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How To Treat Blackheads

Treating blackhead with conventional treatments of pore strips, scrubs and facials will not work, except to temporarily extract the contents. Blackheads are caused by a build-up of sebum (oil) in the pore’s skin pores and blockage with exfoliated dead skin cells. Being open to the air, the sebum and clogged material oxidise and turns dark. Hence the term blackhead.

Salicylic Acid Exfoliates The Pore

BHA (beta hydroxy acid) or Salicylic Acid is oil-soluble, so it will penetrate the oil in the oil gland and exfoliate the contents and pore lining.

Salicylic acid products need to be a concentration of 1-2% in ph approximately 3.

We sell an excellent Salicylic acid gel: Cost $42 for 118ml. This can be applied once or twice daily and progressively exfoliate the surface and skin pore. It is safe to use long term as part of a skin routine.

We offer you a free assessment with our Doctors, Nurses, and therapists to discuss your concerns and treatment options.

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written on 10 October 2008 -

I am located in Wollongong NSW and am wondering how to ‘order’ the 2% salicylic acid gel is the only the way over the phone? Thankyou.

written on 12 October 2008 -

Hi Sarah, if you call us we can organise purchase over the phone, get mailing address and post it to you. Call us on 33505447 and my receptionists will help you with this. Jo

written on 12 October 2008 -

Can the bha cream be ordered and sent by mail. NSW resident…Thanks Kylie PS

written on 25 April 2009 -

how much does this bha gel cost?

written on 27 April 2009 -

Hi Rachel, the cost for the BHA gel is $39 per 118 ml. If you are interested you can either come in to buy or phone us on 33505447 and we can organise purchase over the phone. regards Jo

written on 14 May 2010 -

hi…igot some black heads on my nose and beside my nose and some on face how can i get rid of it iam over seas dtudent i treid so many medicines its not working so ineed some quick treatment so that iam going back to place.

written on 9 June 2010 -

Hi Khaleel, the best treatment for blackheads is a combination of microdermabrasion and salicylic acid. We have traditionally used a gel form of the salicylic acid however we have just starting a new toner solution that contains the salicylic acid and it appears to penetrate and more effective for many people. The best thing is to come in and see us. We do free assessments and there is no obligation with this. So call us on 33505447 to book a free consultation at the outset. regards Dr Jo

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