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PRP Facial Brisbane | Platelet Rich Plasma Facial or Vampire Facial

The platelet-rich plasma facial acquired the moniker vampire facial after Kim Kardashian first got the treatment and then posted it on social media. It was called a vampire facial because it involves using your blood products applied back onto your skin. Post-treatment, you look, as you expect, covered in injection sites. Your skin heals and seals quickly, though. Your own blood is used in PRP facial therapy to help improve your skin’s tone and texture.

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Alternatives to Platelet Rich Plasma Facial

There are many alternatives to platelet-rich plasma facial. We offer a host of laser and IPL treatments and facials, cosmetic injections and dermal filler treatment. The best treatment approach depends on your concern.

CO2 laser and Picosure are suitable for treating fine lines and wrinkles and can be combined in treatment packages with PRP. However, a regular carbon laser facial, Picolaser, skin needling or an extraction facial is a better approach for enlarged pores.

Suppose you are looking for a full-face treatment combining anti-wrinkle and dermal filler treatment. Or for pigmentation IPL  with BBL hero or IPL for capillaries or rosacea.

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Please book online or call 07 3350 5447 for a free consultation with our doctors.


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