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Gut Health and Weight Management

Your gut health plays an enormous role in your ability to manage your weight. The imbalance of the bacteria in your gut and the dominance of nasty bacteria set the foundation for chronic inflammation in the body. And chronic inflammation is the hallmark of weight gain and obesity and accelerated ageing, hormonal abnormalities, and inflammation in the brain.

It is now known that the gut microbiota plays a crucial role in regulating immune function and metabolic process, hormonal balance and brain function. Therefore, a healthy and diverse microbial community or essential for good health and vitality in forming new healthy habits.

The worse thing is that once you gain the extra inches around your middle, this increases inflammation in your body. It becomes a vicious circle of inflammation contributing to poor gut health, making it a continual uphill battle to lose the kilos. So how do you know if you have an imbalance in your gut microbiome?

An imbalance in the gut microbiome can cause diverse symptoms?

The gut microbiome can be disrupted by processed foods, certain medications, stress, age, hormonal abnormalities, and acute or chronic illness.  Disruption to the gut microbiota can cause a diverse range of symptoms such as:

Fatigue, Weight gain, Resistance to weight loss, Fluid retention, Cravings for food, Food intolerances, Brain fog, Allergies, Joint pain, Rashes and more!

Many of our clients find that weight gain and resistance to weight loss are the most frustrating because regardless of how little they eat or how much they exercise, their weight continues to rise.  This is because your body cannot effectively release stored fat – or keep it off – unless it is healthy. The longer these symptoms continue, the harder it may be to reverse them without some extra help.

We recommend seeing our Clinical Nutritionist| Naturopath Courtney White, who has a specific interest in gut health protocols and weight management. Book in for a free assessment to complete our skin-gut axis questionnaire or book directly with Courtney at the cost of $160 for the initial consultation.

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Dr Jo Turner rebranded her clinic to Pearl Medispa in 2021 as she added wellness and gut healing to the menu, becoming an integrative cosmetic medicine clinic. Still offering the same Boutique Cosmetic Medicine services with a team of Doctors, Nurses, Therapists and reception, but adding skin & gut microbiome healing and a wellness approach.