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Acne Extraction Facials, Blackhead Removal & Medical Facials

If you are looking to settle your acne quickly, an acne extraction facial is a useful treatment. An extraction facial treats blackheads, whiteheads, enlarged pores and resolves active acne lesions, including pimples. If followed up with correct skincare such as prescription vitamin A and exfoliants, it can help prevent future flare-ups.

Extraction Facial

Even people who have good skin can suffer the odd area of congestion,  hormonal or holiday breakouts.

Who gets extraction facials?

  • Extraction facials can form part of regular skin maintenance.
  • Facials can be part of getting ready for a special event, wanting your skin to be glowing. (We recommend a long lead-in time for special occasions and getting your consultation early.)
  • Post your holidays when you might have let your skincare routine slide or applying sunscreen regularly.
  • After a period of stress, which always seems to cause breakouts.

Are all extraction facials the same?

We tailor your extraction facial according to your concerns, and that is why we offer a free assessment at the outset. We pride ourselves on providing a thorough extraction facial treatment. We are aiming to be the best in Brisbane.

What can an acne extraction facial treat?

  • General congestion, especially around the t-zone.
  • Enlarged Pores.
  • Blackhead and milia (whiteheads)
  • Active acne, depending on the severity, can be helped.

Acne Extraction Facial

We offer a range of facial treatments to help settle all grades of acne. Depending on the severity, there are options.

Acne Facial Treatment for Mild Acne

If your acne is mild, regular acne extraction facials combined with skincare should settle your complexion woes. For more severe acne, you will require higher grade facial treatments. Acne extraction facials are beneficial for blackhead removal, but once the acne lesion is acutely inflamed, attempting extraction can increase the scarring risk.

LED light facials, microdermabrasion and peels are also very useful acne facial treatments. Microdermabrasion and peels help decrease congestion and help loosen the pore contents making extraction such as blackhead removal much more comfortable.

eMatrix radio-frequency facial, on the other hand, is perfect for clearing acne scarring.

Can acne extraction facial treat cystic acne?

Although an extraction facial can help settle some aspects of moderate to severe acne, it will not clear them. If you are looking for a more natural way to clear cystic acne, we would advise our Naturopath specialises in acne management alongside our therapists.

At Pearl, we have skilled dermal therapists who specialise in the treatment of acne. Our team can perform extraction facials to extract comedones and clogged pores safely. We also sell a take-home acne extraction tool retailing for $15, so you can safely assist with home care.

What to expect during an extraction facial.

We will first assess your skin to understand the primary underlying condition, and then we will use various tools.

  • Gently steaming your skin with hot towels to loosen open comedones and clogged pores.
  • With predominant congestion or enlarged pores, adding surface exfoliation with a peel or spot microdermabrasion improves the treatment outcome.

Blackhead removal is more comfortable with a blackhead removal tool. Known as a comedone extractor is designed to help extract blackheads and whiteheads without causing trauma to the skin.

Blackhead Removal Treatment

Blackhead removal is an important treatment for many people. Our blackhead extraction or acne extraction facials target non-inflammatory comedones. Blackheads (open comedones) and whiteheads (closed comedones) are both a form of acne. Treatment with extractions is necessary to help settle the congestion and complexion woes.
Blackheads form when the oil gland becomes plugged with skin cells allowing oil to accumulate. The black appearance is because of exposure to air. Blackhead most often appears on the face, especially nose, chin and cheeks, but can also occur on the chest, back, arms, neck, and anywhere on the body. Blackheads and whiteheads can develop in anyone. However, there is a genetic risk if you have oily skin or inherited acne.

Blackhead removal through acne extraction facials forms a standard part of our therapist’s work.

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Facials For Skin Bothers

It is easy to love your skin when it looks bright and smooth and you are getting compliments. However, skin problems, quite frankly, are a bother! Oily skin, dry skin, hormonal breakouts and blackheads = complexion woes. At Pearl, we provide a range of facials to tackle these and more. We begin with a complimentary skin analysis to personalise facial treatments to suit your skin.

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Pro Extraction Facials

In recent years there has been a debate – to perform extractions or not to perform extractions? We are firmly in the pro-extraction facial camp. Our therapists, nurses (even our Doctors) perform extractions. However, you need to know how to do it properly. Blackhead removal treatment is our favourite (I know!).  An extraction: ‘enticing a pore or pimple to give up its impurities (a plug of dead skin and oil).’

Please book in for a skin therapy consult before your first extraction facial. Or call our team to ask what might suit you the best. 

Express Extraction Facial $110 – 30min
Extraction Facial $165- 60min

extraction facial
*Results are individual

Why Choose Pearl?

We are a cosmetic medicine clinic, so we offer facials from basic through to advanced medical facials. We always start with an analysis and a plan to let you know what will help your skin. We have a range of treatments that vary from therapy level, extraction facials ($110 – $165) through to the PRP facial (Vampire Facials) and laser facials. So we know how to treat your skin. 

What Is Your Skin Concern?




Common concerns include pimples, large pores, blackheads, pigmentation, broken capillaries, fine lines & wrinkles, dry skin, dull skin, irritation, inflammation, dark circles under eyes, wrinkles and sagging. Whatever your concern, our team can come up with solutions to help your skin look better.

Facial Treatments


Deep pore cleansing facial, with steam and extractions.
If you are concerned with acne, blackheads enlarged pores, this treatment could be for you.

Please book in for a skin therapy consult before your first extraction facial. Or call our team to ask what might suit you the best. 

Express Extraction Facial $110 – 30min
Advanced Extraction Facial $165- 45min


Combinations of microdermabrasion coupled with peels give supercharged results. These treatments are designed to impact several skin concerns. At the initial consultation, our Dermal Therapist will recommend the best approach, several treatments required. All 165, you can buy packages to save money and mix and match treatment.

Micro + Vitamin A Facial
Micro + Lactic Facial
Micro + Protein Peel Facial
Micro + BHA Facial

Our skin wellness needs to change from season to season and year to year. Especially in the harsh Brisbane summer, the extra sweating can cause breakouts.


The PRP or Vampire facial is a medical treatment that uses your own platelet-rich plasma extracted and centrifuged, then injected back into the dermal layers of your skin, where the growth factors from the platelets will have the most effect.

Call 3350 5447 to book a free assessment with our Doctor or Nurse for PRP facial treatment.

Extraction Facials


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