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Fat Dissolving Injections | Lipodissolve for Chin, Belly, Body or Cellulite

For a slimmer jaw or double chin removal, spot reduction of pockets of fat on the belly and thighs to reduce the dimpled appearance of cellulite. Lipodissolve is a fat-dissolving injection that reduces fat, body fat and cellulite. Sometimes, it is also referred to as lipolytic injection because the injection breaks down (or lyses) your fat cells when injected.

Fat Dissolving Injections with our Cosmetic Doctors

Our cosmetic doctors specialise in several areas of slimming or fat-dissolving injections. Including slimming injections for masseters, calf slimming and trap muscle injections. Body skin tightening with stimulating injections and cellulite treatment with subcision and bio-stimulating injections.

The first step is a body consultation with one of our cosmetic doctors to assess your suitability for Lipodissolve and discuss other options. Book Online or Call 07 3350 5447 for a consultation with our Doctors.


Chin Fat Dissolving

  • Doctor Consultation - $50 (Redeemable on any Injectable Treatment)
  • Fat Dissolving Chin 40% Off - $396

Body and Cellulite Treament

  • Up to A6 size - $660
  • Up to A5 size - $990
  • Up to A4 size - $1499

Before and after image of fat dissolving injections with Lipodissolve

*Before and after fat dissolving injections with Lipodissolve – results are individual

Before and after lipodissolve of chin 2 treatments

*Before and after lipodissolve of chin 2 treatments – results are individual.

Before and after lipodissolve of chin 3 treatments

*Before and after lipodissolve of chin 3 treatments – results are individual.

Before and after fat dissolving injections with lipodissolve for the chin.

*Fat-dissolving injections with Lipodissolve – results are individual

Before and after fat dissolving injections with Lipodissolve.

*Before and after fat dissolving injections with Lipodissolve – results are individual

Before and after two fat dissolving injections in chin with Lipdissolve

*Before and after two fat dissolving injections in the chin with Lipodissolve – results are individual

Before and after fat dissolving injections with Lipodissolve

*Fat dissolving injections with Lipodissolve Chin and Lip Filler – results are individual

Fat Dissolving Injections Belly | Chin Fat Dissolving Injections | Lipodissolve | Lipolytic Injections

How does Lipodissolve Work?

Lipodissolve primarily comprises phosphatidylcholine (PPC), which disrupts fat cells when injected into subcutaneous fat. As a result, the fat is released from the cell, removed through natural body systems, and eliminated from your body. PPC is derived from soybeans and has been used in cosmetic medicine for localised fat reduction for over ten years. Fat-dissolving injections primarily reduce localised fat deposits but have some skin-tightening benefits.

Because the injections break down the fat cells, they are also called lipolytic injections. However, these injections do not replace liposuction or weight loss if you have significant areas requiring reduction. Instead, lipolytic injections are used as a spot treatment for body sculpting, cellulite removal and even for correcting post-liposuction lumps and bumps.

Chin Fat Dissolving Injections

Our most common treatment with Lipodissolve is to reduce excess chin fat or a double chin. A double chin can develop even in people of average weight, appearing to have a genetic predisposition. The unfortunate thing about chin fat is that it makes you look older and more significant than your actual age and weight. On the other hand, chin fat-dissolving injections are face-slimming and help you appear younger – a bonus!

  • An initial consultation with our cosmetic doctors will determine whether you are a suitable treatment candidate and review your medical history.
  • A series of treatments is required (2-6) spaced six weeks apart for optimal results.
  • Before the chin fat dissolving injections, we will take before photos so you can compare the results.
  • After marking up the chin area and cleaning it with antiseptic, our doctors will inject local anaesthetic before the Lipodissolve chin injections begin. Once numbed, the procedure is more comfortable.
  • After treatment, expect 5 – 14 days of swelling, tenderness, redness, heat, and possibly some bruising.
  • It would be best if you did not get the chin fat-dissolving injections before an important event (it does cause a lot of swelling)
  • Drink plenty of water, and apply a cold pack if needed.

Fat Dissolving Injections Results and Recovery

Results: Lipodissolve chin treatment permanently reduces fat if you maintain your healthy diet, activity and body weight. However, the results are not evident immediately. In addition, there is significant swelling after the treatment, lasting up to ten days. Therefore, it is crucial to factor in the timing of injections so you do not have any critical events afterwards.

