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Cheek Fillers

Cheek Fillers and Cheek Enhancement: Everything You Need to Know

Cheek fillers can be used to enhance the appearance of the cheeks or to lift the cheeks. A cheek enhancement involves using cheek injections to enhance facial features. In contrast, a cheek lift refers to restoring lost midface volume in older people.

Our cheeks are naturally fuller when we are young. However, this volume decreases over time, making us appear tired even when we are not. As the name suggests, a cheek lift is a procedure that lifts plumpness back into a more youthful position.

Pearl Clinic’s doctors can restore lost facial volume and enhance your natural beauty with cheek fillers. We provide a free consultation at the outset so you can learn more about dermal fillers for cheeks. Then, you meet with one of our female doctors and get all of your questions answered.

Fillers for the Cheeks for Enhancement

Fillers can be thought of as non-surgical implants for restoring youthful volume and enhancing the face’s definition.

Who Is a Good Candidate for Cheek Fillers?

Women and men who want more defined cheeks can benefit from cheek enhancement.

  1. Cheek filler for those who are “less young.” Most cheek enhancement procedures are used to refresh the face for a more youthful appearance, filling volume that has naturally been lost over time.
  2. Cheek filler to restore volume after losing weight. Some people notice that their face loses fullness after losing weight. Using cheek fillers to restore volume can help balance your appearance.
  3. Younger people’s cheek filler For younger people, cheek enhancement is about defining their cheekbones and restoring their youthful beauty arcs. If your face has less definition naturally, cheek fillers can help you achieve a more glamorous appearance.

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Immediately after treatment
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What Exactly Are Cheek Fillers?

Cheek fillers are dermal fillers that help lift or restore the volume of the cheeks and the areas above and around them. Dermal fillers injected into the deeper layers of the facial skin create the illusion of a more prominent and defined bone structure with beautiful angles. Filler injections, in addition to lifting the cheeks, also help to smooth fine lines and wrinkles. (As a bonus!)

What Are the Advantages of Cheeks Fillers?

A cheek thread lift, fat transfer, and surgical facelift are alternatives to cheek fillers for restoring the midface area. Cheek fillers have many advantages that make them more appealing than other treatments. Although this is not an either/or situation, cheek fillers or fat transfer are frequently required after a facelift to restore volume.

What are the advantages of cheek fillers?

  • The cheek enhancement procedure with cheek fillers is a lunchtime procedure because it can be completed in under an hour, and most people can resume their normal activities immediately afterwards.
  • Furthermore, unlike facelifts or fat transfer, you do not need general anaesthesia.
  • Cheek fillers are also less invasive and less costly than surgery or cheek thread lifts.
  • Cheek fillers have a high level of satisfaction.
  • Cheek fillers can be used with other facial contouring procedures, such as lip and under-eye fillers.
  • While cheek fillers are considered less risky than surgery, our lady doctors will discuss potential complications during your initial free consultation.

What are the different kinds of cheek fillers?

Various injectable materials have been approved as safe and effective for use in layers of facial skin for cheek enhancement. Still, the most common is a substance found naturally in your skin and body. It improves the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines when used as a treatment. In addition, it gives the skin a cushion by holding water, resulting in a lifting and plumping effect.

How Should You Prepare for Cheek Fillers?

During the initial free consultation, our Doctors will go over any history that may preclude you from receiving fillers. In addition to explaining what is involved, potential side effects, and providing a quote for the procedure.

  • If you are taking blood thinners or smoking, it is best to stop before starting treatment.
  • There are supplements, such as Skin Collagen Peptides and Zinc, that help with your skin’s natural collagen synthesis.
  • Gut healing protocols that we offer can assist in post-treatment healing.

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What treatments are used in conjunction with cheek filler?

For face contouring, it is common to use a combination of treatments. For example, cheek fillers are frequently combined with lip, undereye, or jawline fillers in younger women. In addition, the cheek filler can be combined with face slimming injections if you want to achieve a more oval face shape. They are also used in combination with a jowl lift or thread lift.

We anticipate that you will require a touch-up 12 months after your initial treatment. (This is typically half the size of the initial cheek enhancement.) It is, however, unique to each person, and we will not know how long it will last until we have treated you.

  • Depending on the type of filler used, cheek fillers can last anywhere from six to 18 months. They are then broken down by a naturally occurring enzyme in your body.
  • How long they last depends on the individual, and you won’t know the exact duration until you’ve had experience with dermal fillers.
  • People who go to the gym and exercise frequently have high natural enzyme levels or have other conditions that may affect how long cheek fillers last.

What Is the Recovery Time for Cheek Enhancement?

Swelling is minimal, and bruising caused by cheek fillers is uncommon. However, with all filler treatments, you should be prepared for either outcome. Consider timing your treatment so that there are no important events for two weeks. After that, most women feel at ease leaving the clinic and returning to their everyday lives.

The cost is determined by the amount and type of filler required.  Results can be achieved with as little as 1 ml cheek filler. As a ballpark, the cost ranges between $899 and $1999. To obtain an accurate assessment and quote, we offer a free consultation with our Doctors.

Call 3350 5447 or book online for a free consultation with one of our lady doctors.

You can also send an email if you have any questions.

What is the Cheeks Filler Procedure?

The procedure is straightforward and takes about 30-45 minutes to complete. During the process, there should be minimal discomfort.

  • Antiseptic is used to clean the face.
  • Local anaesthesia is used to numb the facial skin before the cheek enhancement procedure begins.
  • Because the products we use contain numbing agents, this step increases comfort when using needles or cannulas.

You will be able to see the immediate results of cheek filling and plumping. However, it can take days to a month for the total outcome.

  • If possible, avoid sleeping on the side of your face for the first few days after the injection.
  • Avoid rubbing and makeup on your skin overnight, and stay hydrated to help the cheek filler plump up.
  • Avoid strenuous exercises and activities for 48 hours following treatment (walking is fine, but no gym heroics!)

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