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Emsculpt vs Teslaformer

Ab Six-Pack or Non-Surgical Butt Lift with Supramaximal Muscle Contraction

Burn fat and build muscle at the same time with the Teslaformer. Using magnetic stimulation to create thousands of muscle contractions in a 30-minute session. Create a six-pack or butt lift over 6-12 sessions.  We have chosen the FMS sculpting with Telsaformer over Emsculpt.

  • No downtime and Non-surgical
  • Free Upgrade to 45 minutes for fat metabolism

Treatment for the glutes (butt lift), abdomen, hamstring, arms.

Do not pay $400 for Emsculpt; sculpt your abs or butt from $165 per session.

Tesla FMS (single) $220

Tesla FMS (10 pack) $165

Tesla FMS (post cooltech) $165

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*Results are individual 12 Teslaformer + 1 Cooltech

Emsculpt™ was developed after Teslaformer based on the FMS sculpting technology.  We chose the Tesla Former for several reasons: the primary one being the lower cost of this treatment. In addition, the supramaximal contractions and power achieved in a 30-minute session with Teslaformer are greater than Emsculpt. So what is the difference between these two treatments?

  1. Telsaformer was developed before Emsculpt and initially used in a physiotherapy setting before being adapted for aesthetic use. However, it is still used for medical and aesthetic applications. Emsculpt is purely an aesthetic device.
  2. Neither is a weight loss device designed for body contouring, where weight loss and fitness goals need a nudge.
  3. Both Teslaformer and Emsculpt are used primarily for muscle toning.  Such as improving abdominal muscle definition or butt toning. However, they can be applied to many other areas.
  4. If properly applied with a low sugar diet, they will encourage fat metabolism because of the stimulation of muscle contractions. We provide an extra 15 minutes free per session if you are interested in reducing fat.
  5. Emsculpt uses high-intensity electromagnetic energy, the same as Tesla Former.
  6. TGA approves both machines in Australia.
  7. They differ in the power they deliver and output results.
  • Tesla Former produces approximately 50,000 contractions vs Emsculpt™  20,000 contractions per 30 minute session
  • Teslaformer produces 3 Telsa of energy vs Emsculpt 2 tesla of output per 30-minute session.
  • Teslaformer has medical and aesthetic applications, vs Emsculpt™ has only aesthetic applications.

A tesla is a unit measurement  of the strength of the magnetic field and named after the physicist Nicola Tesla, hence  The Tesla Former name.

Emsculpt vs Tesla Former – Supramaximal Muscle Contractions.

Both machines elicit what is called a supramaximal muscle contraction to build muscle. What does supramaximal muscle contraction mean? Usually, the power of muscle contractions is limited by how fast our nerves can signal a contraction. When using magnetic stimulation, we bypass our nervous system and stimulate muscles directly, allowing full muscle contraction with greater intensity than our bodies can perform – hence it is called supramaximal. (above maximum)

One Telsa former session is like doing 30,000 squats or situps in 30 minutes! It would be best if you did not use either machine in place of a healthy lifestyle. Instead, they are used to enhance results.

What to Expect with a Teslaformer Treatment

No preparation is required.  Out therapist will strap a paddle to the target area, and the treatment cycle is activated.

  • 30 minutes to target muscle toning
  • 45 minutes to target fat + muscle toning (extra 15 minutes free)

As the treatment starts, the contractions feel intense as we ramp up treatment. There is no pain, just an unusual vibrating sensation, and sometimes you will see movement as your muscles are activated. After the session, you can feel sore – as if you have had a good workout in a gym. But you can return to your everyday life immediately.

  • Sometimes people experience DOMS or delayed onset muscle soreness 1-2 days after treatment.
  • multiple sessions are required depending on your desired outcome and if you have a prior form (6-12)
  • two sessions per week – but at least one day apart on a particular muscle area

Why choose FMS with Tesla Former?

FMS sculpting is a perfect addition to boost your gym routine and give a particular area a boost, especially in areas where people can struggle to get the best results in abs and butt. So how does the Tesla Former and Emsculpt work; this is where things get interesting, and you need to understand a few concepts – muscle hypertrophy and hyperplasia.

Muscle Hypertrophy vs Hyperplasia




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