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Forehead Wrinkles Treatment Brisbane

remove forehead lines with wrinkle relaxers & deep forehead wrinkles with laser

forehead wrinkles relaxed

*results are individual

forehead wrinkles treatment
*results are individual

frown lines & forehead wrinkles treatment
*results are individual

Forehead wrinkles develop naturally over time from repeated facial expression. These expressions include raising eyebrows with worry, concern or concentration. Forehead wrinkles treatment depends on the severity at presentation. Early forehead lines respond to simple anti-wrinkle injections and forehead wrinkle cream, whereas deep forehead wrinkles may require laser resurfacing or wrinkle filler.

Forehead Wrinkles Treatment Overview

Shallow Forehead Lines

Shallow forehead lines are reduced with anti-wrinkle injections. These treatments relax the muscles underneath and allow the overlying skin to smooth. It is essential to add a good forehead wrinkle cream, as this assists in the overall appearance of your skin and reduces forehead lines. In the early stages, it is possible to remove forehead lines entirely. You can judge the impact of anti-wrinkle injections for forehead wrinkles by creating gentle tension across the border. This tension indicates the amount of smoothing you will achieve with one dose. The best forehead wrinkle creams are discussed below.

Deep Forehead Wrinkles

The treatment of deep forehead wrinkles generally also begins with anti-wrinkle injections. The exception to this is people who are susceptible to brow drop. People with very large or small foreheads are more vulnerable and may elect to proceed straight to a laser or filler treatment. If wrinkle relaxing injections do not achieve a satisfactory smoothing of the forehead lines, the first option may be resurfacing to restore a more youthful appearance. Resurfacing and include laser or radiofrequency.  Fillers must be used with extreme care in the brow region. A third alternative is to use stimulating collagen injections or PRP.

What is Involved in Forehead Lines Treatment?

Anti-wrinkle Injections for Forehead Lines

Anti-wrinkle injections for forehead lines are a quick lunchtime procedure. These procedures are seldom performed without treating the frown lines because doing so can cause eyebrow drop.

  • small red raised lumps can occur afterwards; these tend to reduce after about 3o minutes and can be disguised with makeup
  • bruising can happen. However, this is more common after eye wrinkle treatment
  • care must be taken as overdosing, or misplacing injections can cause brow drop
  • should be accompanied by home care
  • needs to be repeated 3- 4 monthly

Laser Resurfacing for Deep Forehead Wrinkles

Laser resurfacing can be used with or instead of anti-wrinkle injections to forehead wrinkles. Resurfacing can be performed with radiofrequency such as eMatrix or a laser such as fractional CO2 laser.

  • laser resurfacing of the forehead is often combined with a full face treatment
  • downtime up to 7 – 10 days
  • can be disguised with specialised makeup after 48 hours
  • care must be exercised in using a laser on people with darker skin type
  • radiofrequency resurfacing is safer on darker skin types

Wrinkle filler for Deep Forehead Wrinkles

  • Wrinkle filler is seldom used to treat forehead lines. If this approach is considered a soft filler much be used to avoid excessive lumpiness. More commonly, dermal filler is used to reshape the brow or for temple hollows.
  • procedure performed in the clinic
  • takes up to 1/2 hour
  • risk of bruising
  • caution to use small amounts of thin filler

Other Forehead wrinkles Treatment Options

  • The plasma pen can be used to reduce forehead wrinkles. However, from our experience, laser resurfacing provides better rejuvenation, more even coverage and is less painful.
  • PRP provides rejuvenation over the entire face. This treatment works using your blood reinjected back into your skin. Repeated treatments are required, and results are modest and progressive.
  • Dermapen skin needling will provide rejuvenation. Once again, repeated treatments are needed, and results are small compared to laser resurfacing or anti-wrinkle injections for forehead lines.

Forehead Wrinkle Creams

Forehead wrinkle creams should include vitamin A (retinol or retinoids) and B 12 (niacinamide) as a minimum. Using a direct acid such as glycolic or salicylic acid before active ingredients also aid with penetration. Antioxidants such as vitamin C, resveratrol are good additions.  A good moisturiser with natural moisturising factors and a peptide serum will help reduce forehead wrinkles by plumping and hydrating the skin. Fundamentally, however,  forehead wrinkle creams do not differ from anti-ageing creams used elsewhere on the face.

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