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Lipodissolve fat-dissolving injections improve the appearance of your neck, chin and jawline. So you can finally achieve a slimmer and more defined jawline without surgery! At Pearl Medispa, this non-surgical option for double chin removal is one of our most popular treatments because it is so effective and affordable!

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Before and after lipodissolve of chin 2 treatments

*Before and after lipodissolve of chin 2 treatments – results are individual.

Before and after lipodissolve of chin 3 treatments

*Before and after lipodissolve of chin 3 treatments – results are individual.


What Is the Cause of a Double Chin?

A double chin is a fat build-up beneath the jaw, and the underlying causes are often multifactorial. Your genes, age, hormonal changes, or body weight can cause a double chin. Although losing weight can help to improve appearance, it is frequently obstinate and difficult to remove. Fat under the chin exaggerates your age and can make you older as well as heavier than you are. A double chin can occur in young people of average weight! And it is a problem for both men and women!

Double Chin Treatment

Liposuction was the only option for chin (submental) fat until a few years ago. However, innovative treatments for double chin removal have been introduced in recent years. Chin Coolsculpting was the first, then fat-dissolving injections and PDO threads have recently revolutionised non-surgical double chin removal.

Options for Double Chin Removal

There are four broad categories of methods for double chin removal.

  1. Fat Dissolving Injections – Lipodissolve injections, for example, use chin injections to dissolve fat.
  2. Non-surgical Chin Sculpting Techniques – These include a variety of physical treatments aimed at sculpting fat away from the chin. Chin Coolsculpting is the most well-known of these. However, with the rapid rise of PDO threads, sculpting the submental areas that provide reduction and skin tightening is becoming very popular. In addition, thread neck lifts are frequently used with double chin injections.
  3. Surgical Chin Sculpting entails chin liposuction as well as a surgical neck lift. Unfortunately, we do not offer surgical options at Pearl, but we can refer you to a cosmetic surgeon if necessary.
  4. Healthy Weight Solutions. A reduction in overall weight will result in a decrease in chin fat. This is best suited to people with a higher BMI because, as previously stated, weight loss does not always result in double chin removal, necessitating double chin injections or chin sculpting.

At Pearl, we offer fat-freezing, fat-dissolving injections, and healthy weight loss solutions with our Naturopaths for double chin removal.

For a consultation with our cosmetic doctors, call us on 07 3350 5447 or book online. 

Before and after image of fat dissolving injections with Lipodissolve

*Before and after fat dissolving injections with Lipodissolve – results are individual

Before and after lipodissolve for chin and lip filler.

*After 2 Lipodissolve Chin and Lip Fillers – results are individual

Before and after fat dissolving injections with Lipodissolve

*Fat dissolving injections with Lipodissolve Chin and Lip Filler – results are individual

Fat Dissolving Injections

We currently use Lipodissolve because it is a low-cost fat-dissolving injection. It is made up of a solution injected into the submental region. The solution disrupts fat cell membranes, allowing the fat content to be released and broken down (free fatty acids and glycerol) and then leak into the surrounding tissue. Natural body systems transport them to the liver, where they are slowly metabolised and expelled from your body. It is effective, but a series of treatments is often necessary. Most people require two, but you may need more depending on the fat present. Lipodissolve also has a skin-tightening effect. All of our Doctors provide chin injections as a treatment option for our patients.

Chin Sculpting Without Surgery

Chin Coolsculpting, Cooltech, Clatuu

Chin Coolsculpting was the first available to treat unwanted chin fat. Later, Cooltech and Clatuu were added. All three machines use fat freezing or cryolipolysis to reduce fat by up to 20% in the treated area. We have a Cooltech machine, and while it is comparable in all other treatment areas, we believe it is not the best on the market for double chin removal. Clatuu is the best chin-sculpting cryolipolysis machine out of the three. A minimum of two treatments are required to reduce submental adipose, but this depends on the amount of fat around your neck. In addition, the freezing of fat has a skin-tightening effect.

Thread Neck Lift and PDO Thread Lift

PDO thread lifts are now the market’s fastest-growing aesthetic treatment. Initially developed for lifting and skin tightening on the neck and face, it was discovered to reduce submental fat, resulting in a novel treatment adaptation. When the tiny PDO threads are placed under the chin, it reduces fat and tightens the skin for double chin treatment. In addition, PDO threads can be combined with fat-dissolving injections.

Surgical Double Chin Treatment

Liposuction for Double Chin Removal

Chin liposuction is an option for double chin removal for more significant fat deposits. Double chin treatment with liposuction is a mechanical method of removing excess fat from the chin. It can remove substantial amounts of fat in a single treatment and is indicated for people with moderate to sizeable fat deposits. Although it is less invasive than neck lift surgery, it is still a surgical procedure that can result in bruising, swelling and discomfort for 2-4 weeks. Plus, the need to wear compression garments after the procedure. Chin liposuction does not cause skin tightening.

Double Chin Removal with Neck Lift

Surgery is an excellent double chin treatment when advanced neck sagging, loose skin and fat accumulation. A neck lift will tighten sagging skin, reduce necklines and wrinkles, and dramatically improve sizeable neck fat accumulation. It can be performed in combination with a facelift. However, there is significant recovery and downtime of 2-4 weeks and surgical and anaesthetic risks.

For a consultation with our cosmetic doctors, call us on 07 3350 5447 or book online. 

Before and after fat dissolving injections with lipodissolve for the chin.

*Fat-dissolving injections with Lipodissolve – results are individual

Before and after fat dissolving injections with Lipodissolve.

*Before and after fat dissolving injections with Lipodissolve – results are individual

Double Chin Injections Procedure

The first step is a free assessment with our Doctors to determine if you are a good candidate for fat dissolving injections or if chin Coolsculpting is a better option.

  • Fat-dissolving injections (Lipodissolve) can treat a variety of body areas and double chin removal.
  • Local anaesthetic is used to make the procedure comfortable.
  • The double chin treatment takes up to 30 – 60 minutes.

Double Chin Injections Results

  • The number of treatment sessions can range from one (rare) to two, four, or more.
  • With repeated treatments, we strive to reach progressive fat reduction.
  • Further treatments are separated by one month

Double Chin Injections Recovery

    • Fat-dissolving injections have no downtime, but significant swelling and discomfort may occur after the procedure.
    • The swelling can last for several days (so do not book your appointment before a special occasion)
    • There is no special aftercare required following your double chin treatment.
    • Bruising is uncommon, but it can occur at any injection site. Makeup conceals minor bruises.
    • There is a slight chance that an ulcer or scar will form on the skin
    • Infection is also possible though highly unlikely
    • You can resume your normal activities right away.
    • We do not recommend strenuous exercise for the first 24 hours, but a walk after treatment is beneficial.

For a consultation with our cosmetic doctors, call us on 07 3350 5447 or book online.