are not the only option, depending on your concern. Alternative methods to dermal fillers under the eye include PDO threads, skin boosters, Tixel, and anti-wrinkle injections. 

Free Assessment with our Cosmetic Doctors

Our Doctors provide a free cosmetic injectables consultation to assess your suitability for tear trough fillers.

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UnderEye Filler 2ml

Dr Andreina & Dr Shadi


UnderEye Filler 1ml

Dr Andreinna & Dr Shadi


*2 mls tear trough filler + 3ml cheek filler – individual results vary.

* 2ml Under eye fillers + cheek filler – individual results vary.

* .8 ml filler for eye bags + cheek and marionette line – individual results vary.

* .9 ml tear trough + cheeks + nasolabial fold filler + lip – individual results vary

Tear Trough Fillers for Under Eye Hollowing

The tear trough develops under the eye area from volume loss in the area. The face fat pads in youth gradually deflate and descend the face. This leads to a hollowing and when light falls onto your face creates a shadow or tear trough. The formation of tear troughs can worsen the appearance of under-eye bags. These factors combine to give a more tired and drawn look. When used for refreshing under-eye hollows, the term tear trough filler is used, although the under-eye filler is used interchangeably. Tear trough fillers are often combined with cheek filler to optimise results.

  • The volume loss process starts in the mid to late ’30s.
  • Some people have less fat to start with, and the appearance of tear troughs can appear earlier.
  • Tear trough fillers help lift and lessen the appearance of the under-eye hollows.
  • The tear trough area’s skin is relatively thin, so care and experience are necessary to treat this area to achieve a good result. Always check how much experience your Doctor has with under-eye fillers!

Under Eye Fillers for Dark Circles

There are three leading causes for dark circles under the eyes: volume loss, pigmentation in the skin or dark vascular circles. Vascular dark circles are caused by superficial blood vessels visible under the thin lower lid skin. Each cause has a different approach; only dark circles from volume loss respond to under-eye filler treatment. Dark circles from pigmentation and dark vascular circles are treated with a laser.

Under Eye Fillers For Eye Wrinkles.

Eye wrinkles appear all around the eye because the eye is an expressive area of the face. But wrinkles under the eye generally combine volume loss and wrinkling from expression. So under-eye fillers are commonly used for under-eye wrinkles. Often muscle relaxing treatments are used with under-eye filler to treat wrinkles.

Under Eye Fillers for Eye Bags

Tear trough fillers can also help under-eye bags, although not everyone is suitable for this non-surgical approach. And it can worsen the situation if there is a lot of puffiness. With the refined appearance of eye bags, blepharoplasty is indicated.

What Is Involved In Under Eye Filler Treatment?

  1. A free assessment with our Doctors is the first step
  2. If you are suitable for the treatment, we will book a treatment appointment for you
  3. You need to allow up to an hour for the treatment.
  4. Surprisingly this treatment is not that painful, as the skin around the eye is less sensitive than other facial areas.

Results and Recovery after Tear Trough Filler

  1. The results are immediate, though most fillers allow 2-4 weeks for the outcome to develop.
  2. There is no downtime after the tear trough filler treatment.
  3. However, most people get this at the end of the day to go home.
  4. There can be redness and swelling after treatment, although this tends to be minimal.
  5. The area around the eye is vascular, and the risk of bruising after under-eye filler treatment is relatively high.
  6. There is a small risk of more severe side effects, which our Doctors will review comprehensively in your free consultation.

Under Eye Fillers Cost

The tear trough filler treatment costs vary depending on the presentation and the required filler. From $900 with our Doctors.

Let Us Sum It Up

Under-eye fillers address several cosmetic concerns, including tear troughs, dark circles, eye bags and under-eye wrinkles. The best under-eye filler varies, depending on your problems. Under-eye fillers are called tear trough fillers when used to treat the undereye area from hollowing. Other treatments are often combined with under-eye fillers. For example, cheek fillers are commonly combined with tear trough fillers when treating hollowing, and when treating under-eye wrinkles, they can be combined with wrinkle injections. Under-eye fillers do not address pigment or vascular causes of dark circles. Sometimes under-eye bags will require surgery. Our Doctors provide a free assessment to assess your suitability for under-eye filler treatment.
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* 1 ml tear trough filler + cheek and lip filler – individual results vary.

*1 ml under eye filler for dark circles – individual results vary.

*1ml tear trough filler + cheek filler – individual results vary.


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