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Jawline Fillers Brisbane

Jawline Contouring with Jaw Fillers & Jawline Chin Fillers

At Pearl, our Doctors are skilled at jawline contouring using chin and jaw fillers. Creating parallel lines with the high cheek line and jawline for beautification. Defining the jawline to create a more chiselled jaw for men. And combinations of the chin and jawline filler can reduce the appearance of jowls and double chin or be used to create more projection for a receding chin. So who can benefit from jawline fillers? Our Doctors provide a free consultation at the outset, call us on 07 3350 5447 or book online. 

Jawline filler before and after creating parallel lines to cheeks.

*Creating parallel lines to cheek with jawline filler – results are individual.

Five Approaches to Jawline Contouring

1.  Creating parallel lines for beautification by creating a jawline parallel with the high cheek line.

2. Create a more masculine jaw with jawline fillers.

3. Correct the appearance of a weak chin.

4. Reduce the appearance of jowls for a more youthful appearance.

5. Minimise the appearance of a double chin for a thinner look.

Though these jawline contouring approaches are presented separately, several aesthetic improvements are often achieved simultaneously using jawline fillers.  Often chin fillers are used in addition to jawline contouring. There are many aesthetic uses for chin fillers, but here we are only considering combining the chin and jawline filler for creating definition or extending the jawline for the five purposes above.  So let’s run over these treatments.

1. Creating parallel lines for beautification with jawline fillers.

Our Doctors perform this on young and ‘less young’ people as a glamorising treatment.  A defined jawline that is parallel to a defined high cheek line is considered a sign of beauty. To create beauty, it is vital to consider the whole face, look at the line of the high cheek and place jawline fillers to create a line parallel with this.  Adding chin filler to increase forward projection further sculpts the jawline. Jawline fillers can also be combined with lip or cheek fillers or non-surgical rhinoplasty.

The treatment to the right shows the glamourising effect of creating a parallel line with the high cheek line using a chin and jawline filler.

2. Create a more masculine jaw with jawline fillers.

Having a very defined jawline is glamorising for women and masculinising men,  creating a more chiselled appearance. The treatment below demonstrates how jawline filler not only defines the jaw, it assists in minimising the double chin and creates a more masculine and youthful appearance.

Chin and Jawline filler before and after in men.

*Chin and Jaw Filler for masculine definition and minimise double chin -results are individual.

3. Correct the appearance of a weak chin with chin and jaw filler.

Some young people have asymmetry or lack projection of the chin. Called a receding chin or weak chin, using combinations of jaw filler and chin filler generally provide a superior outcome. When using chin filler for a receding chin, our Doctors often add jawline filler to create a strong line to the increased chin projection.

The treatment below shows the building up of a receding chin, using a chin and jawline filler to create a more robust projection and beautification by accentuating facial lines.

Before and after jawline and chin filler for receding chin

*Jawline chin filler for receding chin – results are individual.

4. Reduce the appearance of jowls with chin and jawline fillers.

By the time people are in their 30″s they start to notice early jowls developing, which progresses with time.  Chin and jawline fillers can be used to create a defined line that minimises the appearance of jowls and makes a more youthful appearance. Although chin fillers are not always required, utilising a jawline chin filler extends the jawline. At Pearl, we offer other treatments to address jowls, including thread lifting and skin tightening with HIFU. These treatments can be combined with jawline fillers.

The treatment below shows how the combination of cheek, chin, and jaw fillers minimises early jowls’ appearance. It also helps create a thinner and more youthful look and defines the parallel line with the high cheek line for beautification.

Before and after jaw filler, cheek and chin filler.

*Cheek, chin and jaw filler to minimise jowls – results are individual.

5. Minimise the appearance of a double chin with jaw fillers.

When you extend the jawline with a combination of the chin and jawline filler, it minimises the appearance of a double chin. This can be combined with submental tightening treatments for the double chin or PDO threads. Jawline fillers can be used in people with mild to moderate double chins, and more advanced surgical options are more appropriate.

This treatment below shows that the combination of jaw and chin fillers helps create a younger look, minimises the appearance of jowl and small double chin, and defines the jawline parallel with high cheek line.

Before and after image of a lady that has tried the non-surgical face lift

*Chin and Jaw Filler for Jowls and minimising double chin – results are individual.

Before and after chin and jawline filler.

*Chin and jawline fillers – results are individual.

Before and after photo of lady with chin and jawline filler to treat recessive chin.

* Chin and jawline filler for a recessive chin – results are individual.

*Jawline fillers

What is Involved in Jawline Contouring?

The first step is to book a free assessment with our Doctors at Pearl. They will assess your face and desired aesthetic outcome and your suitability for jawline contouring. They will also go over everything involved in the treatment and give you an accurate quote, depending on how much filler is required.

Who is suitable for Jawline Fillers?

Jawline fillers are suitable for men and women (over 18 years of age) who have realistic expectations of the outcome. (this is non-surgical and cannot achieve dramatic lifting effects of a facelift).

The filler required for jawline contouring varies considerably, depending on the desired aesthetic outcome and the starting point. For example, 1 ml jawline filler may be needed to recreate the parallel lines in young women. However, if treating a receding chin, 3 to 4 ml may be required.

Jaw Filler Cost

The cost of jawline contouring varies greatly, starting with 1ml jawline filler by our doctors at $799. However, you may need up to 3 or 4 ml of more specialised jaw fillers or combinations with other treatments to achieve your desired aesthetic result.

Preparation and Jawline Filler Procedure.

  • There is no preparation required for jawline filler.
  • Our Doctors will use either a cannula or needle and provide local anaesthetic before treatment.
  • The jaw filler procedure takes about 30 minutes.
  • You may experience occasional discomfort during the procedure, but jaw fillers are not painful.

Results and Recovery

  • You can return to regular activity immediately.
  • The results of the jaw filler will be apparent immediately. However, like all dermal fillers, it takes up to a month to fully achieve the outcome.
  • As with all cosmetic injectable treatments, the common side effects include bruising, swelling and redness.
  • Bruising tends to settle over ten days to 2 weeks. In comparison, the swelling and redness subside within 1-2 days.
  • If you have e tendency to swelling with treatments, our doctors may recommend you take an anti-histamine. Our Doctors will go over the rarer and potentially more severe complications such as a risk of infection or formation of lumps at the initial consultation.
  • Depending on the filler used, the jawline contouring should last between 12 and 18 months.
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