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Non-surgical Face Lift @ Pearl (formerly Skin Revision)

thread facelift, liquid facelift & body lift without surgery

What Is A Non-Surgical Facelift?

A non-surgical facelift refers to multiple different treatments used solely or in combination to lift and tighten your skin. They range in effectiveness, price and the downtime you will experience. These include thread facelift, radiofrequency, laser resurfacing, Ultherapy and the liquid facelift. The liquid facelift is a term applied to facial rejuvenation using a combination of dermal fillers and wrinkle relaxers and is a highly specialised rejuvenation treatment.

Non-surgical facelift treatments use different modalities, but all aim for facial lifting and tightening. Most of these treatments also include collagen induction for improving the quality and texture of the skin. To help you choose which non-surgical facelift approach is best for you, here is an overview of the treatment, with approximate cost ( as this does vary according to your assessment.)

The Vampire facial is also worth a mention, though this does not work by lifting or tightening. Instead, the Vampire facial works by collagen induction and improving skin texture and quality.

Thread Facelift- Mini Facelift

The thread lift is the most effective and direct of all non-surgical facelifting approaches. The non-surgical tread lift utilises absorbable threads inserted into your skin to provide an instant lifting effect. The Aptos thread lift is a patented and revolutionary approach to a non-surgical mini facelift.

MINT threads can be used for multiple mini facelift procedures or combinations of face and neck lift. The non-surgical facelift can include upper facelift (forehead lift, brow lift or eyebrow lift), mid-facelift (cheek lift), lower facelift (jowl lift or jawline lift) and neck lift.
They utilise a revolutionary approach, so as well as lifting and tightening. APTOS threads can also be employed for volumising and filling lines and wrinkles on your face.

Radio-frequency & Laser facelift

Laser facelift requires C02 or Erbium resurfacing. These are more aggressive layers and controlled damage to surface layers of damaged skin and stimulation of new healthy skin tissue. The best results occur with ablative lasers. However, these are seldom used now because of the downtime and considerable healing time. Spectacular results are possible in the right hands.

Radiofrequency resurfacing addresses sun damage, lines and wrinkles and other texture problems to the skin.

  • Lifting and tightening occur because of the controlled removal of unhealthy tissue.
  • It does not address volume loss or replaces volume.
  • Expect weeks of downtime and cost over $3000 per full-face treatment.

Fractional laser and radiofrequency skin tightening & lifting.

Fractional C02 and Erbium lasers are less effective than ablative lasers, but there are less downtime and cost. The optimal outcome requires multiple treatments.

Radiofrequency skin tightening and lifting include Thermage, profound and eMatrix, among others. Capable of using for face and neck lift. Some require multiple treatments; downtime varies from a couple of days with eMatrix to up to three months with Profound.

  • Useful for skin textural concerns, fine lines and wrinkles for sagging skin, but once again does not address the volume loss or replacement.
  • Radio-frequency in the form of bulk heating can also provide a temporary non-surgical facelift. However, to tighten skin, you will require more advanced technology such as radiofrequency microneedling or eMatrix.

Ultrasound Facelift – Ultherapy

Ultherapy used controlled high-frequency ultrasound to target facial tissue for a non-surgical facelift. It was the state of the art when first introduced in 2011. However, there are multiple newer treatments, including radiofrequency skin needling, which may provide a better outcome.

There is minimal downtime with ultherapy; the procedure can be uncomfortable and requires regular yearly re-treatment to maintain results.

  • minimal downtime
  • cost $2500 – $3000
  • must be repeated yearly
  • works to stimulate collagen and tighten
  • results are not spectacular for lifting
  • does not have any volume replacement

Face fillers & wrinkle relaxers.

Antiwrinkle injections relax the muscle activity around the eyes, forehead and brow, whereas fillers replace volume loss with age. Using combinations of these with or without the above treatments can provide a natural-looking non-surgical facelift.

Fillers and anti-wrinkle injections are beneficial for smaller areas such as non-surgical brow lift; significant natural lifting can be achieved across the face. This approach does not work for everyone and generally for mild early sagging only. For more advanced sagging techniques such as thread lift, radiofrequency. For advanced sagging surgical facelift is indicated.

Do Facial Exercises Help with a Non-surgical facelift?

The answer is no. Just as exercise cannot tighten loose body skin, no exercise will work to tighten the face of the neck skin. The only way to achieve a non-surgical facelift is through the medial treatments above.

How much does a non-surgical facelift cost?

The Cost varies enormously depending on the technique you use. We offer a free assessment with our Doctors at the outset. This consultation will explain all of the methods, what you can expect, any expected side effects, and provide an accurate quote.

Get your skin looking fresh and youthful with a non-surgical facelift. As we age, our skin starts to lose the elasticity that it once had. Rejuvenate and restore your appearance, and gain a youthful glow with a non-surgical facelift that smooths over the wrinkles and fine lines that appear.

Why Choose a Non-Surgical Face Lift?

A non-surgical facelift or mini facelift works to remove fine lines and wrinkles and reduce the appearance of mild scars. The main advantage of a non-surgical facelift is creating a youthful appearance with your skin and adding a healthy radiant glow at the same time.

Surgical vs Non-surgical Face Lift

A non-surgical or mini facelift can show an immediate response and lasts 6months to 5 years, depending on its technique. It is an alternative to facial surgical procedures, which can have a more extended recovery phase and are more expensive. To find out more about the treatments we offer or to book your free initial appointment, get in touch with our team at SkinRevision today.

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