  • Two to five treatments spaced four weeks apart are required to achieve the desired slimming results. This, however, is dependent on individual responses.
  • The skin will tighten as the chin swelling goes down as the fat deposits shrink.
  • As with all fat-reducing treatments, a small percentage of people for whom it does not work or only works in a limited way (approximately 5 per cent). Unfortunately, we cannot predict who will be in this small minority, so we cannot provide a guarantee.
  • The results will last if you maintain an average activity level, diet, and body weight. (i.e. don’t think it is free reign with fast foods after treatment – the results will only disappoint).

Fat Dissolving Injections Belly and Cellulite Treatments

Good candidates for fat-dissolving injections: Men and women in good general health have realistic expectations of the outcome and have identified specific areas for fat reduction and cellulite treatment. Our doctor can treat any part of the body. Although fat t dissolving injections belly is the most common body area, our cosmetic doctors also frequently treat the thigh for fat dissolving and cellulite.

  • Fat-dissolving injections belly can be used for up to a4 size in a single treatment session.
  • Larger body areas often respond better to weight reduction or liposuction. If you have larger areas of fat, you want to reduce it. We recommend meeting with our doctor, who specialises in medical weight loss injections – Dr Aishah Bramli, to discuss healthy weight options.
  • The body areas we recommend fat-dissolving injections over fat freezing are the outer thighs, knee area, Lipodissolve chin and cellulite treatment.
  • If you want to target cellulite, there are specific fat-dissolving injection techniques.

Fat Dissolving Injections Belly Preparation

  • For lipolytic injection treatment of the body, areas wear loose clothing over the treatment area, preferably in a dark colour, as the site does become swollen and quite tender.
  • If an A4 area is being treated, our cosmetic doctors may recommend taking a table to settle nausea.
  • A4 size is the maximum that can be treated.
  • A series of treatments spaced six weeks apart are recommended.

Otherwise, the procedure is the same for the fat-dissolving belly injections.

Preparing for Lipodissolve Treatments

  • Stop taking supplements one week before the procedure because they increase the risk of bruising. Fish oil,  anti-inflammatory tablets, vitamin E, and aspirin are examples.
  • Fat-dissolving injections are contraindicated if you have a weakened liver or kidney function, an autoimmune condition, or are pregnant or breastfeeding. In addition, uncontrolled high blood pressure or an allergy to Lipodissolve components.

The primary after-effect of fat-dissolving injections is swelling and pain; however, you should know other less common after-effects.

  • There may be a numb sensation in the treated area for up to 6 weeks after the procedure; this will go away.
  • Localised inflammation in the fat can cause tender lumps, requiring local steroid injections to settle.
  • Infection at the site is possible but uncommon. However, if you develop a fever or the area becomes redder, swollen, or hot after the first few days, please get in touch with us immediately.
  • Rarely diarrhoea or fever occurs.
  • There is also an uncommon possibility of an allergic reaction to the PPC; please seek help immediately if you have difficulty swallowing or wheezing.
  • A small white or black spot will form due to a rare complication of skin necrosis. If this happens,  contact us right away.

Our Doctors must consult with you before the lipolytic injections in the body. They must assess your medical history to ensure you are a suitable candidate. For chin fat-dissolving injections, they can usually be performed on the same day. The Lipodissolve Consultation costs $50, redeemable on any cosmetic injectable within four weeks with the doctor you consulted.

For a consultation with our cosmetic doctors, call us on 07 3350 5447 or book online. 

button for double chin removal

Fat-dissolving injections permanently reduce the fat in treated areas. They can help you achieve a slimmer, more contoured body or reduce cellulite, but you must follow a healthy diet and exercise program to prevent weight gain.  

What are the side effects of fat-dissolving injections? While injecting the treatment area, you may experience some discomfort. After the injections, there is significant swelling and tenderness which can last a couple of weeks. Care needs to be taken and no greater than a4 area of injection in one treatment session. 

Fat-dissolving injections provide a targeted long-term solution for stubborn pockets of fat in any body area. The most common areas treated are the belly, thighs and double chin. The fat-dissolving injections also work for cellulite reduction. 

Depending on how big the area is being treated, you’ll need between two and eight treatments for optimal results. The treatments are generally spaced 6 weeks apart. Our cosmetic doctors will assess your response with each treatment to see if you need further treatment.