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Acne Treatment Before and After

At Pearl, we treat acne naturally with a combination of our skin therapies, skincare, and skin naturopath. Chemical peels, extraction facials, BBL, and LED light therapy are among the treatment options. Our Naturopath can assist you with your diet.

What Approach did we Use on this Client?

We used LED light therapy to effectively reduce inflammation and promote skin repair to treat this lovely client. We also added at-home skincare to clear her skin, including topical Vitamin A. (Vitamin A promotes healing and decreases obstruction by stabilising oil production and decreasing cell turnover). A fantastic outcome!

Our Natural Acne Treatment Strategy

We treat acne naturally with a combination of our skin therapies, skincare, and our skin naturopath who specialises in inflammatory skin conditions like acne.

Acne Treatment Treatment Therapies

Chemical peels, extraction facials, BBL, and LED light therapy are among the treatment options. Combinations of these can be used for acne treatment.

  • To reduce inflammation, we always start with LED light therapy.
  • When there is a lot of pore obstruction, extraction facials or peels are recommended.
  • If you have post-inflammatory erythema (P.I.E), use LED and BBL or an azelaic acid peel.
  • LED combined with prescription therapy from our doctors is best for post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation (P.I.H).

Acne Treatment Skincare

Options for skincare include:

  • Vitamin B helps to repair the barrier and restore the microbiome of the skin.
  • If skin pore obstruction is the main problem, exfoliants like salicylic acid can help.
  • Vitamin A cream to help heal acne and soothe it.
  • Barrier repair cream to settle inflammation and help restore your skin microbiome.

Natural Acne Treatment by a Naturopath

Our Naturopath can assist you with your diet:

  • Excessive meat protein, dairy, sugar, and simple carbohydrates should all be avoided.
  • Other inflammatory foods, such as processed junk foods high in saturated fats, should be avoided.
  • Follow a Mediterranean-style anti-inflammatory diet.
  • Consider adding Zinc, vitamin D, and omega 3 oils.
  • Immune function and healing are aided by gut healing and postbiotics.

It is sometimes necessary to address stress or other lifestyle factors. The brain-skin-gut axis and its impact on skin conditions are of particular interest to our naturopath. Stress, for example, not only exacerbates acne, but acne also exacerbates stress!

To get a personalised plan to reduce your acne:

Book a complimentary skin assessment with one of our therapists by calling 3350 5447 or booking online.

Alternatively, you can schedule an appointment with our Naturopath.

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Dr Jo Turner rebranded her clinic to Pearl Medispa in 2021 as she added wellness and gut healing to the menu, becoming an integrative cosmetic medicine clinic. Still offering the same Boutique Cosmetic Medicine services with a team of Doctors, Nurses, Therapists and reception, but adding skin & gut microbiome healing and a wellness approach.

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