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Extraction Facials | Blackhead Extraction, Milia, Pore & Pimple Extraction

It is easy to love your skin when it looks clean and clear, and you get compliments. But hormonal breakouts, blackheads, whiteheads, enlarged congested pores and pimples, all these spots equal complexion woes. At Pearl, we specialise in facial extractions. Our signature facial extraction includes blackhead removal, whitehead extraction, treatments to clear and minimise enlarged pores, and acne facials. We use several steps for facial extractions to soften and open the pores to help budge even the most resistant comedones and make easy work of blackhead extractions. Extraction facials are just part of our treatment offering. We also deliver a range of other medical facials to cover every skin concern. Our therapists provide a free assessment before all treatments. Call us on 07 3350 5447 for a free consultation with our therapists or book online. 


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In recent years there has been a debate – to perform extractions or not? We are not even sure why there is a discussion. We are firmly in the pro-extraction facial camp. The cost of our facials depends on how many required extractions we charge for timing. $110 for 30 minutes | $88 in a package of 4 and $165 for 45 minutes | $132 in a pack of 4.

What is an Extraction Facial?

Blackhead Removal Facial | Skin Extraction | Pore Extraction | Acne Extraction 

Extraction facials combine a deep cleansing treatment with facial extractions, including blackhead removal, milia and enlarged pore extraction. All facial extractions are for skin pore dysfunction. For example, blackheads and whiteheads arise from pores blocked by dead cells at the opening of sebaceous glands. Pimples are inflammatory blockages, and enlarged pores form from skin cells and sebum build-up, causing their appearance to widen. However, the most significant demand is blackhead extraction and easing of congested enlarged pores, especially on the nose.

We pride ourselves on providing the best extraction facials in Brisbane. We perform blackhead extraction facials, whitehead or milia extraction facials,  pore extraction facials and acne extraction facials. We also provide a range of treatments and skincare that can assist in minimising enlarged pores, settling acne and delaying the return of blackheads and whiteheads. The general rule with pore treatments is that intermittent therapies are required to maintain a clean and clear complexion. So what is involved in the different types of facial extractions?

Facial Extraction 101

There is a right way and a wrong way to perform facial extractions. Facial extraction is used for blackhead removal, whiteheads or sebum plugs. However, our therapists prepare your skin so the plugs of sebum, skin cells and keratin can be dislodged without causing trauma to the skin.

Desincrustion, Steam and Facial Extraction Tools.

Desincrustation facials using iontophoresis have become a buzzing treatment recently. However, using a desincrustation solution, combined with gentle skin steaming and manual facial extraction, provides a better result for blackhead removal, whiteheads, and pimples and minimising enlarged pores.

  • The desincrustation solution is a balanced ph formula with essential oils that dissolves and soften oil, sebum and keratin. It is ideal for settling oily, congested skin, blackhead removal and preparing for pore extraction.
  • After desincrustation, we use gentle steam with a hot towel. We do not use a facial steamer, as this step is to help open the pores before facial extraction. After the desincrustation solution performs most softening, anything more than gentle steam is excessive (and even harmful).

Your face is then ready for facial extraction.

  • We use a variety of extraction tools to extract the pore contents gently. When I say gently, 99% of extractions are gentle once the skin is prepared correctly. However, sometimes there are very resistant plugs.
  • Whitehead extraction requires a small needle lancet to create an opening in the skin before it can be removed, and blackhead removal sometimes requires more than gentle pressure.
  • We have specialised blackhead removal tools, pore extraction tools and milia lancet. (We have a whole collection of comedone extraction tools).

Who Gets Extraction Facials?

Even people with good skin can suffer the odd area of congestion, hormonal or holiday breakouts. We tailor your extraction facial to your concerns. We pride ourselves on providing thorough treatment and offering a free assessment.

  • Extraction facials can form part of regular skin maintenance.
  • Facial extractions can be part of preparing for a special event when you want your skin to glow. (We recommend a long lead-in time for special occasions and get your free consultation early!)
  • Post holidays, you might have let your skincare routine slide or regularly applying sunscreen has caused unwanted congestion.
  • After a period of stress, a common cause of breakouts!

Blackhead Extraction is Our Favourite!

