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Sun Damaged Skin Treatment | Sun Damage on Face, Lips and Neck

Laser Treatment of Sun Damage and Pigmentation 

Laser treatment for sun damage includes CO2 resurfacing for lighter skin types and Pico laser treatment for darker skin types. In addition, at Pearl, we provide skin tightening & resurfacing, age spot and pigmentation treatments and a range of collagen induction treatments. It is best to book a free laser assessment with our laser and skin Nurse, Christine. However, you must get a sign-off from a skin cancer doctor before pigmentation treatment.

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sun damage on face | sun damaged skin treatment | sun damaged lips | sun damage on neck 

Sun Damage, Skin Texture Changes & Skin Aging.

The way the sun affects your skin is mainly genetic. However, in Brisbane, everyone needs to maintain high UV protection to avoid damage to their skin.

Sun damage is the primary cause of wrinkling, skin texture changes & facial ageing. This damage is cumulative: even small doses add up weekly, monthly, and yearly to premature ageing. The UV radiation from the sun damages collagen and elastin, causes free radical production and skin inflammation, and makes your skin cells behave abnormally.

  •  Cell turnover decreases, causing a build-up of dead compacted skin cells.
  • The skin becomes duller, loses its youthful glow and becomes coarser and rougher.
  • Reduced collagen and damaged elastin result in fine lines, wrinkles, and skin sagging.
  • Sun damage also causes abnormal pigmentation, with clumps of pigment discolouring the surface.

The sun doesn’t merely speed up the normal ageing process. Instead, it causes us to age differently – photo ageing.

Photo Ageing Texture Changes

  1. The dry, rough upper layer of skin with a build-up of dead compacted skin cells.
    2. Decreased ability to hold moisture
    3. Enlarging pores.
    4. Blotchy pigmentation.

Sun damage also leads to decreased collagen production – an essential protein in your skin. It damages elastin fibres, which give your skin a youthful spring. This results in further skin texture changes:

  1. Skin becoming thick, leathery
    6. Fine lines and wrinkles develop.
  2. Develop broken capillaries and nose veins.

Sun damage can also cause more severe problems, such as skin cancer.

Because of this, the most crucial way to take care of your skin is to protect it from the sun. Daily use of a good-quality sunscreen or sunblock combined with reduced sun exposure should form a fundamental part of your anti-ageing skincare routine.

Treatment Options For Skin Texture & Sun Damaged Skin

Treatment options for surface texture and sun damage concerns depend on the changes and severity.

Skin Care Essentials To Treat Sun Damage & Ageing

    2. Prescription retinoids can reverse photo ageing to appear more youthful.
  • Retinoids increase cell turnover and decrease dead compacted cells’ build-up, giving the skin a more youthful glow and smoother surface.
  • They stimulate collagen production and repair elastin to reduce the depth of wrinkles.
  • They decrease skin pigmentation to give an evener skin colour

Various types of resurfacing or laser/ light treatments:

  • Chemical Peels – medium-depth peels  such as  a TCA peel  or  Jessner Peel
  • IPL or laser treats  sun damage pigmentation and broken capillaries
  • Laser resurfacing with CO2 laser
  • Radiofrequency skin tightening
  • Fractionated laser treatments.

Assessment Of Your Skin Texture and Sun-Damaged Concerns?

A Doctor should assess Sun-damaged skin to exclude skin cancer.

Our nurse can provide a free assessment at the outset, but generally, sun-damaged skin treatment involves a prescription or medical treatments and a referral to our Doctor.

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Sun-Damaged Skin and Sunspots.

A common sign of sun-damaged skin is the appearance of a precancerous sunspot. The correct medical term for a sunspot is actinic keratosis or solar keratosis.

  • left untreated, a percentage of actinic keratosis ( solar keratosis ) can become cancerous
  • actinic keratosis presents as a scaley surface lesion
  • they can be scraped off, but it is best to treat these

Treatment of actinic keratosis

Actinic keratosis treatment can include:

  • cryotherapy or liquid nitrogen (sunspot destroyed by freezing )
  • diathermy (sunspot is destroyed by heat)
  • topical prescription creams for more extensive solar keratosis
  • PDT therapy is also used for extensive sun damage
  • care to avoid scarring when treating sunspots on the face.

Topical Prescription Vitamin A For Solar Keratosis

Like all sun damage to the skin, prescription vitamin A is used to treat solar keratosis. Started early, they can reverse sun damage and early keratosis, making this an essential treatment for all manifestations of sun-damaged skin.

Sun-Damaged Skin & Age Spots or Liver Spots.

Another joint presentation of sun damage is the appearance of age spots or liver spots. These occur commonly on the face and back of the hands. However, they can appear on arms, legs, and any body part exposed to excess sun.

Treatment of age spots & liver spots

Once again, prescription vitamin A is essential for treating age spots. However, these pigmentation spots often require additional treatments.

  • peels such as TCA are very effective for removing age spots
  • IPL & laser
  • Diathermy, if used carefully

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Genetics And Sun Damage

Looking at your parents and grandparents will tell you how your skin will age. Because of skin colour and other genetic factors, some people are less vulnerable to sun damage and wrinkle formation.
Tip: no matter how excellent your genetics are, sun protection is essential to retard ageing progression.

No miracle ingredient will make sun damage & wrinkles disappear.

To prevent and treat wrinkles, skin products and prescription treatments will help skin health and retard ageing progression. Other important factors are a healthy diet, sun protection, and smoking cessation.

Are you concerned with facial aging and sun damage?

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