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Frown Lines Treatment Brisbane

get rid of frown lines with wrinkle relaxers & deep frown lines filler

frown lines treatment
*results are individual

frown lines and forehead wrinkles treatment
*results are individual

frown lines treatment
*results are individual

*results are individual *results are individual

frown lines treatment
*results are individual

frown lines treatment
*results are individual

‘Frown lines’ or 11 wrinkles are familiar terms to describe the appearance of lines or wrinkles between eyebrows.  The best treatment to get rid of frown lines depends on how fixed the wrinkles have become. Slight creases respond quickly to anti-wrinkle injections, whereas deep frown lines may require a dermal filler to smooth the wrinkles. So when will a frown lines filler be needed for frown wrinkles?

What are frown lines, and how do they develop?

Frown wrinkles are caused by repeated facial expression over time – frowning, thinking or concentration. The repeated creasing of the skin causes the lines to form between the eyebrows. In the early stages, the surface springs back after the crease. Over time, and accompanied by defects in the collagen and elastin in the skin, the eyebrows’ wrinkles become more profound and eventually fixed. Treatment varies depending on whether they are shallow or deep frown lines.

How to get rid of frown wrinkles?

Shallow 11’wrinkles treatment.

Shallow wrinkles between eyebrows and treated with anti-wrinkle injections. The injections relax the muscles underlying the skin responsible for the 11 lines and resulting in a smoothing of the appearance of the 11 wrinkles on the surface.

Deep frown lines treatment.

Treatment of deep frown lines requires a combination approach. First, an anti-wrinkle injection is used to relax the muscle. Secondly, a filler is used to plump out the remaining defect. Although a frown lines filler can be used without relaxing the muscle, it means the product will not last. If the muscles are not relaxed, then every time you frown, the filler is compressed, breaking this down quickly.

What To Expect With Treatment?

Anti-wrinkle injections for frown lines.

Anti-wrinkle injection treatment for frown lines is a quick clinic procedure taking approximately 15 minutes.  If you gently pull the skin around the 11 wrinkles, you will see how much smoothing to expect with the first anti-wrinkle injection. The results of this last up to 4 months, at which time you can repeat the treatment. With successive treatments, the frown wrinkles smooth more and more.

  • there is no downtime
  • sometimes there is bruising, but this is red
  • may appear red and or lumpy afterwards, but this generally settles quickly
  • makeup can be applied to disguise this and allow you to return to work temporarily
  • side effects are rare and temporary, but our doctors will explain this entirely in the consultation

Frown lines filler treatment.

With deep frown lines, a filler is used to reduce the wrinkles between the eyebrows more.  It is always best to have anti-wrinkle treatment at least once before trying a dermal filler. Because this reduces the depth of the wrinkle and makes sure the muscles are relaxed before using the line filler to last longer. Care must be taken to use only minimal filler amounts as this is a  higher risk area for facial fillers.

  • frown lines filler treatment takes 15 minutes
  • bruising can occur
  • swelling and redness can occur and last several hours after treatment

Our Doctors will explain the possible side effects thoroughly before any procedure

Are you concerned with frown wrinkles?

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Wrinkles between the eyebrows are commonly treated in combination with other areas such as forehead lines or crows feet.

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