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Thread Lift @ Pearl (formerly Skin Revision)

mint & pdo thread facelifts

Thread Lift Overview

What Do You Need To Know About A Thread Lift?

A thread facelift is one of the fastest-growing anti-ageing treatments. With MINT threads, it is possible to smooth wrinkles, tightening sagging skin with a minimally invasive non-surgical procedure. The procedure of thread lifting involves inserting threads under the skin. These are then pulled to lift the skin. Depending on the technique used, thread lifting can restore volume to its rightful place, smooth the surface and improve texture and skin quality.

Threads can be absorbable (these dissolve naturally over time) or non-absorbable. Adsorbable threads stimulate the skin to produce more natural collagen and elastin, resulting in long-lasting results.

What Can Be Achieved With A Thread Lift?

Thread facelifts can be used to restore many ageing facial concerns, including tightening sagging skin, smoothing wrinkles, lift the outer brow. PDO threads can also be used for tightening jawline, neck and body areas. The results are immediate and last 1.5 to 5 years, depending on the composition of the thread.

Who Is An Ideal candidate For A Thread Lift?

  • The best candidate is between 35 -55 years of age, though it is not restricted to this.
  • If there is too much loose skin, then surgery may be a better option.
  • Facelift procedures can be topped up with Thread lifts.

Indications for a thread lift:

  • sagging of the skin across the entire face
  • loss of tissue volume
  • fine lines and wrinkles, cheek wrinkles
  • some expression wrinkles
  • eyebrows descent
  • mild to moderate jowl appearance
  • bags under the eyes
  • turkey neck
  • patients with some relapse from a facelift or neck lift
  • sagging of body skin

Consultation with Our Doctors

In the meeting, our doctors will go over entirely what you to expect before, during and after the procedure, any possible unwanted effects, what results to expect and any precautions.

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What can you expect to see after your thread lift?

  • A discrete lifting. (not a pulled tight look)
  • More jawline definition through the lifting of the jowls.
  • More youthful cheek curves as the volume are pulled up.
  • Softening of nasolabial and marionette folds.
  • Smoothing of fine lines and wrinkles across cheeks and lower face.
  • Overall improvement in facial contours and skin tone.
  • Lifting of sagging neck skin with a thread neck lift.

MINT Threads lifting jowls – 12 Mint Threads
*Results are individual

MINT Thread Lift
12 Threads
*Results are individual

MINT Thread Lift
*Results are individual

Aptos Neck Lift
1 Area Lift
*Results are individual

non-surgical neck left
*results are individual

Lower Face Thread Lift

*results are individual

Thread Lift to Lower Face
*results are individual


Aptos lower face & Neck
2 Area Lift
*results are individual

Aptos lower face & neck
2 Area Lift
results are individual

Aptos neck lift
1 Area Lift
*results are individual

How Does a Thread Facelift Work?

The MINT and PDO thread facelift work in different ways. Both were designed to give an immediate natural lifting effect combined with the progressive restoration of lost collagen. The Aptos threads contain small barbs and provide a more dramatic facelift effect than the smooth  PDO threads.  

For more pronounced facial sagging, the Aptos thread facelift is indicated, whereas PDO threads are used for early sagging or preventive measures in younger women. Neither gives results as marked as a facelift, but the procedure is performed under local anaesthetic, takes  30 – 60 minutes, with minimal downtime and effects that last up to two years. The skin threads are made from a unique material that works to stimulate collagen growth in your skin. You will notice a progressive and gradual improvement in your skin texture and tone as these dissolvable threads impact.

What is Involved in APTOS Skin Threads Treatment

The treatment involves threading of the dissolvable threads under the skin. When pulled upwards, they provide an immediate lift across your face. APTOS threads then stimulate new collagen to be laid down around the threads, replenishing skin tone and a more youthful contour.

Our doctors will need to assess your face to determine the correct placement for your thread facelift. She offers a free consultation to evaluate if you would benefit from a thread lift or if another treatment approach would be better.

Aptos Thread Lift – Face Threading & Body Lifting

Aptos threads introduced exciting innovations on traditional face threading. The innovators of Aptos thread lift provide over 30 different threads and 50 face and body lifting methods.

Aptos threads do not merely lift and tightening; they can provide filling and rejuvenation to facial lines and grooves, as well as face and body contouring. How is this achieved? By offering threads in spring or coiled presentation, not merely the linear and barbed of traditional non-surgical threads.