Blackhead removal forms a standard part of our therapist’s work. Our blackhead extraction facial targets non-inflammatory comedones. Blackheads develop when the oil gland becomes plugged with skin cells allowing oil to accumulate. The black appearance is because the comedone is open and exposed to air, which oxidises the sebum. Blackheads often appear on the face, especially the nose, chin and cheeks, but can also occur on the chest, back, arms, neck, and anywhere on the body. Once the skin is prepared, the comedone can generally be extracted easily. However, blackhead extraction in large > 1mm spots (called macro-comedones) can be challenging. Once macro-comedones are removed, they can leave a hole in the skin. This may require TCA cross-treatment with our Doctors to shrink the pore after the blackhead extraction.

Call us on 07 3350 5447 for a free consultation with our therapists or book online. 

Our therapists offer skin treatments to complement extraction facials, including pore minimisation, peels and collagen induction therapies such as skin needling.

Blackhead Extraction Facial

Milia extraction facial.

Blackhead Removal Facial.

Extraction Facial Steps

We take pride in our extraction facials and believe we deliver the best extraction facial in Brisbane! Yes, that is a challenge!

  1. Cleanse  – We double cleanse: We start with milk or gel cleanser (suitable to your skin type) to clean the skin of makeup and oil for the first wash. Then, with the second cleanse – we use an AHA/BHA cleanser to clear the skin of dead skin cells.
  2. Exfoliate & Soften – we open the pores with a desincrustation solution to soften the plug inside the pore. To help the skin soften and open the pores, we use hot towels, which helps prevent trauma to the skin.
  3. Extractions – we have a choice of over 15 different extraction tools to remove comedones appropriately. We offer 30 and 45-minute treatments. If you require longer than 45 minutes, we advise splitting this into more sessions. You will need extractions monthly to 6 weekly to keep your skin clear.
  4. Settling your skin afterwards – we apply anti-inflammatory and soothing 10% niacinamide – Proparia Skin Defence Serum. There is also an optional add-on LED Therapy to reduce inflammation.
  5. Adjunct treatments We provide other pore treatments with lasers; Carbon laser facials and Pico laser treatment, or Chemical peels, such as Salicylic acid or Jessner peel and skin needling. In addition, our therapists provide advice on additional therapies that can help settle your concerns.
  6. Skincare as aftercare We have excellent affordable skincare to help keep your pores clearer for longer, such as Vitamin A (retinoids), B (niacinamide) and salicylic acid.

Results and Recovery from an Extraction Facial?

Results are instant, i.e. your pores will be clean, whiteheads and blackheads will be gone. If you have very congested skin, you may need more than one extraction facial to get to this point. There is no downtime from facial extraction. Generally, there is some redness which can last a couple of hours to a day or so. However, with problematic whitehead or blackhead extraction, or if there is a lot to clear,  there is more trauma to the surface, which will need to heal. With open pores, generally, any redness will settle overnight. So what does this mean for you? Plan to get your extraction facial performed at least seven days before any significant event.

How Often Should you Have Facial Extractions?

Extraction facials are part of a month to 6 weekly skincare routine to keep your skin clear. They provide a temporary solution to pore dysfunction. Generally, if you are concerned with enlarged pores or blackhead removal, you will need to factor in regular treatments.  For more dramatic results, it is advised to add laser treatments to minimise pore size.

What Lasers Minimise Pores?

      • For fair skin types: RF microneedling, fractional lasers such as CO2 or Fraxel lasers are safe and effective treatments.
      • For darker & Asian skin types: pico lasers such as Picosure or Picocare are safe lasers.
      • Rf microneedling is safe for all skin types.

Treatment for Other Skin Bothers

We are a cosmetic medicine clinic, so we offer facial extractions and advanced medical facials. We always start with a skin analysis and a plan to let you know what will help your skin. We have a range of treatments that vary from therapy level, extraction facials ($110 – $165) through to the PRP and laser facials. So we know how to treat your skin.

Common concerns include pimples, large pores, blackheads, pigmentation, broken capillaries, fine lines & wrinkles, dry skin, dull skin, irritation, inflammation, dark circles under eyes, wrinkles and sagging. Whatever your concern, our team can come up with solutions to help your skin look better. Call us on 07 3350 5447 or book online with our therapists for the best extraction facial in Brisbane.