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Stretch Marks Removal

Laser, PRP & Stretch Marks Cream

Stretch marks treatment involves PRP combined with micro-needling, Radiofrequency, laser for stretch marks and stretch mark cream.  Young red stretch marks removal is more straightforward than older white stretch marks. Laser stretch marks removal combined with stretch marks cream is very effective to reduce early striae. In contrast, results are more variable for the treatment of older stretch marks.

Laser stretch marks removal is a common request. More than 50% of women develop stretch marks during pregnancy, and many more males & females develop them during times of rapid weight gain or growth. Though stretch marks are harmless many people, find them unsightly. Unfortunately, there is no stretch mark cure or prevention. However, the appearance can be lessened am improved using laser combinations for stretch marks and stretch mark creams. Treatment options include:

  • Vascular laser stretch mark removal
  • Radiofrequency skin needling
  • Fractional CO2 laser and Erbium laser stretch mark removal.

Stretch Marks develop when the skin expands rapidly, causing breakage in the collagen and elastin fibres to be disrupted. The original reddish colour is due to an increase in blood vessels to repair the skin. However, once interrupted, they cannot ever fully improve, and the aim is to achieve the optimal cosmetic outcome.

Laser Stretch Marks Removal Options

Laser stretch marks removal for early red stretch marks.

Early red to purple stretch marks are more easily treated with vascular laser combined with Stratamark stretch marks cream. Though laser stretch mark removal does not return the skin to regular appearance, generally, significant improvement is achieved. It is best to start to plan stretch mark removal while you are still pregnant. Stratamark is safe to use during pregnancy, and once you have delivered, begin as soon as possible with vascular laser stretch mark treatment. Prescription vitamin A cream can be used.

Laser Stretch Mark Removal for Long-standing white stretch marks.

Older stretch marks are more difficult to treat, and the outcome is generally less impressive. The most significant determinant of the response to treatment is how well your natural repair system is. Unfortunately, this cannot be measured. However, having a healthy diet, exercise and not smoking improve your innate repair. Older stretch mark removal includes CO2 laser, radiofrequency skin needling. This can be combined with Vitamin A cream, which helps induce new collagen repair.

What is involved in laser stretch mark removal?

Laser treatment of early stretch marks.

Early stretch marks have increased blood vessels, so the approach is to address these with vascular lasers. Vascular laser started early is the best method as this solves the redness and helps remodel collagen.

The stretch marks’ colour fades and requires a treatment that will induce new collagen and elastin growth.

  • 3- 4 procedures may be necessary spaced two weeks apart.
  • Treatment takes 5-15 minutes.
  • The skin is cooled during the procedure to make it more comfortable

Stratamark stretch mark cream and vitamin a cream can be added to optimise treatment outcome

Laser treatment of older stretch marks.

Older stretch marks do not have increased blood vessels but appear more as a whitish scar. They are harder to treat. Radiofrequency skin needling combined with CO2 or Erbium laser resurfacing provides the older best stretch mark treatment. These treatments can be combined with other collagen induction treatments such as PRP. 4

  • 3-5 treatments are required to achieve 30-50% improvement
  • Treatments spaced 4- weeks apart
  • The skin is numbed before the laser treatment to ensure stretch mark treatment is tolerated.

Stretch marks cream.

Stratamark stretch marks cream is a silicone gel-cream that helps induce collagen production by occulting and hydrating the skin. It has proven results and is safe to use during pregnancy. It should be used in the second trimester and for 2-3 months after birth. It can also be used during growth spurts.
Prescription retinoids help repair stretch marks once they have formed. However, this is not safe to use during pregnancy or breastfeeding.

Stratamark stretch marks cream – the facts.

• Silicone gel is proven to treat stretch marks
• Use as soon as stretch marks appear
• Can be used during pregnancy and breastfeeding
• Can be used in growth spurts.
• It can be used on old stretch marks, but the results are not as dramatic.

Does laser stretch mark removal cost?

Vascular laser for red stretch marks.

• Small area (2 hand sizes) from $590 per session
• Large area (higher than above) from $690
Package discount for three treatments purchased upfront.

CO2, Erbium or Microneedling for white stretch marks.

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Stretch Marks Removal With PRP

It is impossible to remove striae altogether. Improving cosmetic appearance, not stretch mark removal, is the aim of treatment. PRP and micro-needling are safe to use on all skin types, have a quick healing time with minimal risk of pigmentation changes to the skin.

PRP Stretch Marks Treatment

PRP therapy involves taking your blood, concentrating the platelet-rich plasma (PRP) in a centrifuge and injecting this back into your skin. The recommended treatment course is four treatments spaced fortnightly to monthly. Stretch Mark treatment costs $550 for an area approximately the size of your face.

eTwo Stretch Marks Treatment

The eTwo uses fractionated bi-polar radio frequency to penetrate through the skin giving a controlled injury to deeper skin layers stimulating collagen and elastin to be laying down. It also reduces blood vessels, decreasing the red/purple appearance of young stretch marks and healing the skin layers to improve the overall texture and appearance. The treatment cost is $660 for two treatments (One treatment is an area approximately the size of your face).

  • 4+ treatments are required done at four-week intervals.

Why So Much Variation in Response to Stretch Marks Treatments?

Striae are challenging to treat, and you should only expect a fading and improved cosmetic appearance. The results are individual and depend on factors like your immune system and systemic health. Factors that impact healing include a healthy diet low in inflammatory factors, little stress, regular meditation exercise, etc. Factors that negatively affect environmental factors include inflammation in the skin, smoking, excessive alcohol, or exposure to environmental pollution, stressful life situations, etc.

What Are Striae?

Stretch marks develop because of a tear in the deeper elastin and collagen layers of the skin. The damages occur in times of rapid growth or weight gain; your skin cannot keep up with the development. Teenage growth spurts and pregnancy are the most common causes. Unfortunately, they are genetic, so if your mum and dad have them, chances are you will as well, and there is no sure way to prevent them. Striae most commonly appear on hips, thighs, buttocks, tummy and breast. All areas can be treated.

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