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Non-surgical Face Lift Brisbane

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Non-Surgical Face-lifts

A non-surgical face-lift refers to multiple treatments used solely or combined to lift and tighten your skin. They range in effectiveness, price and the downtime you will experience. These include; a liquid face-lift, thread facelift, radiofrequency, laser resurfacing and HIFU such as Ultherapy.

The liquid facelift is a term applied to facial rejuvenation using a combination of dermal fillers and wrinkle relaxers and is a highly specialised rejuvenation treatment.

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Non-surgical facelift treatments use different modalities, but all aim for facial lifting and tightening. Most of these treatments also include collagen induction to improve the quality and texture of the skin. To help you choose which non-surgical facelift approach is best for you, our Doctors and therapists offer a free assessment. Below is an overview of your treatment options. There is no obligation with this, so it is usually best to book in for the free consultation at the outset.

The non-surgical face-lift approaches include a liquid facelift with wrinkles relaxers and dermal fillers, thread lifts, laser resurfacing, skin tightening with radiofrequency or HIFU such as Ultherapy PRP and other collagen stimulating injections. A non-invasive approach will not achieve the same dramatic results as a surgical facelift, and sometimes this is the best approach. Though we do not offer this, we can refer you to a specialist if this is required.

Liquid Non-Surgical Face-Lift with Dermal Fillers & Wrinkle Relaxers

A non-surgical face lift using dermal fillers to jawline and chin

Liquid face-lifts were revolutionised by the work of Brazilian Dr Mauricio Di Mao. He developed methods for total face rejuvenation using fillers, anti-wrinkle treatment and sometimes fat dissolving injections for the chin.  Our Doctors have been taught his techniques to achieve a facelift without surgery. Starting with the face structure using cheek,  brow, chin and jawline fillers, then honing for more beautifying treatments with lip and nasolabial filler, significant anti-aging results are achieved.

This approach works best for mild to moderate sagging and volume loss and can be combined with thread lift, laser or radiofrequency. The Cost varies enormously depending on your presentation and what you want to achieve. We offer a free assessment with our Doctors at the outset. This consultation will explain all of the methods, what you can expect, any expected side effects, and provide an accurate quote.

Get your skin looking fresh and youthful with a non-surgical face-lift. As we age, our skin starts to lose the elasticity that it once had. Rejuvenate and restore your appearance, and gain a youthful glow with a non-surgical facelift that smooths over the wrinkles and fine lines that appear.

Why Choose a Non-Surgical Face Lift?

The most significant advantage of a non-surgical face-lift is minimal downtime, and anesthesia is not required. Liquid facelifts are generally performed over several sessions, achieving a slow progressive ‘not so obvious’ stepwise improvement. The main advantage of a non-surgical facelift is creating a youthful appearance with your skin and adding a healthy radiant glow at the same time. However, if you have significant sagging around the jawline, you may require a thread lift or even surgery.

Thread Facelift- Mini Facelift

The thread lift is the most effective of all non-surgical facelifting approaches for lifting sagging skin. The non-surgical thread lift utilises absorbable threads inserted into your skin to provide a lifting effect. We use both MINT threads and PDO threads.

Our Doctor use MINT threads for mini facelift procedures or combinations of face and neck lift. The non-surgical facelift can include upper facelift (forehead lift, brow lift or eyebrow lift), mid-facelift (cheek lift), lower facelift (jowl lift or jawline lift) and neck lift.

PDO threads, on the other hand, are better for improving skin laxity. Though they do have some lifting effect, a better lift is achieved with MINT.
Also,  our Doctors can use PDO threads for volumising and filling lines and wrinkles on your face and neck. Book with our Doctors for an assessment and to find out more information.

Other clinic treatments that achieve skin tightening (and some lifting) is radiofrequency,  laser resurfacing or HIFU, such as Ultherapy.

Laser Face-lift

Laser facelift requires Erbium or  CO2 resurfacing. These both provided controlled injury to surface layers of skin and stimulation of plumper healthy skin. You achieve spectacular results with ablative lasers. However, these are seldom used because of the considerable healing time. A more common approach is gentler fractional laser treatments. There are less downtime and cost with fractional lasers; however, multiple treatments are required.

Radiofrequency Skin Tightening

Radiofrequency skin tightening and lifting include Thermage or RF microneedling. Both of these can be used for the face, neck and decolletage.

  • Beneficial for skin textural concerns, fine lines and wrinkles for sagging skin, but once again does not address the volume loss or replacement.
  • Radio-frequency in the form of bulk heating can also provide a temporary non-surgical facelift. However, to tighten skin, you will require more advanced technology such as RF microneedling.

Rf microneedling addresses sun damage, lines and wrinkles and other texture problems to the skin. It provides some lifting and tightening but does not address volume loss or sagging.

Ultrasound Facelift – Ultherapy

Ultherapy used controlled high-frequency ultrasound to target facial tissue for a non-surgical face-lift. It was the state of the art when first introduced in 2011. However, there are multiple newer treatments, including RF skin needling, which may provide a better outcome.

There is minimal downtime with ultherapy; the procedure can be uncomfortable and requires regular yearly re-treatment to maintain results. Ultherapy is said to stimulate collagen and tighten skin, but the results are not spectacular. It also does not provide any volume replacement. Other machines providing HIFU include Ultraformer and Ulfit.

Surgical vs Non-surgical Face Lift

A non-surgical or mini face-lift can show an immediate response depending on its technique. It is an alternative to facial surgical procedures, which can have a more extended recovery phase and are more expensive.  However, a surgical face-lift is probably recommended if you have advanced sagging and redundancy or want a really dramatic change. We do not offer surgery, but our Doctors can refer to Plastic Surgeons if required. To find out more about the treatments we offer or to book your free initial appointment, get in touch with our team at Pearl.

Do Facial Exercises Help with a Non-surgical facelift?

The answer is no. Just as exercise cannot tighten loose body skin, no activity will work to tighten the face of the neck skin. The only way to achieve a non-surgical face-lift is through the cosmetic treatments above.

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