Thread Facelift-  Mini Facelift

  • A mini facelift is performed with local anaesthetic as a lunchtime procedure. You can resume most of your normal activities. (There are some exceptions. Strenuous exercise, excessive facial movement and adopting an altered sleeping posture which our doctors will explain fully)
  • There is no surgery and minimal bruising, no scars with the Aptos mini facelift.
  • The absorbable threads break down slowly over time ( about 18 months) and, in the process, stimulate collagen production. The resulting skin rejuvenation provides long-lasting and natural-looking aesthetic results.
  • Expect results to last 3-5 years, depending on the mini facelift technique. Some people will require top-up treatment before this depending on your expectations.
  • PDO threads can be used for volumising and filling facial lines. Examples of areas PDO threads are useful for lip lines, frown lines, marionette lines, lip shaping, plus many more areas.

Aptos Thread Lift Techniques

Aptos threads provide face lifting and contouring through the use of barbed and spring threads.

Linear Thread Method

The Aptos linear thread lift is a non-surgical method for the correction of sagging skin. The threads are placed into the soft tissue and left in place. There is an immediate lifting effect with ongoing tissue stimulation to improve skin laxity and quality.

Spring Thread Method

Aptos developed the new spring thread, which is placed under the skin using a cannula. This Aptos thread lift provides a more natural rejuvenation. Once the cannula is removed, the thread memory makes it possible to lift the mouth’s corners without interfering with facial expression. As the spring is in, the thread can move without displacement.

Face  Filling Techniques

Aptos truly revolutionised the application of face threading with their Nano Vitis threads. These threads are twisted pairs without barbs, and when put into place, they untwist, providing volume for the treated area.

These threads are used to treat surface wrinkles and lines, including frown lines and nasolabial lines or grooves and hollows such as tear troughs.

Body Thread Lift- Excellence Method

Aptos body threads lift sagging body areas and provide an improvement in skin texture and support. The procedure offers ongoing benefit by creating smoother and more elastic skin.

Rhinoplasty Thread

With specialised threads, it is now possible to correct many nose concerns without surgery. Changes to nose shape include; lifting nasal bridge, lifting the nasal tip, asymmetric nostrils and even creating a straighter, more defined nose line.

Thread Otoplasty, Chin & Cheek Enhancement

A minimally invasive reshaping of the ear from either post-traumatic, postoperative or birth ear deformities.   This product is also designed to correct the chin or increase cheek volume and provide longer-lasting results for up to 5 years without surgery.

PDO Thread Lift, Korean Facelift or V Lift

Korean facelift is an entirely different approach to treatment.  Originating from Korea, these are non-barbed (floating threads). The vital action is to insert tiny threads deep in your skin to stimulate collagen.

However, because of the nature of the way skin ages, threads’ insertion creates an immediate armouring (or scaffolding) effect. And ongoing natural collagen growth. 

It is recommended as a preventative, collagen-stimulating treatment for women and men for sagging across the face, arms, legs and body.

What Can The Korean Thread Lift Do For You?

The Korean thread facelift provides a dual approach to facial rejuvenation. Firstly by plumping of facial collagen and secondly through armouring facial sagging. The collagen growth helps top up the lost skin volume for more youthful contours, which the armouring improves uneven jawline and lines and folds across your face.

How Long Does Korean Facelift Treatment Take?

Although the Korean facelift treatment takes as little as 30 minutes, we ask you to allow 1 1/2 hours.

You will need a local anaesthetic applied for up to one hour before treatment so you are comfortable before the treatment proceeds. 

Who Is suitable for Korean Threadlift?

Face threading is suitable for men and women from age 30 to ’70s. Early facial sagging appears in your 30’s; the extent is genetically determined. But as soon as there is a loss of definition from a sagging facial face, threading becomes an option to help. It is appealing for people to achieve subtle natural results rather than very dramatic outcomes of a facelift.

What is the downtime with PDO thread lift?

PDO face threading requires minimal recovery or downtime. There can be temporary swelling, bruising and tenderness. Dr Shadi will discuss what to expect in your initial free consultation.

How long does PDO Thread Facelift Last?

The PDO threads break down slowly, and the result last one to two years, depending on the degree of collagen stimulation.

Is the  PDO Thread Lift Safe?

PDO threads use a molecule that has been used in medical treatments for years with established safety.  Placed into the dermal layer of skin, they are well tolerated, with a low risk of problems. 

Are PDO Thread Lifts Painful?

Our Doctors numbs the treatment area before treatment commences. There will be some areas that you will feel a sharper area, but we attempt to numb the area thoroughly before we start. 

PDO Thread Procedure

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